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The only thing worse than Dark Academia are the pseuds who see parts of themselves in this trend and feel personally offended that some teenagers are now larping in the cringe manner they already were for years. (*This post hits too close to home for a large portion of /lit/*)

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>/lit/ - Pinterest Memes

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I can think of a few things worse that than anon, like having your genitals be eaten by a dog while you're still conscious.

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Why a dog? Why not a cat? Cats are just as cruel as dogs.

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I just wish I was rich enough to have spent my teens and early twenties as a Dark Academia LARPer in some fancy private school.
Seems like fun

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I think the worst would probably be fishes or insects. Or worm but we can almost count them as insects, it's not like this is a zoology thread.

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It's not. The wealthy are extremely unintellectual. This might be different on the east coast and especially in Europe, but the uniformed southern California high school my family pooled their money to send me to after 9 years of rough and tumble public schooling was fucking abysmal. The people there are completely lacking in any kind of intellect. It seems like even the odd bi girl who actually chose to read for enjoyment (or studied anything not leading to an MBA) had the taste of 50 year old housewives. Completely childlike people with no attributes other than a vague, hollow ambition to be better than others and a willingness to shell out thousands of dollars to cheat and take up elaborate drug regimens and workout routines to do so.

They all fucking cheat. They are not smarter than you, they are more shameless and superficial. They are perfectly aerodynamic sailing ships huffing their own fumes while trying to reach the horizon of endless wealth. While not developing any traits that could slow them down (ie mark them as human beings).

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Aesthetically maybe, at least with worms, but fishes? Really?

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This is true, from my own experiences, but that doesn't mean they aren't at least set up to become educated intelligent people.

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Same anon, same. I hate them mostly because I envy them.

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fuck off, nobody cares, this isnt lit and you should kys

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