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>at the age of 26 Schopenhauer wrote his magnum opus
>tfw 26
>jerk off and play cyberpunk

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Jerking off wastes vital nutrients and drains your stamina. You need to eat your semen to regain your strength and clarity

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If internet porn existed back then Schopenhauer would never have picked up a pen

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>play cyberpunk
This is the worst part

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That's the bonus of having family money and not having to waste time being a wageslave.

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I've been getting lots of headaches and anxiety lately. what is wrong with me?

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The government is spiking your water supply

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> he still plays videogames regularly
what are you doing with your life bro

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yeah probably

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it's a fun game
shame about the hacking though

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>at the age of 26 Nick had a lovely wife and 2 beautiful children
>tfw 26
>live with poodle and think about suffering all day

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browsing 4chan regularly

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Write about jacking off and playing Cyberpunk

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Then stop?

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Don't chase greatness. If it is meant to be, it will be. Could happen at literally any time in your life. Let it manifest itself naturally through life experience.

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Just aim your dick at the page. Job done.

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Intranasal administration works better then just eating btw

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Yes because he would have picked up a keyboard and typed his works on Microsoft Word dumbass.

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I'm currently 20 right now. Do you guys have any life advice for me before I turn 26?

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this, more plates more dates proved it

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Learn useful skills and get a job outside of science or art or anything academic. I am a carpenter and I've never felt as fulfilled.

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>tfw still 21
>tfw already finished with the Greeks and on my way to the Romans with plenty of time left until I pen my magnum opus
Feels good bros

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Schopenhauer was a very angry man with a bitch of a mother, of course he had plenty to write about.

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99.99% of all of humanity is composed of mediocre wankers
just accept it: you're not special, you're joe sixpack, john johnson, a serf, jjust another cog in the machine, a brick in the wall, capiche?

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start now. start now and dont stop. whatever it is you want to do, chase and attack it with a fervor that only a 20 year old can muster. literally suck at something for 5-10 years and come out the other side at 30 years old being an absolute god at what you've chosen to excel at.
t. 28 year old gonna drop out of grad school philosophy course tomorrow because i never applied myself, LARP'd to this point and now realise this is a complete waste of everyone's time.

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you're about to give birth to a wise daughter

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>t. defeatist

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It doesn't matter if you're special or not. Accept ing that and killing your ego is the first step to self improvement and ultimately content. Who knows what you're capable of if you stop comparing yourself to others and just focus on YOU.

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Find a trade program you can finish in under two years and will net you a decent salary/let you travel. You could be an ambulance driver or welder or helicopter mechanic or whatever else and aside from having a cool job will have a lot of money.
Skill specialization is the most valuable thing you can own, so invest in it.

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Plato wasn't introduced to philosophy until his late 20s and Baudrillard only got his PhD at 40.

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do you really think they didn't have expedient and pleasurable things to do back then?

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>jerk off and play cyberpunk
That doesn't sound bad. Except if it's the only thing you do

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>play cyberpunk
Did they fix it yet?

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Fuck I wish I studied philosophy, I'm studying information science and IT, learning to code a little bit and some other stuff.
But I just have this love of philosophy, don't know if I should have studied that instead of just making it a serious hobby. Oh well, whatever I end up doing, having knowledge of philosophy can only help me I guess.

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Not who you're replying to, but I'm also 20. Finishing my philosophy undergraduate this summer, and kind of want to do a masters. Is academia really as shit as everyone says?

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This. If you aren't dead, it's not too late.

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NO it isn't, it's a meme. Academia has problems, but its not this stupid sjw shit everyone memes about.
It honestly depends mostly on who is at your faculty. It's nothing more than a social thing, if you colleagues are a bunch of retards, then of course it will suck. If you're at a place with great professors who don't meme too much about sjw shit, then it's great and you can further your career and research with serious people.
Make sure to check who is at each university and what they do though, some schools focus on particular thinkers etc.

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>Baudrillard only got his PhD at 40.
What did he do all that time?

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Thanks - thought that would be the case. Looking to do Continental Philosophy MA at Warwick uni

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wtf this is such a masterful reply.
based anon

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Dont listen too much to /lit/, especially if you can sense its the usual sour grapes / EVERYTHING MODERN IS BAD type of losers. Like anything else it depends.
Just look at what the professors do at Warwick, what are they interested in, are they analytic guys, Hegel guys, Kant guys, whatever else and then you know how thry can help you. Like you know throughout history, most thinkers who think a like have grouped together and helped each other further their research and to challenge and share knowledge with each other and that's what you should look for. What people can help you further in whatever it is you're interested in?

