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I want to fuck beautiful Southern European women. Sadly often times they are much younger than me. The end.

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>finally finish my first novel after working on it for 3+ years
>send it to an editor on fiverr
>basically tells me it needs a top to bottom rewrite, characters are unlikable, story is meandering and pointless, attempts at levity are cringeworthy, prose is stillted, dialogue is bad
It was never going to be a masterpiece but I was hoping for a bit better than that. To be perfectly honest, I don't know if there's a point in continuing with it because the only people who'd ever read my crap writing are 3 random people on the internet and my grandmother. I've come to accept I have an incredibly fragile ego and can't take criticism. I'd rather live with that than continuing to waste my time making garbage.

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If not for vanilla I keep going back to fapping to futa or /ss/. Everything else I've jerked off to is like a fad. Its not even shocking to see other crazy shit /d/ faps to.
I wanna stop though, maybe I should get a girlfriend.

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I hate hypocrisy above all else. There at least something worth respecting with an evil bastard that is true to himself.

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sorry it's a bit insensitive of me but your post made me laugh. what was your novel about?

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Romance novel in a LOTR style fantasy world. I genuinely wasn't expecting her to react this strongly.

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Criticism stops you from being garbage. You need to know what you're doing wrong to get it right. Lots of people now can't deal with any criticism because they're not used to the idea they aren't perfect just the way they are with no room for improvement. They see the idea of improving as an afford to their innate perfection, and become last men who would prefer to be comfortable rather than good.
Make yourself good. Go through the pain so you can become better than you are now. Otherwise you will one day look back and see your potential and have to for the millionth time convince yourself that even if you had put in the effort, you would have never have been good, but find yourself adding, "and even if I could have become good with all the time I had then, I have too little time left now so again there is no point in trying". That's what you're actually choosing: to build your self esteem on sand.

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Affront* sorry autocorrect turned itself back on

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Should I submit my short stories to online competitions? There's a fairly respected one in my country which deals with genre fiction, and the winners usually move on to standard national competition organized by publishers.

Or should I just contact publishers directly once I have a few short stories done and edited? The problem with the online competition is that the jury reviewing each short story is composed mostly of women with strong preference for socially progressive sci-fi/fantasy. I'm writing bleak masculine horror and not sure if I'm ready to get shat on and cancelled for everyone to see on the website.

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>Teen Vogue was founded in 2003 and has earned international respect as the go-to source for confused girl teens who want to learn how to have anal sex and worship Karl Marx.

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Somebody please tell me that my writing is good. You don't have to see it, just tell me that it's good so I stop hating it and myself. Tell me that I can continue and that it's not complete garbage. Lie to me. Show me examples of horrible writing to compare. Please, I'm begging you.

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Why can’t you do both?

Can I ask you about the process of how you come up with ideas for your stories?

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like 95% of "writers" are absolute trash

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I just read 40 midterms written by English majors who mostly went to expensive private schools and now go to a major elite university, and roughly 80% of them have worse grammar than what you just casually posted on 4chan.

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Not just grammar but flow and rhythm. I always wait for a post to reveal that its author has no sense of rhythm. Yours was nice to read so you're probably a decent writer.

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>do both
Yeah that's the most reasonable route, but what I'm a little worried about is submitting my beginner attempts to public criticism. From what I can tell it's better than at least 50% of stuff they're usually receiving, but they're also pretty ruthless at destryoing what they don't like - sometimes from purely perspective perspective such as atmosphere, tone or social/political implications.

>ideas for your stories
History of drug abuse and severe alcoholism, bullying/getting bullied, cucking/getting cucked, and lately social isolation. That and a lifetime of media consumption obviously. I'd probably pick alcohol withdrawals as my most intense inspiration, it's real life horror basically.

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I want to move to the city, but I also want to quit doing what I do for a living. I don’t see how I can do both.

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>I'm a little worried about is submitting my beginner attempts to public criticism
I get that. I’m the kind of person that I want to be great from the beginning. It’s up to you I guess. There’s pros and cons to both and I can’t really help you with that. Submitting would let you know concretely how they’re received but if you don’t get proper feedback and rather just a rejection, well, maybe not so much.

We have more in common it seems. I just really struggle with story ideas. I know what sort of genres and type of stories I want to write but actually coming up with characters, events, beginnings, and endings without just taking it from someone where else is a challenge.

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This story has been in my head for a year or more now and I'm finally able to put some of it to paper, but I'm running out of impulse. It's not like I even write long stories anyway — I've spent weeks agonizing over something that ended up being 1000 words and everyone that read it treated it like it was a flash fiction piece I bashed out in an afternoon.

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I have a deep hate of women even though I've interacted very little with them and of those experiences I've had with them only a few can be considered negative.

I think spending most of my waking hours on this website, especially during my formative years, might not have been the best idea.

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It's always funny to read a controversial book and then read the "criticism" section on Wikipedia and it's a bunch of retards who have clearly never read the book.

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>proper feedback
Can't argue against this, I'll do it. After all, what's there to lose?
>coming up with characters, events, beginnings, and endings without just taking it from someone where else is a challenge
Yeah, it's near impossible to come up with something entirely original. What I've done personally is a thorough study of auhors closests to my natural storytelling instinct (Poe, Kafka, Burroughs, Ligotti etc.), attempting to find patters of how they deal with character creations and plots, then settle for a pattern to start off with. That's about 30%, then another 30% is based on real life experience with various low lifes and loose women, then 40% just imagination - the horror elements.

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Post an excerpt

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I miss him bros.

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I try to do that too actually. I’ll try to take things from authors I like and who I think are similar to what I want to write. I just feel like I always end up just blatantly copying their story. I don’t know how to make it my own, ya know?

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We're going to make it, no worries man.

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Don't we all.

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I really miss going to mangadex to check if my bookmarked manga updated. I don't know if there are any actual manga places left, others seem to be just aggregator sites.

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I want to read but my brain barely tolerates 20 pages per day.

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Same. I remember using mangatraders and missing it dearly when it disappeared.

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Mother, rape me now so that I can bomb the future eternally.

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>You're an inanimate fucking object

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I want to write a patchwork story.
I'm not sure how. I'm not even sure what I mean.

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Seeing this made me remember this ver. and I laughed out loud.

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The worst part is the hypocrisy.

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I think the worst thing is cowardice.
The worst person on the planet, if they go to the guillotine with a shit-eating grin and a shrug, you have to respect them a little. Yeah, they were a monster, but at least they stuck to it.

Conversely, if someone does something wrong and immediately tries to weasel their way out of it, or breaks down and starts begging for mercy, well, I don't think there's anything more revolting.

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Your writing is good, and the more you write, the better it will get.

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writing just seems liek gambling except your ticket is an original manuscript

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Terrible movie. Would not read the book

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I'm being paid for remote work right now.

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You fool. You are going to let some editor (a failed writer) from "fiverr" whatever the fuck that is tell you your hard work of years is insufficient??? You dont think there is a possibility that this person could be wrong? Fuck that guy. Your masterpiece is probably brilliant. It is probably ready to crack into the mainstream. Just keep pushing it out there. They published Twilight for fuck sake. That made money. If you are capable of being out down by some internet fag, then you are probably not capable of writing anything worth reading.

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There are worse things than death, indeed.

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It says comment there so that's what I'm doing. This is kind of laborious, I dont know why im indulging such a request. This is what's on my mind though. I might roll a cigarette and vomit a bunch here shortly but first I'm going to at least end this sentence with a period and then hit post. I am a phone poster. It might affect the content of my posts, but certainly not the quality. Fuck crows.

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I'm watching a show called "The People's Court". The judge is a beautiful erudite gavel banger. The litigants of the case dejure are actual proof of the merits of eugenics. The case ended and I need to take a shit. Good day to you.

