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Will there ever been a new movement in literature and other arts or will it just be internet postmodernism until the collapse of society? Will we ever see an art movement like there was in the past?

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No, we are dead to art and dead to history

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Movements aren't planned they come about organically. You two are already dead though

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I used to dismiss this painting as boring but now that I look at it closely it's actually exquisitely composed.
Obviously what draws the attention initially is the column to the left but if you look down you see all the overgrown vegetation taking it back. Is this supposed to be Athens after being recently abandoned?
The painting is unmistakably of the Romantic movement, that kind of vegetation doesn't exist in Greece but it does exist in Central Europe. Those sorts of anachronisms, the little bird's nest at the top of column, the moon at dusk, it all comes together

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*blocks your path*

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Capitalism took over and “art” is all about making money now so it appeals to the lowest common denominator

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Houllebecqian tragedy lit. Basically, lit which just complains about things like inceldom, alienation, the economy. Maybe some really fantasy fulfilling romance targeted at men. Otherwise, no. I think the Information Age has made things pretty hard for literature. You have to fight with Instagram, Tinder, YouTube, Netflix, and Crunchyroll for people’s very limited attention spans and the way that media has been transforming into this systemized repetitive thing doesn’t bode well. The novel adaptation is almost a thing of the past.

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There are no new philosophpical thoughts or artistic themes. This is the final redpill.

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>Basically, lit which just complains about things like inceldom, alienation, the economy
People have been writing this garbage for 40 years

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I sense there is a hidden movement that will only be discovered in the notebooks of deceased NEETS while their dirty apartments are being cleaned out.

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Does Burgerpunk and >TFW NO GF not count?

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Then get ready for 40 more

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Nobody will read your notebooks, they're going straight to the dump

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I do not know about literature, as I am embarrassingly not much of a reader myself.
But I can tell you for sure that anime as an art is alive and well, creating new movements and collectively exploring new themes.
For example, the overarching theme of anime up to 2013 was SekaiKei:
The individual vs the world as a holistic concept. The main question asked was: How is the world, and how could the world possibly be rearranged to make existence worthwhile.
It had common symbolism across multiple studios, and many shows where produced which all boiled down to the quest for the holy grail and more importantly daring to wish on the holy grail to recreate the world.
Some tried different answers, like relationships, friendship, stoicism, existentialism. But in the end it all boiled down to the realization that the individual wasn‘t corrupt, but the world itself.
And so the whole movement came crashing down around 2013 when all avenues were explored and exhausted, and the wish upon the holy grail revealed itself to be a wish to escape from reality in a great tragic twist inside the meta itself.
And this is the ACTUAL origin what is called the isekai genre. But do not be mistaken isekai is the new frontier of anime and fundamentally a philosophical movement. You can see deconstructions appearing which are tackling the actual hard problem of isekai: are we actually content with a simulacrum? And where is the border between simulacrum and reality? Does it even matter, what do we loose?
The Isekai genre itself is a metaphilosphical tragedy playing itself out right now. And I can‘t wait for the next chapter in this grand play.

That being said, I actually came to lit because I wanted to pick up reading and expected to find similar grand narratives in contemporary literature. And now you are telling me that it’s all just dead?

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Yea there will be eventually. Probably not anytime soon tho

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>grand narratives in contemporary literature
There was this whole movement in the latter half of the 20th century about grand narratives. Let's just say people (especially Jewish people) did not like the grand narratives in the first half and critiqued the entire concept.

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Retard, the reason why the novel took off as an artform was because of capitalism.

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this is what art is now

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Globohomo art is the Jews absolute triumph

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"Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind, and when the same thought occurs to another man, it is the key to that era. Every reform was once a private opinion, and when it shall be a private opinion again, it will solve the problem of the age." -- Emerson

It's true anon.

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There is lots of little mini-trends within our world. All can exist simultaneously because people have realised that movements in art are derived from a particular time, geographic and social context - as opposed to being the latest attempt at finding truth.

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Some of our notebooks will make it through! We are legion!

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*collapse of (((western))) society

Southeast Asia and South America are and will be the next hotspots for free expression many time while western debt slaves implode on thesemelves and East Asia commits to the borg.

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There are, there are. It's just the social communication systems have been sabotaged in this war.

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Soulless corporate artstyle brought us the Duolingo goth girl so I'm okay with it desu

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