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He was a high school teacher who taught German language and literature.

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Geniuses and great men were products of their time and circumstance. It feels foolish for Caesar to have wept at a statue of Alexander for accomplishing more at a younger age than he, because Alexander was the son of a martial king who had reformed his country's military and was reigning at the optimal time. Had Alexander been the son of a political dynasty in an empire which restricted at what age you could lead men and a geopolitical situation as Caesar faced, he wouldn't have accomplished what he did at that age.

Schopenhauer and the same applies. What >>17886489 said. There's more men who tried to chase greatness than had it realized.

Think of a skill you can bring to the table that can make people money. A tangible skill, something that can easily be evidenced to others to market yourself as hirable. Something you can do that others are less able to if at all, and something which can offer money. Intern. Interning is essential.

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>play cyberpunk
There is no appropriate age to be playing that dumpster fire.

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10/10 reply

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He was also wrong. Imagine writing your magnum opus and being wrong. Don't be jealous of him. Stop masturbating and playing video games though

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I'm also a carpenter (well only been doing it for 3 years full time and 2 years in collage) so take it with a grain of salt). Still not sure I agree with you , sure it has it's moments but a lot of it is stressful work in an industry with limited pride of standard.

That being said I have never done anything else so perhaps I lack perspective and I'll probably still do it for a considerable amount of years yet maybe the rest of my career if my body allows it.

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>At the age of 29 Anon wrote his magnum opus
feel better now? Its stupid to compare yourself to skeletons

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Half cope half true.

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i want to lick schopenhauer's skeleton

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>He peaked in his 26 year
Lel what a brainlet

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learn to code

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been thee done that, waste of time.

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The real problem is not distractions like internet pornography or video games like some have mentioned. The real problem is that your parents, your grandparents, your community, your society have abandoned you. You see, if you grow up in a Western country today, and probably others too although I can’t speak to those (some Asian countries seem to not be included) you grow up with basically no expectations for you, your life, or how you spend your precious moments. Your parents and everyone around you have completely disregarded the realities of existence and to the extent they are aware of them, they simply tune them out and look in the other direction. A father no longer has a responsibility to put his son to work, to give him a skill, or an education, or a craft, or teach him about the ways of life which aren’t repeated on the television screen. At most, he has a responsibility to simply make sure the son doesn’t die or end up in prison and typically, he doesn’t even feel that responsibility. You live in a society where a vague notion of youth is extended to people even in their 30s and thus, at the age of 18, 22, 25, you’re free to waste your life on whatever mindless bullshit you please and not only will no one denigrate it but they’ll actually encourage it. How many fathers revel in their son going off to college and his tales of chasing pussy, getting blackout drunk, doing drugs, and getting into bar fights, being an embarrassment to the family name? He revels in it as a way to recall nostalgia for youth. His son is “cool” and that’s what really matters right? Even though, in the back of his head he knows that while none of those things in a vacuum undermine life, they do undermine life when they take the place of more substantial experiences in life. How many people here actually got good advice from their parents? How many have parents on their 2nd or 3rd divorce who will still happily give their young son or daughter relationship advice along the (extremely vague) lines of “just worry about your career” such that the child will inevitably look up at 32 with no friends, no partner, no particular endeavors, and maybe not even a career? This is the truth. This world has abandoned you and unlike those of the past, your task is not to struggle existential expectations of society but to actually wander the desert, with no water, and no path to guide you. I was 27 when I realized what I was supposed to do with my life only 10 years too late to start. I spent those 10 years wandering the desert just like the rest of you will. The one shining hope in this is that while you’ve been abandoned, it also means you’re free to do as you wish. People exist so they can save themselves. That has always been the case and always will. The conditions which now give shape to your method of saving has just changed.

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You think it’s possible for Anon to write his magnum opus at the age of 29, having spent the last 10 years chasing pixels on a screen? We live in fantasy land. Even these people who “made it” young spent sometimes decades honing their craft. There’s a degree to which talent is just in-born yes but the unfortunate truth is that you have to pay the man in blood and time under tension. It can be contracted, even accelerated, but there is no escaping this. The greats wrote their magnum opus at 24 or 28 or 32 but they started their craft when they were 14 and that’s how it’s always been.

