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Anyone else here a fraud?

I only read books to impress girls and seem cultured at parties. My friends are convinced I', much smarter than I actually am and defer to me on all maters philosophical, theological, spiritual, and historical. I really prefer fiction and only read nonfiction to better understand references.

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Damn this is really how normies live huh

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I read, but I don't discuss it here. I have nothing to say about literature to you dumb cunts.

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Nope. I'm the opposite of a fraud.

I don't even read books cover to cover, I skim for pertinent information and topics I'm interested in and discard the rest. I use wikipedia and quotes to determine if someone's even worth looking into to begin with. I read for my own personal pursuit of philosophy and knowledge of the human condition. I don't share my findings with anyone, least of all you absolute retards. Women are subhuman and mentally peak at 12 years old, none of your seething or cries of "i-i-incel!!!!" will convince me otherwise. They also peak physically at 12 too, coincidentally.

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I actually enjoy books and have read some classics, but I lie about reading some others. I feel embarrassed when people ask if I’ve read books and I say “No.” and so I just say “yeah,” or “Yes, but it was a long time ago.”

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>Anyone else here a fraud?
Oh, me 100%. I don't read, never even learned how. I found out recently that I'm not even human. I am a Guinea pig. I am a fat, capricious Guinea pig. I travel the world in search of all sorts of hijinks. And yet here I am. Now. Posting on /lit/. No one ever suspects.

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every single sentence of this post is literally and unironically in absolute sincerity the most based shit i have ever read in my life

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I am the complete opposite. I don't talk about anything intellectual with my friends or anyone really, despite being autistically obsessed with it. I tend to just talk about sport and basic things like that.

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You're not the only one, it appears most people on the internet don't actually like to read books.

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I generally find that the people who talk most openly about these topics tend to have the most shallow understandings of them. They are almost always pseuds trying to show off how smart they are for others.

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I feel like a fraud, because I cannot ever figure a question to ask an expert or at least a learned person. While being younger that came naturally.

But I can just find everything in an archive, pirate a book, take my time and consider multiple opinions.

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What kind of retards are you friends if they defer to you, who admits to just fronting, for their "philosophical, theological, spiritual, and historical," questions?

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I always quote Hitler during family meetings and they always ask who said it, I just say I forgot since I read a lot of books

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This thread is going to dominate with narcissistic types that live for the admiration of others

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How can I change that? How can I say okay their admiration of my "knowledge" (yeah I know that I know nothing blabla) is nothing to be proud of. Also my parents always used to compare me to others and they do it to this day regularly. For example, my cousins in my home country are med students and I have to listen to that on an almost daily level kek. Besides that I haven't done anything special in years. University I've got no discipline for, technically I should be finished next year, but God only knows when I'll finish. Btw Dostoevsky literally made me more human. I'm still kinda egocentric but trough Aljoscha I try to be more empathic :') I feel like a shizoposter but I am actually fine thanks to God the almighty

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I don't pretend to like books, I actually like them, but for some reason I still feel like a fraud. I feel incredibly dumb despite others thinking I'm smart, think that they only pretend I'm smart to laugh at me, or that they might someday find out I'm a fraud.

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>I read books to impress girls

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You know why you're worrying pointlessly? Because none of that shit matters. We're all idiots, everyone, everywhere. Just laugh it off and b urself.

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Same except I even defrauded myself into actually reading challenging stuff.

>I really prefer fiction and only read nonfiction to better understand references
Nothing wrong with that, that's how most of the best mind in the past did it.

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