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The LOTR worship on this board genuinely disgusts me, and everyone of you plebes who dump pastas about Tolkien being the modern day Homer should genuinely feel ashamed.

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oh shit does people's court still have that slammin intro theme music? BUH duh dun patapatapata BUH duh dun, someone must have made a rap beat from that right

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>we have to make the new thread early, or the animeposter will make a new thread with a random loli picture.
What the fuck is /wg/ on about? When was loli posted as the OP pic?

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i dont even notice those, i just scroll past them as if they were banner ads i guess

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it's not anime its the foot guy

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Not even Lovecraft has this kind of cult of personality here, at the very least the fanboys here are (mostly) self-aware.

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Literally what Tolkien worship is there on /lit/

To me the general opinion here seems to be that his works are good but rarely I see people putting them on the same level as literary classics.

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People who worry about Tolkien getting too much praise are the same tier of people who get mad that The Harry Potter lady doesn't think biological males are the same thing as biological women.

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>To me the general opinion here seems to be that his works are good but rarely I see people putting them on the same level as literary classics.
You would damn well be surprised.

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I think that's a retarded and incoherent assertion.

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i'm a loser and a failure. I spent all my money on superfluous meals, and haven't written anything in half a year. My plan was to go to gradschool, to apply to some of the best places. But the political termoil of the past few years has been a drain on my soul, and now i feel like my only way out is suicide, or some fashion industry bullshit. i hate my life /lit/, i really do, but i'm addicted to the sedentary self-sabotage and i can't seem to get away form it.

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I wish I had more and better food at home.

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>sedentary self-sabotage
Literally me

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Kek, what happened to the other one? Was it deleted because it was made before the bump limit?

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>pseuds on a Estonian wheat-harvesting forum are the same as Twitter trannies
Dang you might actually be right

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I've given up alcohol and masturbation for lent. Even though I haven't attended mass for years and my actual belief in God is kind of a dice roll, I like using the season to correct some bad habits and work on my health. Avoiding drinking has been easy, but I've been edging to camgirls a few times in the past week and now my balls are a little inflamed and tender

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Lol, the anti anime guy isn't going to be bothered by anons knowing he's cancer and killing threads because he thinks the board should be about /soc/ shit he likes, he thinks being known for that is a good thing. His threads keep getting deleted for making them before bump limit so he makes multiple new threads before bump limit, killing even more threads and probably ban evading at this stage too. He believes this is a contribution.

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I have a lot of friends that only occasionally make me happy, and that most of the time make me uncomfortable. I haven't really met anyone to hang with where it isn't like this tho

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>Your masterpiece is probably brilliant
I really doubt that. Just because someone spends a long time on something doesn't mean it's good.

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Apparently the anime hating anon hasn't read the sticker on the hentai anime boxes which says that all characters are over the age of 21.

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i feel you. we need to get moving

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Good luck bro. I'll sit for a little while longer and then die tbf.

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Id never vote for him, but i do miss him. I feel like all the scandals around Trump were just business as usual, but now everybody was suddenly pretending that it was scandalous. At least with Trump, things would be funny.

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I posted in another thread a couple of days ago that i want to terraform a barren planet and release the bare minimum of organisms on it and see how they would evolve over millions of years. Would mice evolve into giant herbivores? Would the house cats evolve into t-rex sized mega predators? Or would perhaps the mice give rise to predators? Would lizards evolve to become whales or crocodiles?

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Post in the QTDDTOT next time?

>> No.17876930

>lizards evolve to become whales or crocodiles

>> No.17877009

Its not really for any piece of fiction im writing, it's just something that occupies my mind, after i found out that crocodiles even started to fill herbivorous niches after certain extinction events.

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You'd probably get more answers in the QTDDTOT thread though. It's the point of the thread.

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Why don't you just stop paying attention to politics?

>> No.17877073

Nice try data miners. There's no way in hell I'd be stupid enough to willingly give that kind of information away.
Fuck Biden.

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I am nothing and nowhere

>> No.17877096

Democracy,once stripped of its vestments and glitters is just a handful of illiterate, fat old people who couldn't even manage a bar, who rule millions of people through handouts and favors, following the mood of the crowd

>> No.17877133

Try to get your hands on some community college English course papers if you ever need a boost in confidence.

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I dry my clothes by laying them all flat on the floor and turning the fan on

I save $2 I buy walnuts

>> No.17877240

Why not get a clothes rack

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I'm somewhat sympathetic to the "psychological model" of magik, where your rituals are just ways of programming the unconscious. The problem I have is that if you take a broadly materialist view (which if you don't why not pick a cool energy model or something?) it seems pretty pointless. Yeah I could spend ages working myself into a suggestible state so my sigil will imprint, or I could just do the thing I'm trying to cast directly. What's the point of hoping the unconscious will take the wheel when there's an easier alternative?

I guess it could be useful for people with depression or whatever, but what else?

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I find it very difficult to cope with being ugly. Most of the things I do in my life are in some way influenced by my omnipresent hyperconciousness regarding my ugliness. In fact in retrospect I believe my entire entire desire to write poetry was spawned by a need to "make up" for the ugliness I inflict on other people by existing.
I don't think going sexless has had a fortifying effect on my psyche or spirit. I don't feel any connection to God or a deeper spirituality by being chaste. I just feel malformed and burdensome. My entire ideology and way of navigating the world is based on beauty and I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I have one mirror in my entire house and I use it exclusively for hygiene purposes.
Monstrum in fronte monstrum in animo

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Hundreds of walnuts lost

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It’s because you think like a man and without realizing it you’re angry that women don’t think like men do and act like men do. Forget what mainstream media and science says, men and women might as well be different species. You will never find a woman that thinks and acts like a man does the same way you’ll never find a man who can act like a woman does (and I mean far beyond the superficial bullshit of just acting feminine, there are layers to this shit.) Anyway, when you start realizing that women are completely different to men and that it’s actually a good thing because they have qualities that we as men severely lack in but are necessary to survive as an intelligent species. A real man doesn’t get mad at the fact women are the way they are or get mad at the world for being the way it is. A real man is hyper aware of how stupid shit is around him and how many feces flinging monkeys are in his midst and he continues to work hard to better himself, his family (wife and kids too), and humanity as a whole. It’s just about the noblest thing a human being can do and it’s something only men can do. I say all this and I’m not MGTOW or incel, I’m getting married this year. Just some advice from someone who was in a similar mindset aa you.

>> No.17877563

I hate the way I look

>> No.17877569

Just work out and eat right man. I'm sure you can make it right champ. Hang in there buddy. You got this! You are the big man on campus! Go get'em sport!

>> No.17877581

Just imagine being a Chinese rice farmer and reading this. You are so spoiled. You need an ass beating. You've been taught to nurture bad feelings instead of push them away like a functional adult. You need a punch in the face -- badly.

>> No.17877628

hell yeah, biden's 4 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is going to include a per mile tax on drivers.

>> No.17877686

I once fucked a girl for a while with enormous tits. Tiny petite frame but massive honkers. I don't miss her at all but god damn do I miss those jumbo yum yums. Truly beautiful tits.

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People cannot sustain themselves on reason alone. Do not expect people to turn on the hand that feeds them in favor of the mouth that enlightens them — the story of Jesus teaches us this.
There has never been a political revolution based on “ideas.” First comes the revolutionary climate then comes the “ideas.” We do not live in a world of ideas: we live in the world of the dying. People want to extend themselves into the world. Everything that permits extension is subjectively good; everything that opposes extension is subjectively bad.
Sadly, man is a rather mindless creature. He is driven by his will to live — the will to power being subordinate to this primary motivation. It is quite true that man can be conditioned to live for “after worlds,” but he will only accept such conditioning if life in this world is denied to him. As long as the promise of this world is kept alive, man shall hear nothing of “after worlds.” Nothing is better than the real thing.

