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Is there any site where I can buy books without give money to the filthy jeff bezos?

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Yeah, literally any except amazon

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how naive

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or just go to your local /comfy/ used book store

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local used bookstore, also many larger independent bookstores have their own websites. I like powells.

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Local bookstores just order shit from amazon with a markup and longer delivery time lmao

Amazon is the only option unless you're feeling charitable

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I just bought used books from Canada to Belgium and I had to pay customs fees equal to the value of the fucking books. All to avoid (((Amazon))). From now on I'm stealing from libraries.

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Thriftbooks is great. At the start of the pandemic their shipping was really slow but now their about the same as amazon

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ebay, albiris, barnes and noble, your local shop.

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You are genuinely retarded aren't you?

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If you want to buy Japanese books and don't mind buying used Mandarake is a solid option.

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