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Thoughts on the 4chan books?

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This but unironically.

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unbelievably based books and author

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tfw I don't have .99 cents to buy the last book
I don't wanna use libgen but I have to know the twist. Would Gardner forgive me for pirating? Especially since most of his profits go to alimony payments?

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Don't be a kike. There's no way you don't have 99 cents in your checking account.

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Can you even pirate these books? I looked but couldn’t find them.

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The redpilled Gen X answer to Stephen King

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There's a private torrent tracker for the Garner-verse series. If you lurk the Gardner discord enough you can get an invite

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No. His books were written with some sort of writing software that prevents piracy.

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The real /lit/ book is here.

John David Card's People Mover:


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oh David... this looked too leftist to go unnoticed

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This. Cringe. Gardner's already confirmed for being far right. I think we know who the real Virgin and Chad are.

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Wow, that's like super-mean. Like, where do you get off defaming a fellow /lit/ster? Where do you get off stealing Gardner's game and style?

Ooh, it makes me so mad!

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>get kindle unlimited free trial
>you can now read every F. Gardner masterpiece for free

bonus points if you have the autism to take a screenshot of every page in the app and compile it into a pdf to share with anons

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That's what I don't understand. He has obviously been inspired by Gardner, yet he's going out of his way to attack him. What an asshole.

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>Will be forgotten once the ad money dries up.

Let's see how well this ages. Gardner is a rich NEET.

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They're objectively shit, but still entertaining

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They're based. Cherokee is the best one. I liked that Sam was in it, again.

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Man, why is this guy spamming our board. It's literally same person writing full conversation.

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Gardner has ad money perhaps, but I honestly feel Card has the autism to carry this thing long-term.
We'll see if this is still going in a month's time.

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Dude Gardner's been shilling his books since the summer.

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i want to put my book out just so i can be part of this retarded super bowl of trash novels.

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He does the same thing at judges-penitent.com, pretending to be multiple different people. Really unsophisticated and obvious.

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Look at the deleted posts. Take a guess at why they're deleted. It's someone to defame Gardner. Another terrible author who he inspired.

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I read that People Mover book and liked it so much I tried to make an add for it for the author but the bidding system is too complicated for my baby brain.

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that's actually a pretty good idea.
anyone here know how to use 4chan ads?

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You're on the right track. But it's not Gardner. See>>17512469

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Can someone summarize people mover for me? I don't want to buy anything.

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It is Gardner. I know for a fact it is.

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I can't speak for whatever it is you know. What I do know, is that this new guy has been trying to steal Gardener's meme status for shittiest writer.

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I’m still reading it but
>little girl has bad home life
>decides to run away
>manipulates truckers into driving her from the US to Alaska
>gets kidnapped by a Karen
Pretty much a power fantasy for children with home trauma. I would have loved this book when I was a kid.

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You do realize he has imposters now.

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Update the rest when you finish

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Great. The Fake Gardner tricked another idiot. Why are people on this board so gullible? You'd think people from /lit would be more intelligent than anons from other boards.

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Just went to your gay ass website and called everyone a nigger.

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No one cares, dude.

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ok buddy

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pay 99 cents and support him. you have 99 cents and he is an independent author

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F. Gardner is going to shit his pants when he realizes what the numbers in the top right of each thread mean.

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Call of the Kappa, Arcade, and Cherokee are all really solid. Call of the Crocodile is extremely confusing and complicated. The plot is kind of all over the place. I'm not really sure what to make of Cradle. That was the last one I read. I liked some ideas in it.
In short, yes some of it is good. Mostly Arcade and Cherokee. Cherokee feels the most like a sequel to Arcade because it has the same cast of characters and villain. I recommend those two books the most, overall. Kappa is entertaining, but the main problem with Gardner's books is that they feel like they change to completely different books halfway through. The shift is pretty jarring. Anyway that's how I feel about them.

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They're the number of times the word "no" has been used worldwide, right?

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You mean John David Card, right John?

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this is /lit/ dumbfuck there are only 19 people on here total

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Card's book is actually pretty good. had KU got i got it free. 4 stars

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Check out the numbers on, say, this thread >>17502529.


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link to where you can cop it?

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yeah i'll check my ass crack for your dad's cum if you suck it out through your teeth

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Right here!

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>49 / 7 / 19 / 1
wow, great thread steve and F Gardner.

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thanks, man. i've been looking forward to this!

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np man!

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Hello, I am an individual that does not know about these books all these very different posters in this thread are talking about. Can anyone please help an 'anon' out?

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You can help yourself to my cock in your mouth.

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this is the link for that call of the crocodile book? hot dog! i gotta try that!

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Of course, completely different person than myself. We are, of course, talking about F Gardner! The Author from 4chan's literature board? Have you ever heard of him?

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No! I haven't! I have ad blockers on. Only dirty phone posters would ever be susceptible to advertising on 4chan!

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Oh, that's fine! That's why we make the threads!

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We're talking about this book about people smuggling or whatever:

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Btw Gardner brags on discord about how many fans he has on /lit/ lol

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Post a screencap and the discord.

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invite us fucker

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Come on over

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