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What is some 101 literature on economy and stock market? And from recent times, on cryptocurrency

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The Worldly Philosophers (about the history of economics) is a super easy place to start and gives insight into human nature in the economic context while depicting important historical economic ideas in broad strokes

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The Holy Bible
Repent, sinner

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it is you again? just ask on /biz/ and get out from my bible reading board

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>omfg how can i make it big from this????
you won't, you're basically gambling for a bit of extra cash on your pocket that you'll probably spend on pointless obscenities no doubt. if you really want to get into stock then have the money.

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This. I find it hillarious when niggas say:
>Bro i made 80% return on crypto!!!
And their initial capital is like 500$ lmao

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>#gme to the moon

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Index Funds too anon, its smart investor way to invest.

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Are you trying to understand finance as a phenomenon or are you trying to make money? I study economics at a master's level and can recommend you books on the former but not the latter, if you'd like.

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> Economy
Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
Economics: The User Guide by Ha-Joon Chang
Those two represents both sides of the economics spectrum (Capitalism vs Communism in economics)

> Stock Market
Intellegent Investor by Benjamin Graham
Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham
Those for Investing in general, if you want to waste your time, go trading. If you want smart way or being ignorant, go Index Funds.

> Cryptocurrency
No. But if you persist:
Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto
The Everything Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency by Ryan Derousseau
Once again, if you want to waste your time, you can fuck off to trading. Any TA book will work.

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>Those two represents both sides of the economics spectrum (Capitalism vs Communism in economics)
bruh what
>Unironic Sowellposting
>Economics: The User Guide by Ha-Joon Chang
bruh bruh bruh

anon, this guy is a pseud as fuck. disregard post.

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I love lain!

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are the you same person who posts lain on /a/
i swear to god i have seen her almost every day ever since i watched the anime for the first time

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Holy cringe

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Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt is supposed to be the go to for free market people.

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>let me assume things, haha IF my assumptions are correct, then you sir got owned with facts and logic! kabooma :)

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5000 years of debt
Capital in the 21st century
Basic economics

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based sowell making another one seethe

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>haha im being retarded to be based
go back /b/, brainlet

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> Ha-Joon Chang
> communism
What the fuck? I can understand people calling Sraffa or Lange communist, but Ha-Joon Chang?

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I like Lain a lot :^)

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>Economics: The User Guide by Ha-Joon Chang

haha what? Wanna know how I know you haven't read it?

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What the fuck pt. II?

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Goddamn, you people are legitimately retarded.

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They see the word "Marxian" and instantly declare someone communist.

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>popular anime is posted on an anime website

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True. But Sraffa was like Marxian-influenced at best in the same way that Marx was influenced by Ricardo. Ultimately, Sraffa was more of a post-Keynesian of sorts than anything.

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This econ autist namecalling everyone without providing any explanation is hilarious.
If you ever wondered if economy is science, here is a proof that it isn't

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>Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto
Wow, thanks bro, I had absolutely never heard about this until you mentioned it.

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street. /biz/ approved

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>reaganite apologia

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just my two cents' worth but the fact that everybody is getting into the stock market and planning to make a lot of money right now is probably the single strongest indication that it's about to tank hardcore

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This anon here, I will go ahead and post what I have been reading.

Stabilizing An Unstable Economy by Hyman Minksy.

Capitalizing on Crisis by Greta R. Krippner.

Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller.

A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey.

Any of these books should help you to understand finance and financial crisis as a sociopolitical phenomenon. The Harvey and Krippner books are particularly easy to read for a newcomer.

I would also read about Keynes, not directly because he is difficult to comprehend for a neophyte, but through second-hand material:

Introduction to the Theory of Employment by Joan Robinson.

A Guide to Keynes by Alvin Hansen.

If you want to understand the minutiae of equity trading from the financier's perspective, I recommend the following:

The Psychology of Investing by John R. Nofsinger.

Quality Investing by Torkell T. Eide, Lawrence A. Cunningham, and Patrick Hargreaves

Bear in mind that the two books above are fairly uncritical politically speaking, but the Nofsinger book is especially interesting as it will give you a sort of precursory understanding of behavioural finance.

Don't bother reading economics 101 textbooks or Sowell or any of those guys. They barely ever engage with finance and if they do, they do so in an idiotic manner. Classical economics barely acknowledges finance at all outside of a Say's Law interpretation of finance as a self-equalising capital market (aka efficient market theory).

Marxian economists generally have very intriguing and novel theories of finance but they are difficult to understand, especially for newcomers, and they tend to engage with finance on this super-lofty level of finance as a historical stage of long-term economic cycles (Arrighi, Sweezy). If you're interested in Marxian economics or economics from a more "historical" approach, then, by all means, check them out.

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fuck u bro

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I made 400% returns on $500

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Epic Reddit Moment (ERM).

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You must transition into her

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wow you made 1500$, thats literally nothing

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10/10 bait

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If you're asking this question it's already over for you

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Press F in the comment section.

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The only good post itt and it was ignored completely lol

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I unironically turned $8k in $35k in a day and can buy a lot more books now.

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Good for you, but the shorter the investment is, the more it is like gambling

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Yeah, I don't know why I bothered, to be honest.
Hey, at least one person got something out of it.

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OP here and I appreciate it :heart:

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Thanks anon, hope that you learn something new about finance. I browse this board regularly so don't be afraid to post about some of the books I recommended if you end up reading them!

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It's not the amount, it's the return that is impressive. You are probably too dumb to understand finance and economics but to put it in words that you might understand: 400% is a lot when the average trader is lucky to make 10%
Also I made more than your monthly salary without lifting a finger

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we're in a bubble tho

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these are assumptions of smart people ergo i am smarter than you.

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Also, I know the return is impressive, I just want to get across your thick skull (and everyone going into crypto now) that if you're investing less than 10k just don't bother, might as well go to a casino lol

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>I unironically turned $8k in $35k in a day and can buy a lot more books now.
Why are crypto kids like this?

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What would you do if you got 35k? Buying a few books is hardly a problem.

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I can't imagine the stress of worrying about something so pointless and banal as cryptoshit. It's clearly not digging you people out of the pit of the lower class, the extra funds are superfluous for everyone else at best. I'm guessing you people (God forbid) went to college and are trying to pay off your debts.

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Unironically wouldn't spend it until I needed to. That kind of money being spent on luxury is such a waste.

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A few books is hardly luxury lmao. Are you like a fucking monk or what?

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>A few books is hardly luxury lmao.
You made it sound like you're going to cut out a big chunk of that 35k for books alone.

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Unironically, Taleb's book on randomness is pretty good

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I'm not the original anon but you were expecting him to buy like 1000 books?

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Lain is posted constantly. You just werent aware because you didnt love lain.

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Mate your pocket change is nothing. Pajeets have been 4x'ing their rupees in crypto since 2013. Even longer than that in penny stocks...
If you want to talk about trading try 2% every day on that $1,500. Then come back and talk when liquidity becomes an issue. Otherwise stfu.

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look at the charts mega

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Based. I want to be a pajeet

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Based Pajeetposting.

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