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Define good writing. You can't.

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writing that is good

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Clear, lucid, and is able to communicate complex thoughts through the medium of a given human language

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the kind of writing that i like
and bad writing is the kind of writing that you like

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If I like it it’s good. If I don’t like it it’s bad.

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Spencer wrote a whole book on the subject.
Trivia: Ironically, the man is buried opposite his intellectual opponent - Marx. Marx and Spencer.

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writing that activates the almonds

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>masterful composition, artful finesse, directness & clarity, even when making oblique and tangential approaches; reads aloud as unencumbered as the eyes pass over it

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Mmmmm, chromatic aberration

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Quantity in proportion to it's quality.

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>loose definitions I can fit to my taste
Congrats on helping OP

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Something good which is written

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i could but i won't
that's the last thing we need, bad writers masquerading as good writers
go read Dune or smth

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Induces synesthesia

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my diary

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he said "good writing" not "good gay porn"

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unique and intricate. simple as.

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my posts

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