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>Enter book store
>Too embarrassed to ask if they have Lolita
>Leave book store

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I'm trans btw if that matters

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Just do it , brah. Wagecucks are made to serve your every retarded request, that or just look around.

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Buy online gayboy

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>Gets arrested
Now what smart guy?

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That’s not very chaddy...

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>enter bookstore
>the nice shopkeeper lady asks me if there's anything she could help me with
>I respond that I'm on a lookout for some cool Renaissance books
>she lightens up as she gives me a lecture about Renaissance literature
>I write down all the titles she mentioned and tell her I'm going to download all the books she talked about off of libgen
>I leave the bookstore and never come back

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I live in a third world shithole and even our bookstores have these helpdesk terminals where you can punch in the title and get a floor/shelf coordinates

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Just ask if they have any books by Vladimir Nabokov

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Why the fuck are bookstores always full of women?
Fucking hell I just want to browse some classics but I can't feel comfortable when the store is flooded with vaginal odours and perfume. I feel like an odd one out, like I'm constantly watched and judged, like I've intruded into a female sauna or something

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Same here anon. Whenever I venture into the city and visit a bookstore it's like accidentally walking into the woman's restroom.

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Personally I love it

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I'm considering to start working in a book store because fuck my degree but this scares me. Also Amazon will probably wipe out book stores in the next few years.

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>Also Amazon will probably wipe out book stores in the next few years.
Don't count on this. There is a reactionary phase starting which sentimentalizes and overvalues "scenes" and "cultures", mainly with respect to stuff that's being supposedly phased out by technology.

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Amazon is dropping titles that the woke don't approve of bookstores are going to have to come back because soon there won't be anything worth reading on Amazon

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Ask for Pale Fire or Pnin instead. Should be right next to it.

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holy based

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clearly the opposite of being a chad

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