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In this last week I have taken the time to read Aishilos's "Prometheus" and comparing it to the Iliad I found it much more enjoyable to read. Couple of months ago I have read "Works and days" by Hesiod and am currently about half way trough Herodotus's "Histories" and I find them as well a better read than the Iliad. I am not saying that First work of Western literature is bad, it is a good damn read but I still find certain 6th century writers much comfier.

My favourite passages from the Iliad are from 139-176 when Hector and Pelid strike, and the scene of gambling before is also very well described, but when compared to for example, Prometheus's monologue when asked by Io and Choir about Zeus's downfall, to me it makes such a nice visual scene that I almost feel the breeze of Caucasus mountains.

Am I retarded?

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Don't use that word. Think of Isabella.

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I am I, sabella

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She lost me at 'beautiful'

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it says beautiful person, not beautiful model.

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ok retard

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Why is there such an open disdain towards the mentally disabled? They are not at fault for their condition, yet people think it's okay to poke fun at them, to ostracize them.

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Like a "No Smoking" sign, people holding up a piece of paper with a slogan makes me want to do the opposite.

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Bet she didnt even write that sign, ret-

no, not being mean today

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>don't call spade a spade because it offends delicate sensibilities
Has it occurred to these people to stop being so thin skinned?

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Normalfaggots have disdain towards anyone who looks different. They can't accept anyone who is different to them.

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It was an accepted medical term, sodomite.

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I wouldn't know, I stopped reading at 'beautiful'

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Nothing occurs to them, they're retarded

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Do not convert to Islam

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>Here take this sign and go stand over there so I can farm some updoots retard. I hate you with every fiber of my being.

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look up oral-formulaic composition and find a good intro or commentary on the illiad.

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As if people here are any different

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It was meant as a joke on myself but whatever. My question regarding writing of Homer vs Hesiod,Herodotus is getting completely ignored.

thank you anon. Will do. I have this old version from 1972 and it has no commentary aside from the translators note and some details about the author.

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Why do they always look like they're staring into the sun? Are they privy to some blinding knowledge that has fried their brain?

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