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Where does the idea that human beings require meaning stem from? It's retarded. Men don't need purpose, men need community and status, not mental abstractions which serve only as a childish goal. Nietzsches transcended man is a good example of what not to strive for, it's a protoincel power fantasy. Great men never gave a fuck about meaning in their lives because the life of an Alexander is worth living for it's own sake. Be driven by serotonin, not ideas. Nihilism doesn't need to be overcome if you stop caring about such silly concepts.

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indeed low iq people are superior

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bugman the post

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100IQ moment. Men are driven by many things, such as their physiology and psychological needs which are adaptations beneficial for survival and reproduction in our natural enviorment. What individuals need is what the tribe provides, and what the tribe needs is what the individual provides. Meaning/purpose is an "intellectual" cope for 100IQlets to make themselves look interesting and more valueable to women, not the motivator that makes men strive for greatness. If you want to be happy acquire that what all men most often only subconsciously desire. Follow your genes, not your memes.

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eat, shit, breed
now what? repeat?

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my take would be that meaning diminishes suffering greatly. Without meaning even simple things stand out and annoy you, because you see reality for what it is in its fullness. Meaning gives you a kind of shield and lets you navigate trought a lot of unnecessary details. Of course its a non problem for some people, but for many it is a great need.

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Because people create and follow meanings whether they consciously realize it or not. Everything you listed there such as biological desires, survival, etc, is just as much of a “meaning” as religion. You trying to argue over this position in the first place obviously shows you give meaning to it otherwise you wouldn’t have made this shit post.

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Yes. Win over the competition, hate your enemies and love your allies. It's what we always do regardless of what time we live in. Every conflict is economical from a darwinistic standpoint. Just accept reality.

Semantic garbage desu. I knew some retard would come in and tell me about how akschually that is your subjective meaning xD but it really isn't. It's not idealistic whatsoever, as is the case with purposelets, none of it means anything, I am however programmed to care about these particular meaningless things and thus I do. What I mean to say is act purposefully, but don't act for purpose. To seek purpose is to dellude yourself.

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only weak ugly cringe retards need intrinsic value. Go on and let yourself be dominated by abstract ideas you fucking sewer rat.

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>Just accept reality
boring monke

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>men need community and status
Is that not meaning?

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>What individuals need is what the tribe provides, and what the tribe needs is what the individual provides
True 100iq moment. Go back to highschool.

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I dont know, Kaczynski perfect the concept with the introduction of the power process though.

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>slave to physical desires that arent as ingrained as your monkey brain believes them to be
>calling anyone else a sewer rat
Lmfao dirty hylic.

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Being part of a community, or wanting status, etc. are both striving for meaning. Being driven is about seeking to achieve some goal, i.e. purpose-driven meaning.

Meaning isn't "required," per se, however, humans naturally seek it out; largely so in the face of their mortality (procreation being one of the biggest death cope activities giving people meaning via immortalization).

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>Nietzsches transcended man
>asking the question "do humans even need so-called meaning?" just like Nietzsche did
Jesus fucking christ, read a book occasionally. Podcasts and Youtube channels are for plebs and don't count.

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In some sense, but these things are valueable on their own. Meaning and purpose are a side effect, not the motivator. Be driven by serotonin, not ideas. See, man really isn't special in that regard, we are driven by the same things other animals are. Wild animals don't require meaning in what they do, they just do it because they evolved in such a way that following their instincts makes them happy.

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oh my god that's like saying picking up a spoon to then eat soup is a purpose driven activity but that' clearly not what is actually meant. When you reduce meaning to something that's already present in all things then seeking it out is even more foolish.

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but then again as I said, act with purpose, not for purpose. Severe difference

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wtf bro that is literally what nietzsche was saying with the eternal return, you don't need a purpose outside of life itself. nihilism occurs from the loss of transcendent meaning, the solution is to ecstatically embrace purposelessness

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well I guess that makes me the retard then huh. the overman is still a retarded concept and utterly inhuman aside from that tho

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Except that Alexander was educated in philosophy by Aristotle and lived through the ideal of Achilleus.

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damn bro didnt know alexander was a scholar of existential philosophy and contemplated wether or not whatever he was doing had any higher meaning

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"Meaning" is incredibly easy to find. Living for the feeling of fulfillment, joy, and the upbuilding of your fellow man is meaning enough to live, because you are conscious being experiencing these things and that makes them meaningful to you. There really is no need to find "meaning" it's right in your face, pseudointellectuals just refuse to accept it and think that their life has to be justified by some external thing. What most people need is a purpose, which is not "meaning" but a profession, art, idea, duty to dedicate their life towards.

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Formerly Iacchuck’s

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>Where does the idea that human beings require meaning stem from? It's retarded

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bro op i have this sick dubstep track with a sample from joseph campbell where he's like "i don't think people are looking for meaning in life, they are looking for the experience of being alive" WOBWOBWOBWWOWNNN its p rad but i think it was like some white label vinyl shit cuz i never found it again

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>What most people need is a purpose, which is not "meaning" but a profession, art, idea, duty to dedicate their life towards.

I think it would be remiss to not acknowledge that people often find meaning in their purpose. Even to the extent of dedicating themselves would, at least, indicate they've found some meaning in that task as some value of themselves.

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From it being objectively and timelessly true throughout all of human existence. Community and status are things that provide meaning. Holy fucking crap this board is so god damn fucking bad. How old are the people here like 19?

