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>Agrippa's academic career began in 1509, receiving the patronage Margaret of Austria, governor of Franche-Comté, and Antoine de Vergy, archbishop of Besançon and chancellor of the University of Dole. He was given the opportunity to lecture a course at the University on Hebrew scholar Johann Reuchlin's De verbo mirifico. At Dôle, Agrippa wrote De nobilitate et praecellentia foeminae sexus (On the Nobility and Excellence of the Feminine Sex), a work that aimed at proving the superiority of women using cabalistic ideas. The book was probably intended to impress Margaret. Agrippa’s lectures received attention, and he was given a doctorate in theology because of them. He was, however, denounced by the Franciscan prior Jean Catilinet as a "Judaizing heretic", and was forced to leave Dôle in 1510.
Kek, what an absolute simp. Based Catilinet BTFOing him.
De incertitudine et vanitate scientiarum et artium atque excellentia verbi Dei declamatio invectiva was a comfy read though.

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cringe thread

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Magic is unholy and an affront to God, for all magic flows from Satan.
Agrippa was an evil sorcerer who pretended to be a Christian, he should be avoided at all costs.
Learn from my mistakes...

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seethe more.

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>NOOOO only God can do magic, not you!!
The absolute state of christcucks

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Sorcerers burn in hell faggot, magic is none of your business. Remember that.
All mortals are naturally powerless and therefore any power they receive which is unnatural derives from Satan.
Sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, etc. is the realm of study for fools, stick to theology and science...

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you're a retarded faggot

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>get agrippa dis dick

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I'm not the one here who's a magician/magician-apologist.

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Seethe Satanist.

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kys schizo

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>denounced as a "Judaizing heretic", and was forced to leave
why did we ever stop doing this

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I bet lots of homophobe go to Hell too. Jesus would have not called anyone a "faggot"

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nice try glowie

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gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8.

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t. homophobic faggot

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my friends i have terrible news, i am obligated to hereby denounce >>17838798-san as a JUDAIZING HERETIC, and call upon him to leave this board at once

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I am indeed a Jew. Hail Israel.
אלוהים יגן לנצח על ירושלים ועל העם היהודי.

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Funny, they said Cantor was a schizo, yet he understood the infinite...
It's people like you who discourage young men from finding the truth, go take a look in the mirror, reconcile, find the harmony in your soul.

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>t. ranny

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>missing the joke

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>believing in magic
inherently satanic

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Christ performed miracles and said one day we'll do the same.

Don't respond I know you'll say something retarded.

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The why do you hate magic and write it off as satanic?

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>lol, you're a faggot who hate gays, funny right?
I got it, it just wasn't funny.
You insulted me so I insulted you, simple as.

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Literal brain worms

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>being this much of a faggot
jesus christ, are you a fucking woman or something? you sound like you're on your period

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>t. incel

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That anon answered for me but he wasn't me. He's essentially right though.
Christ was God, man has no power. It's that simple; A human can not derive his magic from within, Christ derived his magic from God.
Where humans derive their power from when they have it is complex but sufficed to say that any man who seeks power from magic, witchcraft, sorcery, etc., such as in the treatises written by Aggripa, Paracelcus, and their ilk, will most likely be deriving their powers from Satan, not God, or themselves as they would like to think.
Even Moses, who indubitably received his powers from God, erred when at Meribah, he attributed his powers to within. He would die before entering the promised land.

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You are forgetting that man was made in the image of someone.

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>t. ranny

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Imagine being so afraid that magic = miracles

It really takes a christcuck to think this way

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Why should we read that fat ass? Even if magic was real he would probably have nothing to say about it because he would be to busy eating.

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*turns his shoulders and leaves the thread*

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Dude, it wasn't that funny of a joke. Seethe less.

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Because he was the only one who actually made a contribution to science, mainly, toxicology and pharmacology.

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Kek, I always thought that this pseud had an incel-tier profile in this painting.