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My greatest fear is that one day I might love someone the way my dad loves my mom. Love burns the spirit out of a man and turns him into a retarded coombot.

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Read some books about healthy relationships and love anon.
Like deep psychiatry and psychology kinds of stuff

I recommend you this one

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I really enjoy reading romance novels and I want to have 3 daughters and name them after Bronte's sisters.

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How the fuck do you even torrent? I got myself a torrent client, went on RARG, looked for old kino but it just freezes, it doesn't want to download for some reason. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.17877864

yeah torrenting was a lot easier back in the day. idk anymore, i think the feds locked down on it.

>> No.17877905

Wdym? Sounds like a problem with your internet or number of seeders.

>> No.17877914

I wouldn’t trust torrents for obscure stuff anymore, too sketchy. Anyways, sounds like there aren’t enough seeders for your torrent, anon.

>> No.17877920

Is it normal to pop an adderall and not really notice anything?

I've noticed before that when I'm tired, coffee doesn't really seem to wake me up, and I just end up lying down anyway. I can't tell if it's just because I can't recognize my own moods or because I have a high stimulant tollerance

>> No.17877956

you develop a tolerance to stimulants with repeated use. need higher dosages to feel effects.

>> No.17877957

I wouldn't torrent these days unless I trusted the tracker like it was one of those fancy private ones

Why can't you just use that equally sketchy russian movie site, what is it called, fmovies? The link changes constantly and I think there's a 1/9 chance you'll be raped by Indian ransomware every time you go but they have most movies on there

>> No.17877985

fmovies is dangerous?
oh no
the link doesn't change though it's always the same

>> No.17878026

I’m one crazy nigga. In another life I could’ve been really into the Joker.

>> No.17878054

VIZ is $1.99 a month.

>> No.17878056

"Popcorn Time Desktop Github"
invest in a paid DNS resolver like AdGuard and filter both popcorn time and your browser thru it. Walla, you now have free kino

>> No.17878074

Thanks anon. I will try check it out.
I fear it's too late for me though. I've had happy relationships before where I didn't love the girl and this was in fact a source of pride and contentment to me, just the knowledge that I'm with her based on objective compatibility and not on some chemical impulsive I have little control over. Problem is, that's exactly why they never ended up staying with me.

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today is the day where i've started to realize that she might have a serious personality disorder. i feel so bad for her. how should i help her ? it seems like every approach could lead to severe damage. if there's any anons who had relationships with partners that suffered from personality disorders (not just bpd), please share your experience.
i'm also thinking about reading thomas szasz's books to look at these psychological issues from an alternative point of view. am i going into his work with the wrong mindset ?

>> No.17878100

what personality dsiorder is it?

>> No.17878101

you have to chain her to a sturdy object(with enough slack to move about the house)

>> No.17878102

There's no good reason for me to be conscious right now.

>> No.17878130

Genghis Khan stole a farmer's plow, so I was trying to help the farmer get it back, but the Khan, upon his horse, said he'll sic his tiger on me. As I was backing up I accidentally hit the tiger on the nose, and it started sneezing a lot. I wasn't able to get the plow.

>> No.17878139

I should clarify. It wasn't Genghis Khan, but it looked like him.

>> No.17878146

I am slowly working my way thru the stack of books I have. Sometimes it feels like I am adding little blocks of knowledge to my brain but I actually can't remember most of what I read (nor do I want to). I wonder if the information in books you consume over time really does gradually change your mind. This is the idea behind Lectio Divina. You and God sit with the text and passively absorb it. "I ponder your word day and night". What I like about the Bible is how you don't even need to "read it", it's the opposite of other books. With Scripture you can really think about a word or a phrase for a very long time. If you pray with the psalms a lot you start thinking about the words randomly during the day, it is interesting. Thomas Merton called the psalms "bread in the wilderness" and I agree. Scripture is the only literature I can simply sit with as opposed to read and I like that very much.

>> No.17878153

This is where you get the fuck out. You cannot help her.

>> No.17878162

it's a mixture of paranoid and a less extreme form of bpd. she hasn't gotten to the substance abuse stage, thankfully.
duly noted.

>> No.17878258

I’ve got to escape the boonies. I’ve spent 27 years of my life here. I don’t care if I’m moving to New York in the middle of a pandemic. I can’t take it anymore.

>> No.17878291

Does anybody have image of the world map that shows the most known piece of literature from every country? I think there was Faust for Germany and Alexis Sorbas for Greece.

>> No.17878340

>As my eyes grow heavy, I struggle to decide if I should sleep or not. Because as time goes on I find it more difficult to find a reason to wakeup. I fear as though one day I won't. And there will not even be a me to notice the injustice that no man should have to feel like this.
>But perhaps worse than that, I fear I am losing the will to care even for my own justice. That an eternal void is preferable to this oppressive life of mediocrity. I cannot bare this weight alone, and yet I am expected too by the very same people who speak of "rights" and "equality". It would be so much easier to just die. To not have to hear or witness their lies, that is to say live with their lies. I'm the one paying for their facade.
>And that's what they want isn't it? For me to just be so broken, and so destroyed, that I just go to sleep and never never wake up like a beaten dog.
>And they are so evil, so demonic, that the dog who snarls and shows his teeth they call rabid and cry. That's perhaps the most asinine thing of all is when they cry in agony as they beat the dog.
>This is why there's criminals and murderers
>This is why there will never be enough of them
>The only justice is retaliation.

>> No.17878351

>they never drank a lukewarm beverage. Such liquids are distasteful, and for good reason: they are more likely to harbor diseases. Today, on a hot day, people find a cold drink refreshing, and on a cold day they find a hot drink invigorating, but no one ever enjoys a lukewarm drink.
I was reading this commentary on the Bible. I actually prefer lukewarm drinks... what does this mean for me?

>> No.17878362

you probably have some sort of horrible brain cancer making your tastebuds retarded

>> No.17878364

That editor is a gay bitch. Most novelists need an editor. That's fine. But find one who appreciates your work and is on your team. Don't waste your time listening to some stuffy cunt tell you everything about yout novel sucks. I can tell just by reading your writing in your post that you are a fine writer. If you put three years of work into a novel, I guarantee it's not bad.

>> No.17878365

I live in a big city on the east coast. I would trade places with you in a heart beat.

I want to be tested by nature and thus forced to cry at my own pathetic ness and grow stronger.

>> No.17878379

Also, why do you have a woman editor? Women are retarded and take universal things personally. You wrote a cunt woman character, and this woman editor saw it as a reflection of herself, as a condemnation of women generally. Behind her critiques I can hear the shrill screeching of a feminist trying to fight back against the "patriarchal misogyny" of your writings. Fuck her. You wrote what you felt was true. Hit me up if you want a real editor.

>> No.17878383

You say that but you in reality, you’re not tested by nature here. What you are is a resident of a suburban cul-de-sac only surrounded by commercial farms in every direction.

>> No.17878487

Why is /ck/ so shit? I feel like a board about food and cooking has so much potential. I'd love a place to discuss recipes and dishes and cooking tips, but that board is just people posting pictures of fast food burgers.

>> No.17878506

/ck/ is a god tier board. perhaps reddit is more your speed. they "love" "nice" things

>> No.17878533

My parents want to buy me a laptop. "You'll need it for school." I suppose I will; I told them I'm going to college and so I guess I am. They want to get me an apartment. "You'll need it to get a job." I suppose I will, and the freedom this would provide is very appealing.
I'm young, I have talents (writing is not one of them), and I have a desire to do something with my life, so I don't have much of a choice but to do so.
I understand that none of this constitutes a problem but I find the whole thing very strange, and knowing that it's only a matter of time before I have a life of my own makes me really appreciate being able to sit in my chair and play DOOM all day. Cardiacs is (are?) a good band.

