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>Wagner was far from satisfied with the first Bayreuth Festival; Cosima recorded that months later, his attitude towards the productions was "Never again, never again!" Moreover, the festival finished with a deficit of about 150,000 marks.
>This was equivalent at the time to about $37,500.

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Not all of them, Marx made gains with stonks, but like a typical /biz/ shitposter, never made any serious money due to being unemployed and therefore having too low capital for real gains.

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>brings up Marx as an example of a writer who wasn't bad at money

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He was good with money, he just didn't have too much of it due to being too based to ever get a real job.

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Anon he had an endless supply of money from his friend Engels, and would continually spend unheard of amounts weekly on fine wine and gambling. He's one of the worst spendthrifts in history.

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He married into money, and blew the money her parents gave them as a wedding gift by giving it away to anyone who asked, and he also mooched off of Engels. Not to mention he let three of his kids starve to death.

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Literally nothing wrong with that. It's absolutely the correct way to spend your money when you have virtually endless amounts of it.

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Artists, in general, are notoriously bad with money. Probably because the mental processes that allow for the creation of art are generally not related to the mental processes that manage financial decisions prudently.

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There's nothing wrong with letting your children starve?

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Is this from a Nietzsche biography? I swear I've read this exact paragraph before, and I've never read anything specifically about Wagner...

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>be Wagner
>call Nietzsche's new aphoristic style Jewish and say it comes from Paul Ree
>Paul Ree got it from Schopenhauer's Parerga and Paralipomena
Was Wagner retarded?

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I guess it's also because art in a lot of artist's minds require someone to live a life or have deep thoughts about everything, and to many that seems to revolve around partying, drinking, drugs and gambling, or being completely health obsessed...or being obsessed about topics in general.

Great writers rarely seem like anyone normal at the end of the day, maybe all that studying or imagination gets to them, sure, many seem fine, but you only need to find one strange comment or belief from them to see things fall apart.

Though there are responsible sane ones, but it seems they rarely make what you would call classic books that will be loved through history, or even mass selling books that are mediocre but somehow get attention from millions of readers, they all seem to fall into some controversy sooner or later.

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Does lindybeige post here?

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I really hope you will never have someone or something to take care of, for your sake.

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>runs out of arguments and tries to clamber on the moral high horse.

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I'm not trying to argue. This is also my first reply in this thread. You are a child.

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>logical fallacies rule all debates!

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Goethe held an administrative position, supossedly extremely efficient with money.

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Spinoza was obsessed with handling his shitty pay. If he accepted all the money that his fans were willing to give him, he probably wouldn't have died so young.

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Funny how you immediately changed your point from,
>he was good at handling money
>yeah he was bad a handling money nothing wrong with that
you disingenuous fuck.

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I don’t know. I can’t bring myself to care about things like budgets, 401Ks, and market investing, which is ironic because I have a degree in economics and my day job is in finance.

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You’ve got to love money to make money. You have to have it on your mind constantly.

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Not really, you just need to produce something worth paying for.
Since people >120IQ don't like philosophy all that much, philosophers' works are usually the result of thoughts that most people could have given enough time, which meant that they weren't really worth much money.

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But I’m an accountant.
Do you think I could sell my services to writers?

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what a handsome jewish man, I bet he accomplished a lot in his life :^)

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>implying philosophers are smart enough to be able to understand money

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Writers seem to have a more advanced understanding of the finite, and they know that you will one day run out of life, so you may just as well run out of money before then.

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Based lindybeige poster

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