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>contribution to science
This is your brain on capitalism

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Checked but he was kind of a Chad
>During this time two life-changing events occurred. The first was when he returned to settle for a time in Florence in November 1484 and met Lorenzo de' Medici and Marsilio Ficino. It was an astrologically auspicious day that Ficino had chosen to publish his translations of the works of Plato from Greek into Latin, under Lorenzo's enthusiastic patronage. Pico appears to have charmed both men, and despite Ficino's philosophical differences, he was convinced of their Saturnine affinity and the divine providence of his arrival. Lorenzo would support and protect Pico until his death in 1492.

>Soon after this stay in Florence, Pico was travelling on his way to Rome where he intended to publish his 900 Theses and prepare for a congress of scholars from all over Europe to debate them. Stopping in Arezzo he became embroiled in a love affair with the wife of one of Lorenzo de' Medici's cousins, which almost cost him his life. Giovanni attempted to run off with the woman, but he was caught, wounded and thrown into prison by her husband. He was released only upon the intervention of Lorenzo himself. The incident is representative of Pico's often audacious temperament and of the loyalty and affection he nevertheless could inspire.

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that's not the point, retard.

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Paracelsus never wrote anything on magic, and the one work where he supposedly did, the Archidoxes of Magic, is spurious.

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>900 Theses

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>Dude says seethe less
>Faggot seethes more
kek, I love this site.

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>insulting people means you're seething
truly a newfag

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Throwing random insults at people like "newfag", "retard", "woman [...] on [her] period", "homphobic faggot" or what ever else you said (assuming that was all you, could be wrong, just took a glance at the thread) is definitely seething.
Take a moment to simmer down or "seethe less" like that other anon said, kek.

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kek based checked cringe seethe cringe kek based checked cringe seethe cringe kek based checked cringe seethe cringe kek based checked cringe seethe cringe based checked cringe seethe cringe kek based checked cringe seethe cringe

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get a load of this pseud

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Lmao medieval niggas running around with phoenix downs

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what magic did you cast, anon?

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you do know what seething means, right?

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>Calls anon a pseud
>Posts screenshot from a slide show presentation on a YouTube video to prove point
That anon wasn't saying that people didn't do magic (sure they did, no one is arguing this) just that magic is sourced from Satan.
This is a famous argument that St. Augustine of Hippo himself made, influencing the Early Church and the rest of Christianity.
>Go to Book 8, Chapter 19: Of the impiety of the magic art, which is dependent on the assistance of malign spirits.

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Are you suppose to have me take the words of the founder of scholasticism for word? Even after its failure? There were many churches like how there were many schools for cabbala/kabbalah, and the best ones were those that were willing to hear the expressions of its own people

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cringe thread

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>De incertitudine et vanitate scientiarum et artium atque excellentia verbi Dei declamatio invectiva
Is here that he writes about a true worshipping of God being the most valuable thing? Where can I find it in english?

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imagine getting fired and the reason given is "spreading jewish nonsense" lmao

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Based Thread

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A more based time.

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>Are you suppose to have me take the words of the founder of scholasticism for word?

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Serious question, how do I stop Jews from casting their magic on me?
It pisses me off the more I think about it and I think It's starting to make me go insane.
I used to have a """good""" friend named (((David))) but I had to let go of him because I found out he was poisoning me (poision, of course, is intimately mixed with magic).
Please someone answer me, I don't want to die yet.
What do I have to study to stop/defend against this? Kabbalah?

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The antidote for all curses are meds. To free yourself of your schizoid-typical fear, the best advice is to take your meds

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meds are jewish curses

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>take your meds
Fuck you dick head, I don't need any fucking meds.
>>17844519 is right, that shit is POISON!! I took some of that shit before, bad fucking decision!!
I'm not insane anyway so I don't need that shit. I'm pretty smart actually and read a lot.
Can someone take my question seriously though? I REALLY need an answer...

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you need to convert to judaism

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Wear a crucifix as a necklace or pin or something

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Thanks anon, I'll try it :-)
Why? I would be selling my soul and I don't even think you can convert if you wanted to because it's a (((tribal))) thing.

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does anyone remember the quote about cornelius agrippa in one of the bollingen cg jung books? torturing me. something about being both god and man?

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should I be taking notes when reading his three books?

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Of course, how else would you be able to wade through this schizo shit? kek.

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