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Is this the most important/influential political text for the near future?

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No. Next question please.

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Serious question, what is that book about?

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Could it be the most important/influential political text for the near future?

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What would you say is more influential for young men currently?

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wouldn't it be more fun for everyone if you made a case for why it actually is important instead of a lazy shitpost

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Romanian academic larping as a bodybuilder chews and regurgitates Nietzsche in a way retards can understand.

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Why the Bronze Age?

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It goes over many things and jumps around different topics quite a bit, but the essential bit is that modern society is a constrained cage, with its rulers deliberately trying to impose more cage-like conditions for the subjects, i.e. "live in the pod and eat the bugs."

It argues that both animals and boys at a young age are given reign to explore territory and establish dominance, and that this freedom of exploration is now non-existent, whereas ancient history is essentially driven by men that did these things. It advocates for a return to a time when men can create brotherhoods and orient their world view around achieving this freedom of exploration/conquest.

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Because he advocates for emulating the Greeks

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>Romanian academic larping as a bodybuilder chews and regurgitates Nietzsche in a way retards can understand.

That's part of its genius. BAP is a self-admitted follower of Nietzsche, but he has an incredible amount of knowledge about obscure historical civilizations and great men, using the stories to remind you of what humans used to be capable of.

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It's also unique text among other modern philosophical works because it eschews "blackpilling", instead emphasizing the glorification of beauty. It's very positive and when ones worldview can shift to one where all your behavior/actions must commit to the goal of glorifying strength and beauty, life becomes more euphoric.

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But how is this "bronze age mindset" if everything that you described above is in fact a "neolithic mindset"? Seems like a wrong choice for the title of the book.

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>tfw know people who unironically bought and read this

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I could barely read the first chapter because it's so gay but it seems like it's literally just this but with a completely grating OOGA BOOGA I'M A WARRIOR AND ALPHA MALE style that makes Redbeard seem like a tame scholar, plus internet memes and a completely bastardized, retard-brained take on history and what it means to be a chad. Feeling an immense and very chad warrior-like urge to blood eagle any faggot who takes this shit seriously, literally who is this book written for lmao. It's not even enjoyable ironically.

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Post fizeek

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...and not even neolithic mindset. Neolithic societies had already created big city-states and developed complex religious cults (see Çayönü, Çatalhöyük and Göbekli Tepe). It should be called "paleolithic mindset" then.

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I literally mog BAP if those pics are really him. No I will not post pictures.

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If you don't seek to embody the masculinity found in the martial discpline of Catholicism I don't even know what you're doing. Both Greeks and Romans just seem effeminate compared to that.

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It's pretty great. I think the way he charts and connects the history of the 'longhouse' society and 'owned space' in Asian cities and in the Neolithic is pretty compelling. Its influence will probably be felt in some spheres, at least.
It's simplifying to say he just encourages the freedom to explore. He specifically delineates between different types of cities and is not against civilised life in itself. In many ways what he's describing is a sort of conflict inside a man between the Neolithic peasant and the Indo-European pastoralist.

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>masculinity found in the martial discpline of Catholicism

>the fag marriage, muslim and refugee worshiper pope


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I remember someone describing it as "a zoomer shitpost version of Thus Spoke Zarathustra" and that's probably the best summary.

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> Greeks and Romans seem effeminate compared to a bunch of pacifists in dresses.


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Just to support this meme discussion: Indo-European pastoralists already lived in the pods tho...

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That's actually interesting as one thing BAP talks about w/r/t the development of a better kind of society in his estimation are separate dwellings as opposed to the communal longhouse.

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looks comfy

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I see people claiming that this guy is some kind of asset but I don't get who would want to promote the vague neofascist thing he's going for.

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So is he the Romanian Varg?

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You're looking at the modernist subverters here who fight Catholicism proper. What I'm talking about is the subduing of your entire being towards the Christian ideal of justice. It's totalitarian self-negation which should be the masculine ideal. The ancients were largely hedonists.

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>Romanian academic

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>um sweetie the masculine ideal is actually slave morality and being a self-flagellating cuck who worships a jew and joins an organization that has been a certified grift for centuries that gets its kicks by cowtowing to political convenience

just because the catholoid menace conquered a bunch of shit in the past (through absolutely dishonorable and effeminate means much of the time no less) doesn't mean papistry is the masculine ideal, holy cope. you are like a woman whose allegiance is to whoever has money and power, whether that be a criminal drug dealing nigger or a coprophile saudi prince. seems like the inverse of masculinity to me!