>> No.17878742
File: 904 KB, 3264x2448, 1466828711017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a sinking feeling that I'm one of those lukewarm believers the Apostles were talking about. I believe, but that's not enough, is it? I'm caught in between enjoying it when I beat off or act in a way I know I shouldn't and periods where I feel revulsion for my actions and intense self-hatred for my lack of willpower. That's not the right approach at all, and I know that, but I can't help the way I feel. I want to start living in a better way, repent, and become a better person, but at the same time, part of me wants to just keep being lazy, give up no vices, put everything off til tomorrow, and think everything will work itself out eventually. And "part of me" is kind of an attempt at avoiding responsibility, since when I'm being lazy or passing another Sunday whacking it to hentai, I enjoy what I'm doing and want to keep doing it. Only afterwards do I feel like what I did was wrong, and that makes me very uncomfortable with myself. I've read a few works by saints and elders, and they all agree that some people, no matter how much you do for them, won't make the choices they need to make in order to be saved. Am I one of those people? Am I going to just occupy my stupid little rut my whole life, always shying away from doing what I know I need to be doing, always one step away from where I need to be?
For a while now, I've been praying for some sort of nudge, just a small little push in the right direction so I can stop teetering back and forth on a precipice, with Christ on one side and apathetic laziness on the other. Now I wonder how many times I've received just such a nudge, only to pull myself back from the cliff's edge at the last second, telling myself I need more time to decide.
This isn't the first time I've been through this thought process. Most of the time, I end up concluding that I might as well kill myself, since I'm obviously never going to take the steps I need to, so I might as well accept the foregone conclusion and go to Hell. That's not a healthy way of looking at it, and I (obviously) chicken out of doing anything as drastic as an heroing, but the thought remains in the back of my head, making me feel like whatever I do will be pointless since I have so little willpower that I'll just end up giving up or failing halfway through whatever I try.
I don't know where to go from here. I've been thinking about sending an email to a local Orthodox priest for a few weeks, even though I'm a Mormon by birth, but I always hesitate and delete the draft before I send it. I wish I was more decisive, but wishing won't get me anywhere either. I guess all I can hope for is that I get that push I need somewhere down the line, just much stronger than I thought it would be, and I'm forced to finally make a decision and stick with it.

>> No.17878823
File: 113 KB, 350x2450, lost_in_the_cosmos_11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had all those same issues as you, but reading about the "interior life" helped me, especially the Bible verses associated with it like John 15:5 and Luke 10:38-42. I used to masturbate a lot, but now I don't really feel the desire, but if I start going to lust or masturbation I say a quick prayer and it goes away. Prayer is very important, read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. I do still have trouble with indecisiveness, but I'm not as anxious about it as before.
Right now I'm reading this book I downloaded, because I heard it was helpful for someone:
Knowing your temperament might help, and reading advice about your specific temperament. You sound phlegmatic like me. Though, reading about the interior life was more helpful for me.

>> No.17879003

This anon is right. t. actual doctor

>> No.17879021

I had a dream where i was peeling raw potatoes but they were rotten inside. Every single on was bad on the inside.

>> No.17879031

Maybe you're anxious about the environment.

>> No.17879033

what do you mean environment? like current surroundings?

>> No.17879040

Like the effects of climate change.

>> No.17879101

He’s probably gay as balls desu

>> No.17879104

I posted a couple of threads ago on my coming trip into the woods. I have been fortunate, as the usual sweatsoaked early Spring of my region of the US, the South, will have a brief coldsnap. I will, after rising from post 3rd shift sleep, cook a large meal to celebrate the trip, perform final checks, pack, and then oil and clean the rifle, a PTR91, and pistol, an M1911, to make sure all is in order. When the rain breaks on Sunday morn, I will set out.
Of the things I shall count as cherished in the wooded hills and buzzing marshes, you my dear fellow /lit/erati will be well among them. I wish you all a wonderful time in my absence.

>> No.17879127

Are you killing yourself or just actually going for a trip

>> No.17879143


>> No.17879148

Why the hell do you need four different guns dumbass? I’m a gun nut too but bringing 4 guns with you to jerk off 3 days innawoods is retarded.

>> No.17879152

don't do it, anon!

>> No.17879153

It’s obvious you’re new here, how’d you find out about /lit/ exactly?

>> No.17879157

Make sure to bring an umbrella!

>> No.17879159

Ah Anon, you are a man whos struggles lie close to mine own heart. For me, it is not lust but pride, and a deep inbuilt disdain for the imperfections in others. Beyond that, perhaps even an avoidance of most people entirely. You are probably correct in that apathy is a great stone which binds you, and I am sorry that I can offer little more than the assurance to keep trying towards escaping the lukewarmness, and that you are not alone.
Have you read Confessions by St. Augustine? The rootless, almost passionless hedonism may be relatable.

>> No.17879180

I was describing the rifle and pistol models, friend. The rifle is for if I get run up on by dogs, a cougar, or a bear. The pistol, which will be easier to get to, is for snakes, as it is snake season where I am.
I am actualy going on a trip, dont worry.

>> No.17879400
File: 592 KB, 636x588, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cows sleep standing up and with their eyes open and so in africa a lot of people use the white ones as a projector screen. wish the west had this much soul

>> No.17879404
File: 952 KB, 1170x1168, 1616785417552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the truth is i have no idea what i'm doing and haven't for a very long time

>> No.17879427

Nobody does. Thinking you do is a type of delusion. Good job overcoming that.

>> No.17879489

I am a budding literary genius. I cannot wait to be famous for my writing. I'm going to put /lit/ on the map. Most of you will seethe and moan about my success, calling it undeserved, calling my legions of fans tasteless lemmings, calling my works "le epic reddit-tier fiction". Ingrates though you will be, I want you to know, I'm doing it all for you.

>> No.17879507

>anon drops by to remind me of the thread that told me it was trout season
I can't get a fucking fishing license because of covid. I'm going to forget again before anywhere opens I'm sure.

>> No.17879527

Youll get to to trout fishing someday, anon.

>> No.17879581

Hey Moon by John Maus is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

>> No.17879678

obviously it's probably not a good thing all things considered, but obviously I am very happy that the suez-canal is blocked. it's hilarious.

>> No.17879724

I know, right? Its funny to see the swarms of tugboats clutching on to it en masse like white blood cells on a foriegn body

>> No.17879725

I have only read the first short chapter, but I strongly suspect that the book "Lama’at" by Fakhr al Din Iraqi is the best book ever written. I read the first chapter at an acquaintances place, I've now ordered my own copy. If it is indeed the best book ever written I will let you know.

>why is it the book ever written
because it takes the greatest theological conundrum ever known or unknown and treats it with the greatest dignity. All you forever aloners out there: this book is a carress much sweeter than that of any woman.

>> No.17879727
File: 83 KB, 333x250, despair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not that I hate people, or that I think I'm better than them. It's just that they do such petty things in their day to day lives thinking it will make them happy.
I gave up trying to be happy three years ago, after agonizing for almost 8 years that I WOULDN'T be happy unless I was dead.
It's only in giving up the pursuit of happiness that I find how miserable everyone makes themselves. Aspiration is one thing, passion in the only thing that keeps me going now. Giving up happiness isn't about apathy, you're still allowed to care about things, and people. Even love can be a comfort, but it should NEVER be in pursuit of happiness. Your life's worth is dictated by YOU, not someone else. You have worth beyond what you mean to another person.
Anon, you deserve better.