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>Where does the idea that human beings require meaning stem from? It's retarded. Men don't need purpose, men need
you fucking idiot you refuted yourself in the SECOND SENTENCE AFTER YOUR THESIS HOLY SHIT

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It's so bad

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but even so, why do you believe that that purpose is something most people need? It's a romantic idea but I don't think it's very representative of reality. What I believe most people need is to feel as though they provide value to the group, and be in turn valued and respected by it. Something I believe is present in all social animals which strongly rely on cooperation other than insects. I suppose purpose could be the cherry on top, but far from something important to the majority of people.

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Because they do. It doesnt have to be a complicated one. But a purposeless man is on the road to suicide, it's just how it works.

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from religion of course, but your idea about what we really need is the same..

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imagine arguing semantics rather than the clearly implied meaning of what is actually being said. bound by language and definition instead of just using it as a tool of communication.

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You use this word, without knowing what it means

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Status and Community provide serotonin, which leads to people feeling long term satisfaction and happiness. Meaning isn't the driving force, nor the goal, it's a side effect. We are driven by instinct, not ideas.

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Jerking off to porn as an incel all day provides serotonin why dont people seem to be enjoying it?
Ohhhhhhh that's right because your theory is retarded on its face
things that provide meaning provide reality integration, something more neurologically complex than "muh serotonin bursts"
You wouldnt know because you're a reductive little twat though

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thats dopamine retard, short term satisfaction, highly addictive, and easy to built a tolerance to. Considerably different from serotonin which provides long term satisfaction, is non addictive, and inspires you to be more social which then leads to you getting more of it as it's released when you live as you should.

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Literally talking out of your ass, all of that is wrong

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Prove it retard

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This isnt just about ""meaning"" but also an ethical, scientifical, and aesthetic framework you utter pseud. Slit your wrists you annoy me

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lol cringe

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Our cognition, thoughts, and way of approaching things all rely on these mental "abstractions". Our way of thinking is Platonic/Christian/Modern etc etc. You peddle off of romanticism bullshit. You aren't original and profound but you think like a rape baby who has no idea whence he came from

Kill yourself immediately incel

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It is our only way of thinking, and that's where the concept of Reason came from. That's why we object to orientals when they do something abhorrent, because WE are more conscious than they are (culturally). I really don't understand why you want a return to bronze age level of thinking when it proved to be unstable >>17839716

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Lol the point is to recognize mental abstractions as such and not to let yourself be bound by them, not to discard them. Funny that you chose berserk to react with cause most of the things I said can be applied to the story. Griffith is shown to be the muh overman time and time again. Driven by ambition and purpose he set out to carve out a kingdom for himself through force of will and character. That sense of purpose however swallowed him up as he let himself be defined by this idea, and thus everything else became subservient to that dream he held in his heart of hearts, turning him into a huge asshole who killed the people he loved to get closer to it. Gut's too is afflicted by this condition, and it's shown to be destructive once again, as it made him leave his friends which even if things didn't go as badly as they did would still have hurt them over a mental abstraction. Even the Idea of Evil is born from this same desire for purpose, prchastrating the event's of the story just so people's lives have meaning, as dumb a meaning it may be.

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So who is your enemy? Not all metaphysics is necessarily "Faustian" (Spengler)

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I can understand now.. You hate the Faustian spirit of the times. If so, are you able to name your enemies (the people who provoked this kind of thought or idea?)

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This thread is so fucking embarassing. All the pseuds of lit have come out to play for this one.

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Philosophically nobody per se, I just think the whole paradigm built around purpose is wrong I can't help but cringe at people who yearn to be filled with purpose for purpose's sake. Like I don't think there's anything admireable about being that fag standing on the mountaintop looking down upon the valley, as is the case with many young right wingers I usually happen to associate myself with. In short don't let mental abstractions define who you are cause youll only end up deluding yourself, rather work with them in symbiosis. Keep track of reality and accept it for what it is. Let yourself be knowingly driven by your instinct, and use your ideas to help you get there.

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I'm not anti faustian at all, so long as you stay true to yourself. There's a difference between letting an Idea run so rampant that you lose yourself to it and to use it to further goals which coincide with your instinctive desire.

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I meant it in the spenglerian sense, but the term doesn't really matter. You infer that any sort of mental abstractions lead to a sense of grandeur, in disregard to our happiness. Is this correct? If so, can you name some philosophers that emphasize this grotesque idealism ?

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>Every conflict is economical from a darwinistic standpoint. Just accept reality.
The reality is that in your framework, those with narratives and ideologies will always win over nihilists or existentialists or relativists, because they are able to actually package and market their ideas, and in times of hardship they have some bulwark against their doubts and demons beyond just "lol be strong bro".
You're not as clever as you think, anon.

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I know this, however believing anything that is evolutionarily beneficial isn't the same as realizing truth for yourself. I am as clever as I believe myself to be.

It's how I believe in God while also knowing that to blindly believe is completely unreasonable, as I know it is an evolutionairy adaptation thats beneficial for the survival of a group. So even while I consciously know God most likely doesn't exist, I can't help but be susceptible to all the spiritual nonsense out there.

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>men don't need meaning they need [insert thing that gives them meaning]

great post OP

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Which is also why I didn't ask why these Ideologies are so widespread, especially when many of these ideologies directly coincide with community, family, status, resources, etc.

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Probably one of the worst I've seen on any board

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sneed >>17838447

people seek happiness, not meaning, nigger retard.

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Imagine arguing against concepts of which you clearly lack any basic understanding, and then dismissing anybody that calls you out for "arguing semantics".
Your normative and prescriptive statements about how humans should act are based on very obvious value judgements, how does this differ from the concept you're arguing against?
> Where does the idea that human beings require meaning stem from?
Maybe because human beings aren't capable of discussing abstract concepts without making normative statements about them, you fucking retard

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refute a single thing I've actually went into without the use of semantics right now

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I dont require meaning. I choose it.

Dominus vobiscum.

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