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Give me some books that talk about human beauty.

>> No.17852860

Scruton's Beauty

>> No.17852876

Use google.

>> No.17853388

What's happening on this image? Why the left is cuter than the right?

>> No.17853400

There’s some uncanny valley going on on the right I think

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She has the same "cute" aesthetic of pugs.

>> No.17853413

>preferring left over right
Low-T detected

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Am I retarded or something? Are they not the same picutre?

>> No.17853439

Probably retarded.

>> No.17853461

Left is a 10/10 in Bongland, right has been photoshopped to look human with narrower eyes, less bushy brows, smaller forehead, smaller nose and properly shaped lips.

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Faceblind Autist
Shit taste
Both are ugly as fuck but yes, left moggs right.

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Except she’s pretty. The dog isn’t

>> No.17853497

face narrowed, jawline straightened, nasal bridge narrowed, upper lip fuller, eyebrow thinned..

in a word, de-anglofied, made to look like a healthy human

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Never mind, I confused my left for my right.
>>17853413 is right.
Don't worry, I'll proceed to suicide.

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The face on the right doesn't look like it belongs to a real human being. The reality behind the "photo" is a horrifying vacuum.

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This is the GoT chick? She's ugly but right looks like instagram thot number one trillion.
I'd take the left but I assume being a celeb she's also an insane feminist type

>> No.17853573

The Picture of Dorian Gray

>> No.17853576

WHAT THW FUCK? Are you me? That's exactly what happened. I'm >>17853388 and I meant to say the right one, not the left.

>> No.17853677

The only serious response

>> No.17853802

Everything Yukio Mishima

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I wanted to say that reading your retarded post messed me up but then that just makes me an unoriginal retard; a retard who follows retards.
I'm not even sleepy either so I have no excuses at all, kek. All I can say, fren, is it happens :^)

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May be my grammar. English is my second language.

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Lol at anyone thinking the ugliest girl in game of thrones is attractive. do anglos really.

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she was de-quasimodo'd

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