Love won't fix a broken man, a caring hand can push a broken heart together, and pull you out of the abyss, but it won't mend the ache, or cast the abyss away. Only YOU can heal your heart, and walk away from that cliff. And even if the hand never leaves you, what then? Are you satisfied knowing they're living for you? Is your imagined happiness worth theirs? Happiness is just selfishness given a pretty name.
True contentment can only be found alone in silence. To be at peace with God and the universe he made.

>> No.17879846

I feel like a such a dunce that i have to read book analysis after reading book.

>> No.17879900

>/wg/-Writing General - Just Write Edition

>Anime writers aren't the only ones writing in these threads.

Good to know that /wg/ has been taken over by some deranged anon

>> No.17879943

Nice dubs. Best to ignore him if he's not actively flooding the board. Around 250+ posts in any of the threads he's protecting from the anime lovers of 4chan, he starts making new threads we don't need, but once nobody asks him about the anime thing he doesn't really fuck up the threads internally.

>> No.17879988

your work =/= you

>> No.17879992

Nah, the problem is that he's actually telling anime writers they ain't real writers because they aren't the greats or some shit.

>> No.17880206

>tfw you dont what you want to do with your life
Good books for this feel?
I have had this struggle between choosing philosophy or some sort of STEM-degree for several years. And still I can't make my mind about it and choose one. I am currently studying biochemistry at uni because that was the easiest way for me to get to uni. When I am studying for the biochem I feel filled if I find motivation for it. But always when I get out of that flow state I start to think philosophical problems and find it more interesting.

>> No.17880227
File: 262 KB, 480x480, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

killing a day
need to go shopping
barely thinking
rewatching old shows
considering what to do with time left
a little ashamed at how i have spent the time so far and what brought me here
this doesn't seem dignified
butvthere is nothing to do
except maybe go shopping

>> No.17880232

I can only read up to 1 hundred pages per day, reading past that limit, my comprehension starts to waver then I end up questioning what the heck am i reading. Please tell me im doing good enough

Also, judging from this post, does my writing pass?

>> No.17880260

From the way I see anons talk, it seems to me you would be better continuing with your STEM education and pursuing philosophy in free time. "Work what you love and you will not work a day" is a myth, and even then it's almost impossible to get into the job position you would love, so most people do what they love as hobby.

>> No.17880289

i might write the communist turner diaries, i might not

>> No.17880305

>a real man is like I am
Get the fuck of this board, you sound like you've never read a book in your life.

>> No.17880309

Recalling the many times I was sent to the hall in gradeschool for being obnoxious and getting accosted by teachers with the utmost seriousness, them always repeating I was, “on thin ice”. What a charade

>> No.17880331

>speed of light is constant, non relative
>the non-relative in theology is known as "the Light"

>> No.17880357

>find a book to read
>stops reading after 20 pages
>find another book
>stops reading after 20 pages
>Did this 10 times today
I cant find a good book, ive yet wasted another day doing nothing at all. My attention span seems to worsen each day. I shouldve not taken a break from reading. goddamnit

>> No.17880397

Making gains so fast it's crazy serratus growing like abs
If she rejects me I'm going to become a hermit

>> No.17880446

The potatoes represent the people around you, or at least what you think of them

>> No.17880458

There's more to getting a girl to like you than muscles bro

>> No.17880472

It's all I have

>> No.17880494

you're just gonna end up getting hit on by gay guys

>> No.17880496

But anon, you're the pleb.

>> No.17880506

No joke I actually met this girl because she was friends with a homo who hit on me. Gays are good wingmen

>> No.17880526

I really doubt that

>> No.17880530

actually that is true, they talk to their chick friends about how hot/cute you are, and it piques their interest

>> No.17880534

holy shit, that's awesome

>> No.17880541

something in that post touched a nerve, huh

>> No.17880543
File: 2.51 MB, 2048x1792, 01874E56-A1C7-4A71-9F91-DEE4CAD66BF4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dad was diagnosed with cancer a few days ago. He starts chemo and radiation therapy next week. I have a lot on my mind. He has given me and my brothers everything. He has worked extremely hard to give us a comfortable childhood and adolescence. Through his own dedication to his family he has set us up to live successful and comfortable lives of our own. I don’t know how best to support him and my mom through this. I don’t know anything. I keep having random bouts of profound sadness leaving me in tears. Just the thought of him suffering like he will have to to make it through this makes me feel sick.

>> No.17880548

it's not necessarily constant. we don't know that. it's just been decided that it's a constant and so that's how it is wherever calculations are made.

>> No.17880553

What does this have to do with soul?

I always think it's funny when the bitter misogynists on here talk about "bettering" themselves and society. Get your head out of your ass

>> No.17880565

Do not fuck with women with bpd, never worth it, they're not salvageable. At some point it will become hell.

>> No.17880582

This dream indicates your fear of peeling many potatoes, only to find out they're all rotten.
t. Psychologist

>> No.17880585

> bettering yourself and society is about kowtowing to women

>> No.17880586

You don’t have to study philosophy to think about philosophy. In fact, I would wager that studying philosophy is today is the single most sure fire way to not actually think about philosophy. University today is essentially a pay to play scheme for people to purchase a ticket of admission into a general field. The Universities themselves acknowledge this behind closed doors. Knowing that, if you want to take the gamble on being a professional academic philosopher, then that’s your prerogative but if you ask me, it’s not a very good idea nor do I think it’s something you really want. Can you make a single philosopher currently working in the academy? Is there even anything in the academy that has papers being written about it, which you are concerned about. Use your library to go read some academic publications in philosophy. See if those are topics you actually want to read and write more than be an engineer or a doctor or whatever. I would suggest you study something more professional, if you study anything at all, which by the way, you actually don’t have to do considering you’re not totally sure what you would do. Under no circumstances should you take on a mountain of debt and beyond that, it really doesn’t matter that much. It’s just something to get you a job, which will always be just a job.

>> No.17880610

For what it’s worth, my aunt just went through chemo and had a portion of her small intestine removed. Obviously, it was trying but she’s doing much better now and appears as basically her normal, healthy self.

>> No.17880628

If I was a politician I would campaign to eliminate or at least drastically reduce the income tax. I would be elected almost immediately. There is no greater injustice for a working person to pour their precious time into toil for the government to take such a disgusting portion of it.

Instead I would increase taxes on sources of passive income like the appreciation of assets. This seems to be the most obvious and just decision. All value is ultimately generated by labor, and so it ought to be rewarded as such.

>> No.17880641

Not to mention that studying philosophy is not at all like doing philosophy. You only need a strong grasp of logic and a knack for formulating arguments to do philosophy. All the content knowlege and literature just helps to orient and ground it.

>> No.17880660

Not to mention that in the present economic setup, the net gain in appreciation of assets is drastically disproportionate to even the highest income brackets. Nobody makes hundreds of millions a year in salary. And it's hard to see what social value could deserve such pay. They make it in stock value or investment capital.

>> No.17880668

Passive aggressive faggots like you should be euthanized.

>> No.17880729

thinking about moderation and fasting and what the supposed benefits could be. certainly a lot of people seeking God have gone this route. at the same time favoring hardship still means striving toward something material

>> No.17880741

You fucking tard, you let a woman who believes that characters "should earn their redemption through a strong character arc" dissuade you from writing? Man the fuck up, she's every bit as stupid as you are. Highly unlikely that your book is worse than the garbage out there. If someone made this criticism of a work of my own, I would rip their ass apart. Fuck this really made me angry. Fucking pedestrian pansy.

>> No.17880763

What's wrong with that criticism? If you are writing a redemption story, the character actually has to be redeemed in some way. You can't just say, "She learned her lesson and is better now."

