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Any budding aestheticians here want to write a philosophical treatise on why this image is so appealing?

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funny frog :)

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Nobody here cares about aesthetics. They’re all either deranged by the political or religious, or else they’ll pay lip service to aesthetics by fetishizing works of antiquity that they’d like to understand but don’t really.

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I care about aesthetics, but beauty is harder to encounter or experience than to describe.
I don't think Pepe the Frog is particularly appealing though.

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I meant the exact opposite, easier to encounter or experience than to describe.
I should drink something and go to bed.

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Don't really need to write a treatise, it's pretty self-explanatory. If I were to write a treatise, "On the Appeal of Pepe", it'd just be this picture with the text "The proof is trivial."

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i have made over 489 edits of this image and posted them to /int/
and ill tell you op its not about aesthetics
its something else
like the same reason people pull out thier own hairs slowly and enjoy the sharp pain as the end bulb struggled to exit the skin

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It goes against conventional aesthetic wisdom. It's an ugly image, it's not particularly funny, perhaps it's relatable though. Maybe 4chan loves it so much because many people here are autistic (in a non pejorative sense, but actually autistic) and get a kick out of posting the same thing over and over, as well as something that has an easy to discern experience.

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emotional expression, its easy to manipulate the image and the emotion is straightforward and unambigous.

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There's no special reason, SadFrog.jpg just so happened to be old and popular enough to garner a following of people who grew a sense of attachment to it but really it could've been anything, Yotsuba, Sanic the Hedgeheg, Goatse guy whatever. Normalfags on twitter think posting gifs of black women doing sassy faces is the funniest and most relatable shit in the universe, this is their pepe the frog.

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It's a good frog if you don't know what else to use as an OP. His perplexed stare is versatile,

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I will never understand the appeal of the soijak. What compels people to spam variations of that thing?

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name another image that communicates that exact emotion. you can't, it's the only one

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>I've seen things you people wouldn't believe

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this image fits the rule of third , Dutch composition, the rule of non-tangentiality, rule of mental symmetry and square compression law

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But there's no exact emotion in that image, like
pointed out it's a flexible expression which could be interpreted in countless ways, which makes it fit to go along with >tfw posts where the text builds further context

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holy based effortpost

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>there's no exact emotion in that image,
Yes there is I feel it all the time

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i would kill every single person who posts this without hesitation

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it reflects the dissapointment felt by those who have transcendent expectations that arent met by this material reality. just by looking down, it transcends.

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i just love his serious expression like he's saying something like "I just got fired from my job and this is awful" but anon usually posts it with something like "I can't find my left slipper"

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Jesus fucking based

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>name another image that communicates that exact emotion. you can't, it's the only one

It's mysterious, like the Mona Lisa, and thus endlessly compelling.

Indeed, more eyeballs have probably contemplated this particular work than have looked at the ML.

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Basically this, but often without the crying.

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OH yes I'm a budding esthetician: I go to beauty school and do nails,

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brown green blue also nature colors. probably something in that

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>Basically this, but often without the crying.

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The expression and posture are as though he has turned to you: accusingly? confidingly? Kuleshov effect dependent on the context of the Pepe — either way, he suffers with you in knowing the ugly truth of the matter.

A certain set of people advertise their lack of disgust response to signal their participation in the pathocracy. >>17543904 The Groyper stands in contradistinction to this, in bemused contempt —the REEing apus(stajas) in complete rejection of it — the hybrid of the two, The Honkler, in nihilistic affirmation of it

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I have no idea why, but this picture has always seemed like a work of art to me. I think >>17539969 got it right. Additionally, Pepe's expression is so enigmatic that almost any interpretation can be projected onto it, just like the Mona Lisa.

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Memes tend to have a few common traits:
-Not inherently funny, but somehow unusual.
-Easily editable, remixable, etc. into different contexts.
-Not obviously understandable, creates informal in-group and out-group.

Pepe is ambiguous enough in design and expression that he can be applied to serious and non-serious situations, ironic opinions and unironic ones, etc. He lacks human markers of race, class, etc. that would render him specific to certain people. Yet he's so strange on the face of it (unlike a stickman, a smiley face, an animal picture, a wojak) that he causes some people to turn away in confusion and others to read malice into him. There's a reason he wasn't killed by becoming an "alt-right hate symbol." If he'd never become controversial, he'd have fallen into the pit with rage comics.

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