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>read book
>70% of it is dialogues

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Anything above 15% dialogue is a sign of brainlet writing

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>have sex with someone
>90% of the sex was with a man

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>is literally all dialogue

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t. brainlet

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Only if you've only read bourgeois realism in which 'dialogue' means platitudes and greetings interspersed with 'he shrugged' 'she looked at him reproachfully' etc.

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I fucking hate dialogue. Fucking tell me the story, or move on fr

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>Story I'm writing is mostly dialogue because nothing interesting happens until halfway through the story.

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>be op
>can’t stop sucking cock

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The dialogue should be the interesting happening if it takes up that much space.

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Any other novels like the man without qualities where the dialogue are mostly the characters debating?

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Dialogue is shit because every phrase has to be accompanied by "(character) said" or "(character) asked" or whatever

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Umineko episode 2-6

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>really like dialogue
>can't stand long-winded descriptions of things

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J R by Gaddis

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The Magic Mountain counts? sometimes its just Settembrini talkin and talkin

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this is why I only write books about loners who don't talk to anyone

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