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>waste of time
only if you don't land a job. learning to code is by far the single greatest professional investment in terms of the proportion of effort to payoff. orders of magnitude better than law, medicine, or academia.

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That a lot of words to just blame everybody but yourself for your problems

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Why sink into shame over that? All shame does it cause people to slow down and jerk off while playing cyberpunk

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your parents, your grandparents, your community, your society, should have taught you how to use paragraphs. that much is obvious.

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You didn’t read the whole thing then. Suit yourself.

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I did and no matter what you think you're saying, what you are ultimately doing is deferring responsibility

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Learn some skill that you can practice till you die. Writing, drawing, music.. choose something and do it every day

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>better then
It's better THAN

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Quality post. What did you eventually end up doing?

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some people are just freaks

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Accept that life is going to be hard and reason for existing isn’t going to just fall in your lap. So you’re going to have find something that makes your life worth living or worth having been lived. Your only job is to find the thread that leads in that direction and follow it to its end.

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Learn to stop procrastinating. Aka, whateveryone else said.

Get good at something while you still can and perfect your craft. Treat your mind like a tool, one that you wield properly in the face of circumstance and that you get better at using and applying and hopefully after a while, one that allows you to look back on a bunch of serious progress and tasks accomplished.

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>Get good at something while you stil
This is a harmful myth. It is not that hard to get good at something if you devote a couple hours a day to it.

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everyone dies and everyone is eventually forgotten.
who cares?

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I'll echo what others have said: become devoted to a dream and do not let it go. By the time you turn 26, or even turn 30 and beyond, if you have doggedly pursued a dream you will be pretty good at this or that skill, and if you have a great skill there will always be a place for you in the world.

Also: don't be afraid to dream of being great. Being great at... something. Don't be afraid to have grand ambitions.

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This is terrible and shit advice. Very naive.
If you don't get a degree or skillsets in either coding ML, Cloud computing, or etc. or electrical engineering, you will become poor and forced to live with trannies. It will become increasingly more difficult to buy property and live with privacy without good job skills

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Shut up stemtard

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You know, I would have loved to major in lit, writing literary analyses and so forth, but that won't pay the bills in this highly competitive age.

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i just wish the pandemic so i can live my life again and realize my true will, it´s is hampering my soul, i cannot tolerate, fuck the chinamen for releasing this virus when i´m in my early 20s

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>you have to be an engineer to "pay the bills"
Stop with this shit

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We all know you are unhappy, its okay bro you can let it out

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You can either have excuses or results OP. The past is in the past, you want to change your life, that happens in the here and now, all starts with a choice.

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100% cope

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Tfw almost 30, just realized I've been wandering the desert also: no relationship, no close friends, and no career, just a series of jobs, although I've made some money and I'm healthy so that's good. That's what you get for living in various counties and burning bridges, no quite commiting to this or not quite committing to that. You think you can reinvent yourself, forge a new identity every year, and then the universe will magically show you a way to make it happen, but it doesn't. It's all a loosely connected series of nonsense that has led to this point. at no point have I felt like I've been in charge either: the wandering life is reactive, not proactive, it's as if you're just being thrown around like a ping pong ball, pulled by this or that passing interest or compelled to act only by fear, cowardice and desperation. You're not in control, not living deliberately

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>Tfw almost 30
And therein lies the problem. I myself am 27. I’ll be 27 soon. When I wrote that bit above I had in mind not some woe is me unique condition for a few lads here in our predicament but rather I meant to comment on how shockingly common this has become. You spend your teens not even knowing you’re in a desert, your twenties just becoming gradually aware of the desert, and by the time you are both aware of the desert and if you’re lucky, see a way out, it just might be too late. Or at least, it feels too late for me. I can’t speak for you and I won’t speak for other people. I say this with complete sincerity too because I’ve studied older peoples and people in other cultures and I’ve noticed that this does, in fact, exist to a far greater degree today than it used to. One of my favorite authors wrote “loneliness is the price we pay for living in the modern world”. I think that’s a deeply truthful statement and yet it doesn’t go far enough. Being alone is the price we pay for living in the modern world. And the real tragedy of it is, it doesn’t start when you’re an adult. You’re abandoned to yourself and the whirlpool that is today at a very young age. This is also why when you read the biographies of say, your favorite authors, there’s a clear and distinct story arc to their lives, especially their earth lives. Meanwhile we have none. It’s just a hodge podge of incoherent unrelated Acts 1 and 2. Now, you can suppose that it wouldn’t seem this way in retrospect and we have the vantage of looking back and history and only presently at ourselves. You can also argue that it’s because of sampling. Still, it’s something I noticed and I’m just being honest with my observations here.
> people exist to save themselves
I suppose if there’s a silver lining here it’s the absolute freedom that this implies. Save yourself how you please. Your story is yours to make how you see fit, even if you only become aware of its writing by Act 3.