>> No.17880772

Not at all what I said or implied

>> No.17880773

We are living in hell but the light will never die.

>> No.17880781

passive agressive retards like you should be smacked on the head with a brick

>> No.17880913

That whore wants him to abide by conventional YA tropes, which are stupid and silly and nonsensical. Character is set in stone, and only manchildren and women believe in "redemption arcs."

>> No.17880922

I'm constantly coming to these type of threads just to take screenshots of the saddest (or most interesting) posts, to use as inspiration for short stories. Maybe one day I will publish a book with the best ones? Who knows. But it would be cool. I love to imagine that someone storie can ended up on a book and this someone would never know about it. How crazy is that?

>> No.17880943

That's pretty cool lol. Let us vote on a name when you decide to publish, we do have that right, no?

>> No.17880947

I live in Finland so the dept is something which I am not worried about. My exgf really got me thinking this subject of studies and got me down to this downward spiral of insecurities of my studies. She was one of those few people who knew what they want from their lives. The way she was so passionate about her studies made reflect on my own studies. The former is because I just went to uni without no direction or no dreams.The sad truth really is that nobody appreciates philosophy and it is just some sort of autistic talk nowadays. I have bounced back and fort for couple of years after I left upper secondary school. Something that really made me wake up from this romanticized dream of philosophy is the fact that nobody really didn't even care about Linkola when he lived or died.

>> No.17880969

just start using them as pasta. I'd love to read them, but I would also like the interactive element of calling the poster a fag, and I can't call a book a fag

>> No.17881061

A handful of writers from a certain country have had a really big influence on me. Now, I want to move to their country, study them more, and see what they saw.

>> No.17881094

Without knowing your girlfriend, it’s much more likely that she either lied about “knowing” what she wants to do with their life or she thought/thinks she knew/knows what she wanted/wants to do with her life but actually didn’t/doesn’t. This is very common and not intended as a slight against your girlfriend, but it’s really good that had an influence on you regardless. Still, I can’t really help but agree with your assessment. All that said and well considered, what do you want to do? I don’t even know what the situation is like in Finland. In America, things are very different. If you go to college, where you go, and what you study, I would imagine, is much more dire here.

>> No.17881118

Wondering if I should go spend some time in New York before I move to Shanghai next fall.

>> No.17881146

Your post flow's nicely

>> No.17881159

>my past post ends up as a story for another person
maybe that was my meaning of life all along

>> No.17881160
File: 3.24 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20210327_160021232~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm waiting for sun for 3 hours now but the clouds won't go

>> No.17881171

Imagine how much worse life would be without onions. actual onions, not filter onions. God damn. I'm not even a good cook but even mediocre cookery is such a blessing man

>> No.17881189

So it's like we have consience of God in the body of ape. NIGGERS.

>> No.17881278
File: 2.14 MB, 200x200, perc angle at his lowest.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So i've been very interested in pursuing studies in the fields of linguistics with possibly ending up working in anthropological or socio linguistics, but i've been noticing that a lot of the recent academic works that are getting published seem to revolve around the topics of queers, ''subverting the patriarchy'', and other issues of that nature. Now, i'm not completely opposed to learning about this stuff, but i'm afraid that it's probably going to be a chore where i would have to sit through more preaching about the status quo. I'm more interested in getting a clinical look at the state of verbal communication in these contemporary times so i could have the tools to further develop my own theories and ambitions. Psycholinguistics also seem appealing, but it might be too detached from where i'm hoping to arrive.
Basically, i'm asking if there are any linguistics anons that could share some valuable insight and wisdom about this field and offer some guidance to this retard. That would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.17881414

>just ate iceberg, tomatoes and onions salad
i agree, onions are the perfect middleman.

>> No.17881463

>those two hijabis
Will never not be depressing

>> No.17881529
File: 1.14 MB, 3024x4032, koiruli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The situation is kind of same here: in the end you wont benefit anything from your philosophy studies and end up in dead end office job.
About my ex she really knew what she wanted from her life and was one of the reasons we split up. She would spent most of the time studying and she werent able to balance her studies and time with me. But me, I just want to find peace with myself. Right now after the breakup I have invested more time socializing and hiking.

>> No.17881547
File: 491 KB, 750x876, 1616854988853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that Spotemgottem?

That nigga has been on my mind. No cap, I been thinking about that time when I barebacked him raw in a Boca Raton Air BnB. That shit had to be the tightest, blackest, wettest boy pussy I've ever laid pipe into. I swear to God, the most heavenly high is gargling that wonderboy's nuts while going fist deep into his shitter. I had Spotemgottem screaming in the sheets with head too ridiculous to ignore. That nigga frotted my cock until he busted on my mouth, I had to return the favor. That nigga Spotemgottem and I been fucking non-stop ever since, but keep that shit on the DL. He does that shit for free. If you're gonna ask me how to "long" Spotemgottem, I'll be deadass. All you gotta do is ask, be straight up, and get physical real quick. Touch his nuts, get on ya knees, talk your shit. He doesn't play around with no pansy-ass niggas either. He likes his men manly, and his dick thick. Dark skin, 6'5 is the minimum and I ain't talking about height boy.

That nigga Spotemgottem stole my heart and drank my sneed.

>> No.17881620

Do you think it would suck to be a teacher in New York?

>> No.17881654

absolutely. do you really want to deal with cunts for every single day ?

>> No.17881742

I think i saw you

>> No.17881904
File: 156 KB, 508x455, 1616830012087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate niggers until I go out and see one working, another at the supermarket with her son, and the ones working hard. The same principle apply to almost every kind of people except Swiss. Every time I go to Switzerland I find smug faggots everywhere.

>> No.17881959

I miss the days of easy hook-ups. Why are people so uptight about pleasure now? Also, I’m trying to recall the last time I ever saw a rotary telephone in real life, not as some kind of prop, but used out of necessity.

>> No.17882063

why not force all rich people to distribute the bulk of their money to the masses?

>> No.17882147

Because something something biology something something psychology, but most importantly, those that have a lot of money also have power to prevent such scenarios. And in case they can't, they can just relocate to a country where the government is more appreciative of them. Like how Monte Carlo was very popular living place for some time for being tax-free. Or when that one french actor changed citizenship to avoid paying bigger taxes.
It would also be very hard to prevent misuse of the system for someone else to get more than they deserve.

>> No.17882156

I'm tired of politics and sjw invading everything. There isn't a single day where I won't experience it's impact in one way or another. I thought /lit/ would be chill so I started reading books, but even /a/ has less /pol/ in it.

>> No.17882194

Is there any life to be found anymore?

>> No.17882216

Log off the internet and turn off your TV.

>> No.17882268

Videogames, books and advertisement outside are impacted by it too. I've experienced some peaceful days in the past though, where I only read old fantasy, classics, ancient history or fitness and played retro games.
I also don't watch TV, and only follow a few channels on youtube, but wanted some decent online discussions without someone involving pol trash.

>> No.17882270

New life is being discovered on Earth all the time. We could also find life on Mars, the other planets, or their moons.

>> No.17882298

I know. I know this may sound weird and childish but i fell in love on Omegle.
I skipped him -the guy i fell in love with- because my mother knocked my door to get something from my room.
At first i thought It was fine but now i feel like something is missing in my life. I feel like crying. I really enjoyed talking to him for an hour and he seemed like he was into me. I could give him my discord. Uh I’m such an idiot.

>> No.17882316

Exotic pussy drippling with my cum.

>> No.17882372

"work what you love and you will not work a day" is a myth, yes, but that still doesnt mean that doing what you love is not the best option. ive heard from plenty people who do what they love but have also done other jobs and they almost always say that they prefer to do what they love. many times even though what they love makes them less money. literally all of my teachers in all my formative years have always told me to follow my passion.

