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Bullshit. He would be a fucking giant back then.

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Napoleon Bonaparte was rumored to be 5'3 while in actuality he was closer to 5'6. By thus logic, Shakespeare was likely 6'9.

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damn, he fucked Anne Hathaway? Nice.

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this is the most braindead thing i've ever seen

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those are two separate measurements ;)

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That's why we know him

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What a chad, I bet he had a big pp too

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beliving Shakespeare was real?

you are right

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Believing Napoleon is real? I agree. When I watched Sergei Bondarchuk, I realized that the whole Napoleon myth is Soviet propaganda.

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>a fucking giant
this is a meme
this is based

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last i checked people were theorizing about shakespeare's existence now they even have height and spouse names?

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Why do people think Shakespeare didnt exist?

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vvilliam (edward) was "slightly below medium height" -- so probably around 5'6

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Yey, current thinking is that his wife wrote all the plays and he was only able to take credit because of his large stature

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4 inches is the length of his index finger?

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Do women actually care about height that much, or is this one of those things the internet spergs too much about?

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Because it was a cover for a secret Muslim. His name was Sheikh Pir.

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actually my wife wrote all his plays and i made up the whole shakespeare myth (that he didn't exist)

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They don't. I'm almost 6'4", 20 years old, decent looking and never got a woman begging to be fucked.

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There was a Gulielmus Shakspeare born in Stratford, but pic related is all we know that he wrote (and that too can be disputed).

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>6 ft 6
>wrote 39 plays
> 1st play written when he was 19
>slept with over 1000 women
>fathered so many children english dna was changed forever
> simply made up words when he couldnt think of the right one
>invented so many everyday phrases people have lost count
>still stuided 500 years later
>japanese girls fall in love with him half a millenium later en MASSE - so much so there is even a special word for it

WTF how can marlowefags even compete

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it's no so much he didn't exist and moreso that he wasn't the author of the playa. we have no plays written in his hand much like any other illiterate, the only writing he left behind were signatures (not all spelled the same way). Also he never taught his children to read or write. Probably was some rich duke or something who didn't want to embarrass himself by putting his name of a play (very low class at the time) and so hired a front man

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>WTF how can marlowefags even compete

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read this is napoleon is soviet propaganda and kek'd
t. of russian descent

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Sylvia Plath cared about height.

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For thou

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How does it feel like to have made it genetically?

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>japanese girls fall in love with him half a millenium later en MASSE - so much so there is even a special word for it

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wasnt that a french inch english inch conversion thing?

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this is further proof that the majority of shakespeare's corpus was ghost written by danish cryptoterrestrials
all the signs are there; the height, that odd skull shape, tenuous grasp of the english language, and being danish

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wouldn't it be "For thee" ?

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>para ti

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He could really see the big picture

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I'm 5'7 and have never had trouble, but I may be an outlier as I have a genuinely handsome face and live in a fairly rural area where the pickings are slim as it is.
I have noticed, however, when I meet a girl for a date and they haven't seen me irl prior, that they always say they expected me to be taller. Literally every time. I guess because they innately associate height with attractiveness, still a bit off-putting though. Imagine what would happen if you met a girl for a date for the first time and you said, "I thought your tits would be bigger."

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That's still just a bit below average. For really short guys it gets a lot harder.
>t. 5'2

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I'm 5'5 and a half, but I'm fairly handsome when I actually spruce myself up. How fucked am I?

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For you

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Someone explain this

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because he was just an ordinary guy and we have this idea that the greatest artists all have to be eccentric and live some kind of interesting life

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