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Imagine believing the highest social ideal of Christianity is justice and not mercy. Christianity is also not a doctrine of self-negation, but self-outpouring which is called kenosis. One allows you to grow in love whilst the other causes you to become a stunted and repressed creature full of unresolved mental complexes. You have thus described Catholicism as a program not of human flourishing in general, or masculine flourishing in particular. Rather it is best personified in the archetype of the self-flagellating nun who similarly punishes the students under her control.

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That seems like an entirely emotional and slightly schizoid conception of reality. I can't even properly classify it. The pope ist just a functionary within the preservative mechanism. The ideal I'm talking about has been expressed in the monastery and the Christian holy knight is peak masculine aesthetic. Humble, polite, chaste, courageous and meets injustice with righteous fury. Modern culture still uses that ideal when imagining a superhero. The ancient conceptions were full of vanity seeking glory for themselves.

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Greeks were all homos and 6 out of 7 people in ancient Grease were slaves meaning you'd be a slave most likely and you'd be getting buggered up the ass all day by some hairy greeseball

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Silly. Where's the mercy in hell, where is it in allowing people to go there? You're just presenting the barbaric anti-Catholic constructions of the enlightenment.

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>seeking glory for themselves.

This is inherently masculine. We can have an entirely different discussion about whether this is healthy for a human (there are certainly natural elements of both genders which need to be curtailed) but insofar as that desire is curtailed what we're talking about is no longer perfect men but men somehow yoked or feminized and made less masculine to benefit them spiritually or mentally in some way.

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cope. christianity never actually exemplified this ideal and it REALLY doesn't in 2021, the only difference between crass protestant ripoff megachurches with bastardized theology and the catholic church today is the latter has a bunch of meme buildings and fancy art and a pedigree. your cardinals are little better than jewish bankers, your worshipers are either nominal first worlders or syncretic idiot shitskins, and you're a fool to think that christianity can be more than its body of followers. but please do keep larping as an epic trad medieval knight while all other "catholics" laugh at your existence and post BLM hashtags on twitter. you are a woman following a violent nigger with power, except infinitely more autistic and your ideal nigger isn't even real.

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So from what i can tell from people talking about this book is it's either based or autistic

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>Barbaric anti-Catholic constructions of the enlightenment.

You do not know who you are, and you have not read the great names of your historical development. Read St. Theresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart, St. John of the Cross, Evagrius, St. Francis of Assisi.. Read your own Gospels, study Christ with the lepers and the prostitutes. Those were all long before the enlightenment. All the great thinkers of your own tradition, beginning with your founder, are of one mind: God is a being of infinite mercy, and you are called as his living temple to manifest that mercy in the world in an act of worship towards Him. I cannot know what it in your heart, but your words evidence not a love of Christ but a love of power, hierarchy, and punishment which is the stock and trade of the Catholic Church but has never been the truth of Christianity.

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No, you seek glory for God. You discipline your desire in order to manifest the ideal. The behavioural expression is still all there but it is entirely subdued into the quest for justice. One is the territorial behaviour of an animal the other the liberated human ideal which creates civilization.

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Yeah, we fucking know you won't, but we definitely believe you're jacked all the same. Just like most people who dismiss this book as being for retards, you look like a toothpick.

Poast fizeek or shut the fuck up, larping retard

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>He links liberation and civilization.

You're almost certainly a young and financially well-off convert. Catholicism has never been what you want and it's only moving further away.

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>Poast fizeek or shut the fuck up, larping retard

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It's called an ideal for a reason. The question just is what the nature of it is and I'm putting forward that the peak conceptualization and practice is found in Catholicism. Don't confuse the Church hierarchy with the faith, it's not the first time that it all went to shit. The pseudo Catholics you're talking about are all dying out and the ones I'm embracing have 6 children on average and politically behave in the opposite manner of what you're describing. You're just revealing historical ignorance. It was the Catholics who fought modernism and they were the only group that did that. How can you ignore that fact? They lost the battle but will win the war.

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Of course your disposition has to be mercy and the drive towards justice is an expression of that. The modern conception is just pseudo Christianity. You simply cannot remove justice from the equation without making a mockery of mercy and not a single one of the people you mentioned would be stupid enough to explicitly do that.

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Catholicism bent to modernism in Vatican II. Your average Lutheran church is more liturgical than your average Catholic church, and without Luther there would be no modernity. You forget that Christianity is not divided exclusively between Prots and Caths. There is another, the only one never to bow to any of the precepts of the enlightenment you hate so much, and they haven't been aligned with Rome since 1054.

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Have you read them? No sane person would try to remove justice, but neither would they remove it from it's subservience to mercy. That, ironically enough, was the cosmology of pagan Rome.

