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How was this fucker even real? How could a man born over 1000 years AFTER the fall of rome amount to such greatness?

He is literally greater than Homer

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>greater than Homer
ehhhhhhhhhhh no

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It's possible.

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She had that good good houdou muses

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>He is literally greater than Homer
why are Anglos like this?

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Because their small egos are conditioned to play the comparison game
Why do you think 13% of the population commits 50% of the crime?
Its this manner of thinking that causes it

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He good obviously, but I don't get how people think he's the greatest thing of all time

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>He is literally greater than Homer
Based and Shakespilled.

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you could contest that, hes like what marx was to jesus as he is to homer.

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>hes like what marx was to jesus
Please just shut the fuck up, shut up, why are people so incapable of any true sincere thought?

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modernity is marx vs jesus basketball gaem. prove me wrong you cant

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Homer is only responsible for the Iliad and the Odyssey

Shakespeare is responsible for such a fuckton of greatness that it's impossible

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How are Shakespeare and Homer at all like a locked-in basketball game?.. ???

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why are you people like this?

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you ever read our lord and savior harold bloom

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Less than 4 posts in. You're slow today /lit/, normally a person complaining about Anglos is in the second or first post.

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Yes, Shakespeare is better than Homer. We know that the entire canonized Iliad and Odyssey that we know today is not the sole product of Homer himself, but that the story underwent massive amounts of edits and additions between the time it was first orated by Homer and first written down.

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>How was this fucker even real?
>Researchers analysing fragments of pipes in the collection of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, found traces of cocaine, cannabis and a hallucinogen derived from nutmeg.

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Chaucer is better than both, Froggies can seethe al they want to but it's the truth

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And that makes Shakespeare better?
Homer produced the two greatest epics ever that have lasted thousands of years. He created a tradition out of it. Piss off.

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I've never heard an idea from Harold Bloom that I thought "wow, that's actually very interesting!"

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He is though. Cope more faggot.

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This. Harold’s work on Shakespeare was boring and insightless.

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Read Pope’s introduction to The Illiad, faggot.

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By reading you ass

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No one with Harold Bloom's word count--written and read--could ever be interesting. Not enough life. Not enough individuality. His mind got steamrolled by others' thoughts

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In a nutshell - or longer, if you like - explain to me how Chaucer is greater than Shakespeare?

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what is the greatest piece of lit criticism written on Homer and Shakespeare? is there anything worthy?

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Go back to 'manufacturing intellect'

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Didn't Pope literally die before Shakespeare was even born?

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>multiple author theory

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