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Not a single philosopher has ever changed the world. No, Marx was an economist and he doesn't count, and he's largely irrelevant these days anyways.
Meanwhile, science has changed the world beyond recognition. Art and literature actually touched people and changed how they think, since they're engaging and not just pseudointellectual mental masturbation.
Why even read philosophy?

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You can tell this is the truth because the whole uses and studies modern science but do you think the Chinese are studying fucking Kant at the university?

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>Why even read philosophy?
Y not?

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Nice seethepost bro. I didn't read it

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>Not a single philosopher has ever changed the world.
>Meanwhile, science has changed the world beyond recognition
Aristotle, retard.

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Technology leads science. So Technology has changed the world. Technology does the work. Then science comes in and takes the credit

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just because you don't know anything about history doesn't mean philosophy is irrelevant you retard

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>philosophers are pseuds!
>t. pseud
every time

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>t. doesn't understand the essence of technology is philosophical
>doesn't understand technology or how it has manifested wouldn't exist without philosophy

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Enlightenment thought has literally defined the modern mechanistic technological worldview.

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Could one not look at philosophy in a sense as linguistic technology?

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Ordinary people look at art and read stories. Artists and authors read philosophy. Philosophers go for walks.

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If you're a modern who follows a materialistic technological metaphysics.

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You're 100% correct insofar as propositional sentences can't actually do things

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Muhammad ﷺ changed the world

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My god you're retarded. Read the history of philosophy and see for yourself.

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>le green frog
never fails

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This is what I mean, I'm in over my head when you call me a modern and I don't know the idea you're referring to when you say materialistic technological metaphysics. Maybe I'm just using metaphor but I'm saying it's like you're using a technology or tool I don't have.

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>Why even read philosophy?
There's no point. We've applied the scientific method to a plethora of dimensions of life so far, from numbers to life itself, and once we did so to what people do and say we got Behavior Analysis.

Now philosophy, psychology, religion, all that crap is described as what they are: superstitious weaponized common sense. It'll only become more apparent with time. Those who deny it are bound to discover it themselves.

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weak bait but made me reply

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Marx was a philosopher, wtf? Also philosophers weren’t trying to change the world but discover the answers to their questions.

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KEK philosophlet.

This, Marx was unironically a student of Hegel. And while doing philosophy they also invented modern sociology.

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Scientists are natural philosophers.

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And this is just retarded. The Enlightenment literally killed fucking kings, anon. And changed the course of History throughout Europe.

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Don't bother, to be honest. It is not suited for retards, stick with Stoicism and nothing else. Maybe Plato.

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Science as you know it rests on British Empiricims dipshit. The scientific method didn't just emerge from a vacuum retard. Art and science are always operating under the set of ontological prepositions of their times. Sure the relationship is more complex than that, as any of those three disciplines contains the potential to break away from the pack into new territory, but to dismiss one of them as unimportant is plainly stupid. We are always rearticulating both philosophical, scientific and artistic ideas through our actions. It is through engaging with that past, that we birth the future. NOW GO FORTH AND ANSWER THE CALL OF HISTORY

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Chinks are bug people and what you said proves this.

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Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, John Locke all changed the world for the worse and pretty much invented the "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE" onions mindset that is so prevalent today.

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The correct answer would be kys

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Classical, not modern sociology (last 50-60 years, with a few exceptions) which is just an American nightmare of "muh empirical data" and oscillation between completely inappropriate application of that data and the inability to apply them because American sociologists decided they want to be a science like all the other cool sciences and left behind philosophy which is the real reason of the crisis of humanities. (America as a bastion of sociology is a well documented phenomenon and it influences the field as a whole, at least in Europe). Every single sociologist I know either cooms hard how it's the humanities' STEM (with psychology) or is completely disappointed by the lack of philosophy or rather ANY thought behind today's sociology.

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The last pope resigned because the Jesuits pushed through postmodernist doctrine. Look into it, he warned about it as an attack on Truth itself.

They all study philosophy and know the deal.

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Radical skepticism remains the guiding thread of modern civilisation

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Kant had a bigger impact on Europe than the French Revolution.

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Marx was not an economist

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science started as philosophy, bluepilled and cringe

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Marx was more of a philosopher than an economist

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>Not a single philosopher has ever changed the world.
Well ill have to be the first then

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Marx didn't consider himself to be a philosopher at all.

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Most philosophers say "I'm not a philosopher"
The German Ideology is reines philosophieren

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