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Fucking chill. The vast majority of people throughout history are just like you. If you die alone and forgotten, you are in good company. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter. Schopenhauer is a shit philosopher anyway

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>the world is shit because I can't rely on archaic notions like family and clan loyalty to plan my life for me anymore
It's truly fascinating how brainlets think they've just got it all figured out as they spout such shameless retardation, isn't it?

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A medley of cope and truth. Expertly done.

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based chris chan

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a hypothesis

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What do I learn??

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Keats died at 25

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I used to love writing and got published in two magazines when I was 25. now I'm 30 and all I wanna do is make furniture and hang out with my dog. I thought I would end up a great writer, turns out i'm just a wannabe boomer. feels more bad than good but the spark is gone

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>jerk off and play euro truck simulator 2

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gender disphoria

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holy based

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I don't know about Schop, but Nietzsche would, or at least wrote half his work in cellphone notes.

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Lmao great fucking post here

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lucky bastard

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what do you need to pay the bills

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Sounds gay as fuck.

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that's life

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>tfw 23
>Only 2 scripts to my name

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Bitcoin trades.

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Of course he’s unhappy but so are the rest of us and it’s not like he’s wrong. Look how many fucking people there are in the world and they’re all gunning for the same thing.

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we live almost 20 years longer than folks from the last millennium. There's no worries unless you remain like this for 10 more years.

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I'm fast approaching 40 with nothing to show. I also, however, had a rough start and then drank nonstop for a dozen years, and am now only developmentally speaking a young adult as I work toward a seventh year of sobriety. Who gives a shit? I have lived, loved, fuck, fought, and am interesting and learned for it. I'd rather not get anything accomplished until I'm 50 and have gone down my path than be some mid-20s poon concerned with the perception of accomplishment, then allowing that to dictate your thoughts and feelings.

Go out and get some scars on you and some wisdom in ya, then knock a few socks off by having something to say. Until then, you're just a baby playing at daydreams.

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Both cope and true

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learn a general purpose compiled language, preferably object oriented (Java is the most widely used) and a scripting language (JS/TypeScript for Web development, Python for library glue code and data/scientific programming)

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We live longer but we aren't young longer. You extra twenty years spent on 50 different pills wearing diapers doesn't matter

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this but unironically, people are dumbed down nowadays

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>I am a carpenter
Don't listen to this methed out turbofag. Be an electrician instead.

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How do I commit to anything when I have a dozen different interests? I'm 25 and am probably past the point of no return when it comes to getting good at something but I want to wait until at least 30 before I start contemplating suicide.

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Definately not the same as we have today and not as readily available

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dude i'm 37 and i'm sat drinking wine refreshing 4chan for something to do

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I'd say
With the advent of consumerism, advertising, and social media, there are countless platforms for this illusion of how you're supposed to live, and this talk about getting old. It's all meaningless shit.
>point of no return
Ridiculous bullshit. You're literally in your prime, and will be for at least a decade. 4chan is good for niche interests and hobbies, but it nurtures this echo chamber of defeatism. Grab the good info, and don't let crab mentality get to you.
>commit to anything
>dozen interests
I'm in the same boat. I want to make my own games. I accepted that I'm not perfect, and won't master every skill. I can, however, get enough proficiency to accomplish a set goal.
I just need to stop being a perfectionist and do shit, but I'll need to reduce the number of skills I'd have to obtain. I will pick a main skill, and with discipline, it will be my trump card.
We're young, man. We don't have too much time right now, but we have all the time in the world to get old, and there's nothing bad or scary about that. We will have decades to do shit that makes us happy. Don't look at normie old people. They've given up. I will be a cool 70-year-old fart that cranks it to hentai and makes his own games. I will also be pretty ripped.

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Yeah, ignore the "I'd say" thing.

>> No.17900709

>jerk off and play cyberpunk

Sounds like you know these are unhealthy for you, make steps to stop porn and vidya literally pick another things to do read, study, lift weights, go outside literally anything.

