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>describe utopia
>call it dystopia
What the fuck

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>tiny segment of smart people suffering because they live in a retarded society is dystopian
Why are so many smart people so far up their own ass?

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It is dystopian. The world is devoid of all soul. You should sense this when they visit the savages. For the savages, life is difficult but it still has meaning. In civilisation, life and all its meaning has been "atomised" by science. This is why I recommend reading Atomised by Houellebecq and ISAIF by Kaczynski with BNW, since their themes overlap and compliment each other. Reading all of them critically will allow you to begin to understand what is wrong with the world today. Also read BNW Revisited.

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In fact, in Atomised the two protagonists have a discussion about BNW and Huxley

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big cringe post

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Life has meaning when you're living it instead of being paralized by navel-gazing reflection. The stupid people who enjoy modern life are the savages with "soul" that you're looking for.

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it is the utopia of the majority

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says who? people who say "cringe" are the worst cringeposters of all. at least he wrote something other than "wow le big cringe post epic yike have sex sweatie ummm okay lol who hurt you k keep me posted"
you will probably reply to this with another one-liner, so i will take the liberty of replying to you in advance: please kill yourself at your earliest convenience, so nobody ever has to read another post of yours

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This is the brutal #00000f pill that people refuse to swallow.

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But the "civilised" people in BNW aren't really living life. They are ignorant. They aren't even self aware. They have been biologically and socially engineered like machines to fit a specific purpose in society in a hierarchy. Do they even feel enjoyment? They don't even know what it's like to not feel enjoyment. They are animals who only behave as their instincts instruct.
The only people who are self-aware are the World Controllers who have access to all the banned books, and the exiles.

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Awful post. Kys.

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Cry moar and kill your seething self, cunt.

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normalfags love their lives

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Utopias aren't always what they seem.

That's about it.

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normalfags are going crazy these days. more and more of them hop on antidepressants.

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anon called it.

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The users of this website prove daily why living life in a BNW-type system would not necessarily be a bad thing.

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Oh yeah? Cause I would be the ALPHA at the top of the food chain. You would be the braindead DELTA serving my lunch while I fuck your bitch

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You seem asspained bro.

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But there's no competition between the classes in BNW. Whichever caste you're born into is the one best suited for your abilities and desires.

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Well it is true that there is no competition. However, since you are engineered to be in a certain class, your abilities and desires are predetermined, so it's not that you are assigned a class based on your ability and desire, the class chooses you

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Good post

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its a dystopia bcuz it looks bad, not bcuz its bad to live in it. thats the nuance of this book

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>Reads Brave New World
>Didn't read Island immediately after
The absolute state of pseuds

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On the page 181 at this moment. Utopia in this book is completely one sided. Check out how he describes the system. Alphas + or ++ are basically the 1% of the world hierarchy and they seem to still be able to think outside the parameters that hypnopaedia set forth for them during their infancy and early childhood. These people such as Helmholtz will never be happy. alongside Bernard and maybe others. This society no matter how much perfect it is in it's description it can never satisfy one of the two most basic human needs; freedom of selfdetermination. They still live in a world where they are compelled to take soma every day just so they can survive the stress and emotions that could not be erased by engineering and conditioning. The dystopia of it stems from comparison it does to the actual world in which author lives. Imagine how many people today casually do drugs and are complete alcoholics from age 15 onward because of the situation they find themselves in. Is "Everyone belongs to everyone else" any different from today's Tinder and hook-up "culture"? Never ending meaningless sex that does not lead to anything; at the end of the rope there is no family, no children just mediocrity of an attempt to fill the void of emptiness that stems from an individual who has been denied the power process and tries trough one night stands radically change his biological conditioning. He grows ever depressed and sad due to the nature of the whole charade which is the before mentioned process. Often people who do not wish to participate are either called "incels" (some actually are beyond unattractive like Bernard Marx) but most of the time not having the desire to replicate this behaviour will often in a debate lead to you being marked as an outsider. From the rejection of the modern epitaph also comes judgement that was in the BNW felt by Helmholtz and subsequently John. First one wanted to experiment and was punished for it. The second man rejected his love due to his virtues and morality, for which earlier Bernard was punished for (he is described as an Alpha in the book but he might be what I earlier described as an incel due to his psychopathological problems, not as much his physical shortcomings. The same is true for people who "cannot" get laid today, but somehow it is easier to blame your failures on nature than yourself). Bernard attempted to remove himself by isolation instead of collapsing the system he despised, albeit for a completely different reason that John. Savage lusted and hearted for his Lenina yet rejection to him came naturally as she did not fill the standard of his mind and land. This is the true dystopia, the one within John. One might call the 1920-1930s USSR a true Orwellian dystopia but I for one fear the Huxlean example much more.

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A gramme is always better than a damn

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Read BNW and 1984 instead of "We"

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