>> No.17882382

some were regretful that they didnt follow it themselves.

>> No.17882393

I have some serious mental hangups about my writing and my career.

>> No.17882442

i had in my basket several pornographic texts, two hitlerian works and some normie undergrad philosophy. but money was limited so i went for the smut books.

>> No.17882454

I want a /lit/ boyfriend but I don’t know where to find.

>> No.17882468

why are you gay?

>> No.17882527

That pizzeria probabily sucks

>> No.17882551

>crusty ass dirty 90s/early 2000s asics

>> No.17882604

I get what you’re saying. It’s tough. Last year ended up being a breaking point for me in this respect. So I basically just limit my use of the internet to the bare minimum (e.g. for work use and daily groupchat antics), stopped reading the news, and generally sequestered myself with loved ones. So far, so good. SJW bullshit rarely intrudes into my daily life now; even when it does for whatever reason (and it does—just last week one of the sites I work for sent a guide on how to write “inclusively”) I just ignore it, or accept that nothing can be done about it and move on. It helps to think of the present day as an opportunity for “inner migration.”

>> No.17882615

I'll send you my CV and a list of references if you are a girl (female) (true) (XX).

>> No.17882649

I wish I could come with you. I hate living in the city, my family came north several generations ago and now we're all going to die here like ants under a lawnmower.

>> No.17882660

do you think it's more common for women to make cryptic and desperate moves in response to inner states? like get married to someone just in case it might make them feel better? maybe it's because we're easily manipulated that they can make these moves in trying to cope with inner states. I knew a woman who did this, who got married just in case it might make her feel better. Now I'm watching The End of the Fucking World and Alyssa did the same thing, got married just in case

>> No.17882702

I regret so much it’s honestly unbearable.

>> No.17882704

>I just ignore it, or accept that nothing can be done about it and move on. It helps to think of the present day as an opportunity for “inner migration.”
That's exactly what I started doing too. It's just that there's so much good media that sounds good, but then instead of focusing on good production they're more worried about pleasing to "minorities". I've noticed it the most in movies.

>> No.17882705

biological clock is a thing.

>> No.17882710

Makeup and Hollywood have absolutely spoiled men. Every time I see another "take her swimming" joke or some shit, I dry-heave.

>> No.17882712

Based Normposter

>> No.17882731

Most modern folks expect greatness from one with a fine education, with degrees.
They fail to realize there is an entire subclass of self-taught genius
who will ultimately take control
under GOD

>> No.17882738

Hi :)

>> No.17882763

I'll tell you what I'm trying to learn myself
fuck your name
shame is shame at what you are
well all human beings are fucked
thinking you're better or that you should be better than fucked is itself fucked
drag your name through the mud
fuck your name
fuck the one who bears it
Even Jesus said of himself that he's no good
there is no such thing as a good human being
whatever is good about you is not the human being
it's holding on to him that is the mistake
so drag his name through the mud
let him bear it all
his only funciton is opposing God
why should he be praised?
how should he be worthy of praise?

it is right to think that the human being is shit. the goal should be realizing that that doesn't matter, that's just what he is.

t. body-soul dualist

>> No.17882776

I don't know about others, but I'm too busy on self improvement and honestly having a gf sounds like it would be a drag, unless she does the same activities.

>> No.17882778
File: 14 KB, 112x112, 703153997304823900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Taking a break from gaming for a month. Its a lot harder than I thought it would be.

>> No.17882790

What's On Your Mind

>> No.17882801

Movies, I feel, are in a terminal late stage. Hoping I’m wrong. But nearly everything now is “content” (i.e. void fillers), commentary on films of the past, or cheap didactic propaganda masquerading as “films” (or all the above).

>> No.17882806

what do you do?

>> No.17882811

that was beautiful

>> No.17882826

I like those too and I’m probably the most cultured female here.

Hiii :)
Well do it then ahah. I’ve never gotten any cvs from anyone but i bet I’ll become really horny while reading it. ( Yes, I’m sapiosexual.)

Haha i’m actually a biological female :)))

>> No.17882827

>Walk out
>Watch movies/show
I was thinking of excercising but uni assignments got me busy as it is.

>> No.17882849

post your work

>> No.17882898


>> No.17882921

Exactly. I've just been catching up on a few selected ones, along with Vikings. Netflix releases good stuff once in a while too, and I enjoyed The Queen's Gambit. Usually watch anime, as that rarely disappoints.
>I like those too and I’m probably the most cultured female here.
So you'd put up with a guy that works 3.5 days/week (12 hour shifts), goes for a run first thing in the morning, has fish and broccoli for breakfast, the only meat I eat is chicken breast, avoid sweets and simple carbs, spend about 2 hours stretching/exercising and then plays videogames, reads just about anything and watches anime? And I'm 28 and live alone in a chalet, btw.

>> No.17882925

I lost interest in video games a long time ago, but I continue to play them because they're the only thing my friends really care about. Multiplayer gaming sessions are also the only chance I have to talk to them, since they all live in different parts of the country. Part of me is tempted to be selfish and cut them off entirely, since I really don't enjoy wasting my time with them, playing games I don't care about and listening to them talk about asinine pop culture garbage like it's the only thing in the world. I know it would be a terrible thing to do that, but I'm tempted to do so nonetheless.

>> No.17882930
File: 2.35 MB, 200x200, 1615149537745.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watches anime

>> No.17882939

You’re my type, i love disciplined men. What’s your discord?

>> No.17882967

let us know when "she" sends you dolphinporn or some scam-url

>> No.17882975

>What’s your discord?
Don't have one. Where are you based?
kek ikr

>> No.17882981

Learn what a project is.
All celebrities are "projects" with hundreds of staff
All media is propaganda

>> No.17882996
File: 430 KB, 1080x1000, IMG_20210327_201941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can see where you're coming from. I've mostly been a singeplayer kinda guy for the longest time. I rarely bothered much with MP, the last time I was so invested was in Titanfall2's MP that too by my own accord. Besides that it's mostly Apex/Rocket League with my friends. Maybe you should play a set time with them only? I know playing throughout the night can be exhausting and make you feel like you've wasted your day. I've been there.
I like games and no that when it comes to interactive medium nothing can come close but the amount of time and energy can get ridiculous. Especially with how companies are doing whatever it takes to make you feel like you're missing out on it. But I'm so used to the fact of playing, that I don't wanna be used to it anymore. I wanna do something different with my lives. Not counting the baby years, I've basically spent 18 years playing games and got into the habit of doing that only instead of knowing how to delegating my day to make time to cultivate other things I'm interested in. I'm literally fighting the urge to buy a game on my phone now as well.

>> No.17883002

Aah what a shame ... well plenty of fishes in the sea :))) but I appreciate your effort. You seem like a good man

>> No.17883012

My friend, I have a suggestion that you may find a little edgy. But definitely please stop watching anime. Not sure what it is about it (and manga), but everybody I know who likes it suffers from some profound malaise of the soul. There is something corrosive about it; something which seems to render its viewers prone to defeatism. Look at what it did to Japan.

>> No.17883013

Wo des

>> No.17883023

I'll bite. datboi#0824
>prone to defeatism
Yeah, man that's why I can see my abs, then?

>> No.17883032


>> No.17883043

Everything you just said about anime you could also say about reading..

>> No.17883058

I live in a college town and I rarely leave my apartment because I’m holed up with my books.

>> No.17883073

Gute Stadt. Gibts noch Kaffeehaeuser? Wahrscheinlich eh alle dicht.

>> No.17883087

What’s your zodiac sign? I’ll add you if we have a potential.