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Don't worry anon. Not everyone has to be great. It's enough to appreciate life. Though, for what it's worth, many great men have thrived in old age. Here's Milton:

>How soon hath Time, the subtle thief of youth,
> Stolen on his wing my three and twentieth year!
> My hasting days fly on with full career,
> But my late spring no bud or blossom shew'th.
>Perhaps my semblance might deceive the truth,
> That I to manhood am arrived so near,
> And inward ripeness doth much less appear,
> That some more timely-happy spirits indu'th*.
>Yet be it less or more, or soon or slow,
> It shall be still in strictest measure even
> To that same lot, however mean or high,
>Toward which Time leads me, and the will of Heaven.
> All is, if I have grace to use it so,
> As ever in my great Task-master's eye.


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my sides

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>Schopenhauer is a shit philosopher anyway
>no i can't tell you the name of a good philosopher
faggot, you don't read shit

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Not OP but thanks for posting this anon, it hits hard.

>> No.17901351

I've unironically spent the last decade honing my craft as an almost demagogic polemicist among my peers on 4channel.org and the resulting publications, while nothing to be proud of, have probably reached far more minds and influenced more conversations than anything the contemporaneous Schope or Marx ever did in their twenties.

>> No.17901826

Go to medical school.

>> No.17902813

I get nauseous around blood and that kind of stuff

>> No.17902821

Kant was 56 when he published The Critique of Pure Reason, but he was already writing by his midw-twenties.

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Thanks anon. This is all stuff that I have told myself but sometimes I need to hear it from another person just to make sure I'm not coping. All I can do is just do things and see where it takes me. If I'm doomed to be a jack of all trades then so be it. Better to live a humble life as what I am than waste everyone's time trying to be something I'm not.

>> No.17904407

>I want to make my own games
I don't know why but htis hit me in the feels. I wish you the best of luck anon. I believe in you. Don't give up on that.

>> No.17904416

And humanity wouldn't have lost anything of value

>> No.17904428


I come here once a month to shill my patented plan of disconnecting entirely from the internet. Your life will be transformed in ways you can't imagine. Your thoughst become so much deeper, time passes in an entirely different manner, your social anxiety evaporates, etc. etc.

Throw your computer in the trash. Whatever benefit it has to you is far outweighed by the harm it causes you. The time you spend using a computer at work is enough.

>> No.17904500

Hey, I'm going to Warwick this September to do the English Literature MA. Will probably switch to comp lit instead, but either way I'll be taking some philosophy classes. We might be in the same lectures. (I'm 25 tho)

>> No.17904710

I appreciate it. I believe you can do it, as well. Good luck.
Every life is humble. We all eat the same biomass, shit the same shit, and end up in the ground. Just keep the neurotransmitters flowing, and try to make something cool.

>> No.17904754

Sounds great but I'm sort of reliant on this computer for my education, all the classes and exams are online and I can't just go use one in the library because it's closed.

>> No.17904790

based af. too bad there's no more CCRU. I hope you have a good time there anon.

>> No.17904796

Nietzsche too since he's confirmed a coomer.

>> No.17905048

Thanks, anon. Unfortunately there's no real plan, I just love the subject and I'm delaying entering the workforce slightly. I'll probably end up a teacher or something

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get into an accident so that you may live of disability checks

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>> No.17905879

Best of luck, my dude. You'll figure it out eventually. And if you love the subject I'd say you're doing the right thing. Godspeed anon

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>buy stonks in something simple like coca cola

>> No.17906358

>>buy stonks in something simple like coca cola
to what end? the return is minimal and, more importantly, when you are in your early 20s the amount of money you can save up will be minimal and saving it will reduce your quality of life
why live frugally and scratch together the same amount of money in a year that you will be able to save every month once you have a job?

>> No.17906376

pajeets will steal your job. carpentry is still populated by white men.

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cringe yet redpilled

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Buy ETFs.

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been reading mass shooter manifestos recently and I really don't see much irrationality or madness in their writing, most seem to be incel loners, bully victims, lots of autists. Virginia Tech guy was studying English and writing violent plays in creative writing class, one of us pretty much. Was reading about some study where (iirc) normies and autists were made to interact with eachother, and afterwards they were asked whether they would want to see the other person again. Autists had no problems with the idea of seeing the normie again, normies on the other hand did not want to interact with the autist again. It's sad how much society hates autists

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>have only been published in 3 or 4 literary journals
>have only presented at 2 conferences
>barely just landed my first book deal

is it over for me /lit/?

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