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and everything he wrote was the 1800s equivalent of schizo-posting.

Change my mind
Protip: You can't

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Did you read his books?

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Based Charlatan Unmasker.

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One only tells truths, the other, only lies

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We can't escape Hegel,
dialectical thinking > Anglo Lockean Cartesian logic
Continental philosophy > analytic philosophy

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All major modern currents of sociopolitical thought are Hegelian so Hegel is probably the least pointless philosopher you could come up with.

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I read somewhere Hegel was on the payroll of the Prussian state to justify their government. Basically he was a psyop of a defunct nation state but now we're stuck with him. That's why I don't read philosophy.

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ironically this conversation is peak phenomenology of spirit
well done op
Hegel deserves to be shat on more.

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The phenomenology is a just a giant elaborate shitpost, not to be taken seriously. If you took it seriously, you got played.

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holy shit this autism again.
No, dichotomic thinking a shit, one DOESN'T have to accept self refuting analythic philosophy because Hegel is self refuting too and vice versa.
Two wrongs don't make a right, you just ignore both and get back to the last philosopher who spoke a certain amount of sense and rebuild up from him.

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He was an obscurantist and a charlatan but he is so much fun to read. His writing has a sort of hypnotizing effect on you, like Deleuze. It's meaningless garbage but in a fun way.

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Give it to me straight /lit/, is Hegel a meme or not? Is he worth the effort?

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How is Hegel's philosophy meaningless garbage? Let's take for example the phenomenology, starting from sense-certainity. At what point do you think his reasoning fails?

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just open up any page of the phenomenology and try to read it in good faith without bursting into laughter. it's so horribly written, like a high schoolers attempt at writing metaphysics. no rigor, no organization, no clarity. just verbose sludge all the way through.

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There is no "-" in schizoposting

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Read the introduction, he anticipates that and warn readers. You would know that if you had started reading. Check some secondary source on him if his style seems too weird.

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Is a frog post all it takes to expose a charlatan?

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I have no troubles following most sections of the Phenomenology (although my first attempt at reading them was a complete failure - maybe you're still at this stage). The only section that is truly a piece of shit is the one on Force and Understanding, but he basically reiterates and clarifies all the main points in the Observative Reason section, so it's not the end of the world.
I'll say that I shared your impression until I started reading other German idealists. After having worked throught Fichte's Wissenschaftlehre and Schelling's early work and other authors' works, I started getting what Hegel was trying to do. Like, the chapter on Sense-perception is a direct response to Jacobi's doctrine of immediate belief. Once I discovered that, and once I got familiar with Jacobi's actual arguments and terminology, the sense-perception section became crystal clear. The same happened to me for almost every other section.

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kek nice

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I usually get lost in the last fifths of the book. At some point he says "Ok, now we've reached the absolute, so there is nothing left to resolve" but then he still goes on and on about "göttliches Gesetz vs. menschliches Gesetz" (divine law vs. human law or something) and so forth, and I get lost since I just don't get was his goal is there.

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The one on the right always lies, left is honest

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The absolute state of /lit/. Hegel isn't the end all be all of philosophy, but he has more impact that anyone else. Don't get pissy because you got filtered

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an entire philosophical movement came and failed on this very idea.

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Indescribably based

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