>> No.17883104

No, at least not all of it. Imperial Germany was a nation practically drowning in reading, yet it was teeming with vitality and purpose. There is something peculiar to anime that seems to leave its readers crippled somehow. Or better put, provides a simulacrum of fulfillment that, paradoxically, kills its viewer’s soul a little bit with every watching. When Gordon Lightfoot sand that “Sometimes I think it's a sin/When I feel like I'm winnin' when I'm losin' again,” he may as well have been talking about the experience of watching anime.

>> No.17883111


>> No.17883113


>> No.17883116

looks alright to me. keep improving anon.

>> No.17883123

Scorpio. Yours?

>> No.17883140
File: 1.80 MB, 1284x1584, 03021870-95C5-4CB1-9D4D-A2183DD5AC00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What good are abs if the only person admiring them is you?

>> No.17883154

Thanks fren.

>> No.17883159

LOL i hate scorpios, you guys are the horniest, but i will give you a chance. I’ll probably add you tomorrow, and Tell you my zodiac sign when we start talking.

>> No.17883170

Anime is a gateway drug to vice and depression. Stop and turn around while you still can. Save yourself and never watch anime again.

>> No.17883182


>> No.17883184
File: 310 KB, 666x515, 1499169033808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw ascended to manga
anime doesnt interest me anymore

>> No.17883262

Better to ditch all pop/nerd culture entirely. Hating anime has always been a cope for western nerds who need to justify their own unhealthy obsessions by saying "at least I'm not that guy." Same goes for the old hatred of furries. You people are all the same but you refuse to accept it.

>> No.17883279

>pop/nerd culture
what is even pop/nerd culture nowadays?

>> No.17883280

kek zodiac signs are a meme, and the scorpio guy isn't me. I'm capricorn. Add today, since I have no time to waste. I opened an account just for you and in 3 hours I'll delete it.
They represent hard work and motivate oneself to keep improving. One should strive to better oneself and not to please others, for that is a path of deceive that won't last.
It depends, really. Fighting anime are more hype and stuff like Yuru Camp is comfier. Drama is fine and faster to finish in manga form. But if you're a purist you go for the LN.

>> No.17883329


Nah hating furries and bronies is justified. Don't even pretend.

>> No.17883345

> Better to ditch all pop/nerd culture entirely.

Agreed, it’s only that anime was specifically mentioned earlier. But Western pop culture in general is corrosive to the soul. I’m grateful that because of my strict upbringing, it never figured prominently in my childhood, and therefore held no nostalgic attraction to me as an adult.

>> No.17883377

> One should strive to better oneself and not to please others, for that is a path of deceive that won't last.

OK, virgin.

>> No.17883413

Yes, I'm a virgin, so what? Being one or not has no effect on my well being. On the other hand, daily exercise does.

>> No.17883418

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play mmakes Jack a dull boy
v All work and no PLay ma es Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play mAKes Jack a dull boy
All work and no pllay makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jaca a dyll boy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dullboy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and NO play makes Jaca dull boy
all work and no plaay makes Jack a dull bog

Alll work and no play makes Jack a dull bot
All work and noplay makes Jack a dull boy

>> No.17883426

> Yes, I'm a virgin, so what? Being one or not has no effect on my well being.

Your defensiveness would seem to suggest otherwise.

> On the other hand, daily exercise does.

I’ll admit that it’s probably a better coping mechanism for unfulfilled physical desire than anime.

>> No.17883521

> Every man exists to save himself

I think this is deeply true. At what point though, does saving equate to simple escape from life?

Personally, I’ve resolved to not make it to old age. I’ve heard it said that there is no pretty way to die. That may be true but I believe there is no pretty way to grow old. I would have it so that I go out somewhere near middle age and leave growing elderly to those who maybe haven’t considered it so much. What to do in the meantime then? Well, I need to save myself. I’ve found a way to live life such that life is redeemed. I’ve found a way to live such that living, with all its pain and suffering, will have been worth it a million times over. The problem is, I don’t see a way to actualize it. I’ve come to believe that I’ve already grown too old. To pour myself into my art of living at this point would be, at best, unsatisfactory. This is an endeavor which needed to be started 10 years ago or more. Otherwise, the race has already began and I’m far behind the pack.

What do I do then? It seems to me that suicide is the obvious choice. I’ve already reconciled not living to old age and this life worth living is not capable of being lived. So what then is the point? Would it not be best to just opt out of the game early?

>> No.17883538

Stop reading books too. Too many authors were depressed. You see, actually the world is comprised of nefarious “things” which have a bad influence on you and the solution is to run from them.

>> No.17883578

kek, you sound like a fat couch potato

>> No.17883592

Yes, stop reading “depressing” books. Don’t let the fact that Europe and Japan at their zeniths were awash in “depressing” books. Because you hurt anime feelings peepee poopoo.

>> No.17883596

You sound like a retard who jabbers idiotic buzzwords and has never felt the loving embrace of a beautiful woman in their lives.

>> No.17883622
File: 78 KB, 364x380, aaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And? Women are not needed. Humans can be grown in a lab and cloned, but morals limit scientists to do so.

>> No.17883635

I want to start writing and I also want to move to another country. There are plenty of writers who did this successfully but none that I know of who did both at the same time. That’s given me pause to think about delaying one or the other...

>> No.17883638

I Added you. Accept it in 10 mins or I’ll delete my account.

>> No.17883778

you’re so fucking annoying. You wasted my 16 minutes. go and jump off a bridge. You worthless man.

>> No.17883794

Didn't send anything, but had a pic of tits, username "iloveliterature", 18yo, wanted to be fuckbudy. Yeah, basically a long-term phishing/trolling. It's what trolls usually do to torture people mentally, like Chris-chan.

>> No.17883808
File: 132 KB, 1200x675, 1604640136241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

going through some old images

>> No.17883812

Ok guys the problem was effectively that there weren't enough peers. Now I have Joker (2019) on my PC. It's sad because it seems I can only torrent recent movies :(

>> No.17883837

you missed out not seeing it during the hype train

>> No.17883840

>It's sad because it seems I can only torrent recent movies
Check yts.ag, seeds are usually decent.

>> No.17883888

I actually saw it when it came out in theaters in my country last year. I liked it so much that I wanted to see it again that’s why torrented it

>> No.17883899

I’m looking for authors who were expats, immigrants, or exophonic.

So far I’ve got:
> F Scott Fitzgerald
> Ernest Hemingway
> Henry James
> Samuel Beckett
> Emil Cioran
> Fernando Pessoa
> Joseph Conrad
> Vladimir Nabokov

>> No.17883913

at some point you have to accept that your culture is the post-world. my culture is the culture where most women have had abortions, most have cheated, few come from stable homes, few are even close to their elders. a world that is some kind of torrent of mental illness no-one really has a grasp on, a world of the deepest and most sincere value-crises. People still know something about Love, but no one really knows how to live it. no one was protected, no one lived a simple life. no one felt safe. and very few have known the sweetness of faith, and everyone is following simple instructions laid down in code inside them, against the grain of Gods will, just trying to cope. this is us. this is my culture.

>> No.17883919

Is it feasible to form a contemporary organisation along the same lines as a knightly order? I could see this being a cool model for a charity (medicins sans frontiers).

>> No.17883938

nice :) i didn't have anyone to see it with but i went and saw it by myself and i'm really glad i did

>> No.17884032




>> No.17884131

Eternal peace is eternal limbo. Todays' young males are robbed of their chance to become men through the great equaliser that is war, strife and struggle.
Self indulgence is the death of mind and soul.

>> No.17884788


I'm reasonably certain you can do a bit better than Bigfoot Crank Stomp and Shatnerquake.

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