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It's completely pointless, you lied that you understand and enjoy the works you read because of the anti-intellectual modern tradition of academics focusing on these works without any background in philosophy. It's like listening to classical music just for the atmosphere while having no idea what is going on and how much more there is to it. Maybe you will even drop literature and realize that philosophy is way more interesting.

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idk plebs got to crawl before they try to walk
most get filtered by philosophy, then they give up
In principle I agree with you but what you are saying means very few would ever get to be lit at all

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>idk plebs got to crawl before they try to walk
And philosophy is the most fundamental tool we have, you will be laughed at if you can't count . do at least basic arithmetic or read yet nobody cares about philosophy.

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Don't care, I'll read literature and then I'll read philosophy when I feel like it.

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There is no reason to fell so happy, you're closer to a chimpanzee than a human being.

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