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I'm talking about the liberation of the divine in you through discipline, not your animal instincts. Every 20 years or so the traditional element in the Church doubles its numbers, this exponential growth will lay waste to liberal 'Christianity' over the next 100 years. You're just looking at peak summer of love subversion right now. This is it for them, their high point. What follows now is their extinction. This is a demographic certainty.

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Well, you are misinterpreting my writing then and I don't see a conflict.

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>It's called an ideal for a reason. The question just is what the nature of it is and I'm putting forward that the peak conceptualization and practice is found in Catholicism.

no your fairy tale sucks like all the other ones, the only reason you believe it's good is because there were a handful of times and places where it seemed like aspirants to this ideal were cool and good. they weren't.

>It was the Catholics who fought modernism

pffffffffffff AHAHAHAHAHA. notice the past tense of "fought". because it was always a matter of progressing toward modernism. if you want to see what an actual ascetic warrior looks like today without getting totally cucked by the material, look to the monks of myanmar who exercise propriety but will burn a village of muslims down when motherfuckers want to step up. overall they're still lame but at least they actually practice merit-making and aren't just a scabs for a mafia that enriches vatican pedophiles.

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This essentially

It's Nietzsche and Schopenhauer for the meme age

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Stop talking about Christianity you retards, thats not what this thread is about

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See here
I have nothing against the Orthodox faith it just doesn't speak to me, Then again their inability to defeat communism wasn't a good sign (and got mogged badly in this regard by the Polish Catholics). Current doctrinal health appears mostly an expression of the isolation these societies had from modern pop culture.

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I like Buddhists but obviously these societies are so primitive that we are unable to differentiate between cultural expressions of the faith and run of the mill barbarism.
Your impotent rage btw isn't a solution to anything meanwhile Catholics proper are creating an inevitable reactionary future through their birth rates so I don't see how you're in a position to criticize anything.

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I'm not mad just because I'm calling you a retard.

>Catholics proper are creating an inevitable reactionary future through their birth rates so I don't see how you're in a position to criticize anything.

MFers on 4chan really believe this...

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>Catholics proper are creating an inevitable reactionary future through their birth rates so I don't see how you're in a position to criticize anything.

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Why not just look at the numbers instead of revealing self-indulgent emotiionalism? Are these concerns all a larp to you guys, a random avenue to express existential rage?

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yes bro theology-let brown catholics spitting out tons of babies means there will be an epic and tradpilled revolution in the west you have solved the puzzle

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Traditional Catholics in the ideological TLM sense are overwhelmingly white. Stop it with the nazi cope, (Euro muslims aside) immigrant birth rates are a joke compared with religious white miniorities.

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wasn't this written by a literal pole-smoking queer?

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i live in a state with one of the biggest catholic populations. it's a solidly blue state. moreover, none of these people, many of who are italian, do not give a shit about "trad cath". if the pope says tax the rich and open the borders, they go with it. those wacko sspx groups are non-existant. moreover, old catholic churches are being gutted and turned into luxury condos, meanwhile two new mosques, one arab, and one pakistani, are opening. catholicism was already on the way out by vatican 1, vatican 2 just sealed the deal.

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It's just a matter of time. The birth rates are exponential. The funniest example are the Amish. There are 250,000 now and given stable birth rates there will be 350 million in 200 years. That's two consecutive human lifetimes to reach the total of the current US population. The traditional Catholics are producing almost exactly like that. This is a phenomenon which occurs through all groups, conservative and religious people have children. Everyone else is largely sterile. The exctinction of the left and what we call modernism is a demographic certainty. The question just is which religious groups will dominate and the concern here are muslims in Europe, not sterile leftists who are an evolutionary dead end.

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imagine falling for this straussian neocon ruse

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Funny you talk of the exponential factor regarding population (to argue how lefties will simply be out bred) yet can't think to apply it to decreasing resources (which the entire population depends on for its growth). Read (or watch) the lectures by Albert Bartlett. You'll enjoy them!

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What are they like?

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it's even CHUD friendlier Nietsche
which is all dead ends in pick related

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i read it all and i dont remember

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it doesnt have a narrative

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Resources aren't very relevant here. Especially when talking about the Amish. The resource predictions are historically the most ridiculous part of economic study anyway but in general I of course agree with the notion. It's just more of an African issue. I can't really see a negative in increasing the white population here. The solution has to be technological or economic and Africa isn't going to produce that on its own. Even if political action is necessary only a white or Asian population boom would create the necessary political capital.

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Read this post.

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This is such an incoherent conspiracy theory that Logo Daedalus endorses it.

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