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This board gets worse by the day. How do we improve it?

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>How do we improve it?
Allow Vtubers. It will filter out the trolls.

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Get rid of the philosofags and American politics.

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what would a better board look like to you?

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if everyone agreed to read hegel

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for starters one without anime posters or frog posters. one where there is more discussion of a wider range of literature and people have mature discussions about a subject as opposed to constant joking and belittling people. one where we could discuss current world events, history, and politics if we are reading a book about those subjects instead of being made fun of and then those same people making fun bump threads that have absolutely nothing to do with literature past 50 replies.

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Profanity is intrinsic to sincere discussion between men.

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Get rid of /pol/ bait mostly. I think philosophy threads are often shit but literature without philosophy is often an empty subject (even when talking about non philosophy books), so banning philosophy would be dumb.

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profanity indicates a lack of articulacy

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Brevity is always relevant. I could go into detail about all the ways you like to pleasure men, but why would I do that when I can just call you a fag and move back to the topic at hand?

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>for starters one without anime posters
Stopped reading right there. 4chan is an anime image website. And literally everyone here except is an animefag.

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How about a seperate board for philosophy?

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Agree that scrapping philosophy and American politics here would help. Getting rid of self-promotion for vanity-published books would be good too. But as great as it would be for these topics to be banished, that still won't solve it. Those threads are just the worst of the batch, and you'd still be left with all the other dreck that gets posted here every day.

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Some sort of r9k filter that forces posts to be longer than 5 words. This would eliminated all cringe/seethe/based instant phone posting replies.
Force every thread to be related to a specific book or author, besides the general threads.
Eliminate pol topic threads. Marx and hitler are fine, they wrote books, but talk about the books.
Eliminate thinly disguised topics who’s only relation to the board is a “books for this feel” thread.
Implement a /sig/ style autodidact thread.
Maybe even keep philosophy in a general thread too.

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permaban anyone who posts about "trannies"

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I wish I could filter out twitter screen caps, I don't know if an anon with cute programming socks can write some code for that

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Why is this in scare quotes

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why not

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Metathreads are so useless and gay. If this site is pissing you off close the tab and read a book.

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no. anime posting means low effort, low quality post 99% of the time and this board has nothing to do with anime. 4chan is not an 'anime image website' it was originally an imageboard for japanese stuff, including anime, and quickly became much more. i watch anime, that doesn't mean animeposting, which is invariably low quality, is acceptable. you have very childish thinking.

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What do you even mean? Are you talking about Snktards who crosspost here? Or are you talking about Anons who use anime images as a reaction? If the latter I don't see how the image would matter as long as the text and content itself is pleasant.

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Learn to filter, you can use wild cards, so philosophy, philosopher, and philosophers can all be replaced with philiosoph* and you will also get philosophize thrown in for free. Also, if you are filtering swear words, you probably would be better off on some other site.

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>one where there is more discussion of a wider range of literature and people have mature discussions about a subject
>filters philosophy

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Why is female a problem word?

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>If the latter I don't see how the image would matter as long as the text and content itself is pleasant.
it almost never is

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three simple moves would save the board and filter out the worst elements
>only permitted images are swastikas and anime girls
>all political, religious and philosophical talk is banned
>only permitted reply format is rhyming quatrain

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Everything is politics. Pick up a barbell for once in your life.

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have sex, incel

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>only Nietzsche threads create problems
>omg let's remove all philosophy discussion!!

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Remove the captcha. To authorize a post you must recite a random chapter from the Odyssey

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Fuck off and die discord faggot

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You can have a Based too Anon but it is a participation award

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Marx and any "Frankfurt School" or "postmodernist" philosophers should not be allowed here. Nothing critical of religion should be allowed. Subversive themes in literature should not be allowed.

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>Nothing critical of religion should be allowed

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Because OP is as they say, of a different persuasion

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Wow, a thread to try to improve and it ends up being a fucking "let's make it like reddit and censor everyone who doesn't conform to our group of thought" This place truly is dying

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Just make a seperate /religion/ board.

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Yeah, because of people like you.

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Fuck off. Nobody wants you here.

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anime is the lowest form of art imaginable.

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Tell the mods to do their jobs although at this point I think crashing and burning is the motive

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Best would be to implement a word minimum for the OP. People create hundreds of threads that are just "read x", "thoughts on x?", "books like x?", ... this is cancer that doesn't lead to any productive conversation.

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Not a discord faggot, you idiot.

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>t.never watched anime

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we should ban threads asking for recommendations: they don't promote any constructive discussion and they can be avoided with 3 seconds of google research, i mean, if you want to read a book about i don't know... horror, you can go to google and search "horror books" instead of creating a thread and expecting people to help you do something that you can do faster, better and by yourself; or in alternative they can get moved to >>>/adv/.

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Anime is 100% a midwit filter.

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Really, you should all stop talking about banning this or that topic, thread, whatever—it's pointless. Would it make the board better? sure, but all of it is predicated on there being a janny who enforces it. And that will never happen. Look not to the benevolence of the Mod, the Janny, the Hiro, to expect your deliverance; instead, think about what you can do, in your posting habits and quality, to make the board better. Make better posts, bump better threads, use sage, ignore the bait. Make that thread about the book you just read, even if you're unsure if you have much to talk about.
The improvement of this place starts with you.

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We've all been 14 at some point anon
In the opposite way you think, watching anime is a clear midwit giveaway. People think they're too cool for regular entertainment but don't understand Jap culture well enough that anime is no different.

I like Japanese culture, I see the potential appeal of anime, but 99% of it is just power fantasises by sexually frustrated retards (and the same people watch it).

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