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What happened to intellectualism in the right? Our greatest ever writers had Conservative leanings.

Where are the conservatives of today?

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Bad examples OP.

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Conservatism is inherently anti-intellectual, it has its roots in maturity and tradition, not contemplation and creativity

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There are many educated conservative (past and present) but conservatism (as a rule) does not lend itself to intellectualism

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>What happened to intellectualism in the right

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What are the best books that can teach me to stop giving a fuck what others think about you? Books that will enable me to finally become a gigachad. Also something that helps me to stop thinking about past mistakes that are bothering me.

>inb4 just be confident bro
No just fuck off with that

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>it has its roots in maturity and tradition
You mean oppression and ignorance.

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I don't know. But if you are worrying about past mistakes too much you might be neurotic.

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A few legendary conservatives include James Burnham and Roger Scruton.

A good current conservative would be Douglas Murray, Thomas Sowell is good but more libertarian.

I would also recommend reading Orwell's 'England your England'.

You could also explore some more reactionaey thought like Spengler's 'Decline of the West' or Julius Evola's 'Revolt against the modern world'. Even if it isn't your style it will help you distinguish between the two and you'll be able to own leftist when they call anyone right of them a reactionary.

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>Retard tier response

Kinda, but the left has a fetish for over-intellectualing everything so there just more to pick from.

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Lmao this is terrible

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not wasting their time on showcase for the public, that's for sure

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Conservatism and intellectualism go together go together like a loaded shotgun in your own mouth i.e not very good unless you're brain dead and contribute nothing to society

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>go together go together
>like a loaded shotgun in your own mouth >i.e not very good

I can't tell if your 14 or retarded. Spelling mistakes, a terrible simile and poor grammar. I shake my head anon.

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They have nothing left to conserve

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Today's liberals are tomorrow's conservatives.

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Douglas Murray, Jordan Peterson, Roger Scruton, Thomas Sowell

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So.... This is the power of the Conservative Movement

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Why are almost all modern intellectuals leftists when socialist regimes always purged their intellectuals?

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Because they think they're the ones who can fix leftist ideology.

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we need new intellectual conservatives
take the rapture-pill and help rebuild the philosophy of conservatism:

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putting yourself in a coma to own the libs

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But how when Institutions are inherently Liberal or Crypto-Leftist and discriminate heavily against people with even the most slight Conservative leanings?

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>What happened to intellectualism in the right?
Why would an aspiring intellectual support a group of people who are clearly on the losing side? Why would they not support those who are clearly stronger, more influential, and, most importantly, more likely to land them jobs as professional intellectuals and support whatever they have or want to say, so long as it doesn't contradict a few basic principles?

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>social environment produces people
>50 years later
>"why does this totally different world not produce the same people in the same way with the same access to the same institution?"

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>What happened to intellectualism in the right?
Turns out they were wrong

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There are two trends I could put down.

The first is that Conservatism arguably never really recovered from WW2, as the Anglo-American Conservative class began eating their own tail for being potentially too radical. This immediately doomed them from the onset because any conservative to reactionary movement will fail unless they make a synthesis with revolutionary politics and carve out a third way like Napoleon and Mussolini did.

The second is that particularly in America, you need to pander to groups to get elected. Many 'intellectual' conservatives decided to pander to American Evangelicals, who had at that point were members of a sect 4 times doubled down from the Authority in Christianity originally found in the Catholic Church. Over time, their mask became them and the anti-intellectual sentiments boiled over.

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This. Narcissists are purely interested in whatever the dominating political group is.

Also, I question this adoration of "intellectualism" that has basically become a consumer signal; think of "dark academia." Not a pursuit of knowledge (this includes reading things you disagree with; avoidance of this is NOT exclusive to Conservatives), but doing what is perceived as best to market yourself.

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I like this guy

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I can't overstate this enough either. As a Monarchist, if I really wanted to go out of my way to enforce my views, I would start climbing my way up the Democratic Party immediately and accelerating most of their trends.

Once things tilt enough in a certain direction, the only way to restore tradition is to become the Stalin of your age, then warp politics to such an extent that Conservatives will be worshiping you 60 years down the line despite the fact you were technically a Loyal Communist.

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>Why would an aspiring intellectual support a group of people who are clearly on the losing side?
This means we are not talking about logical consistency, "truth" or a persons own views.
We are talking about power. I don't think power is the only thing that matters

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What are his most important right wing thoughts?

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This is pretty much true. Appealing to the frothing retards known as American Evangelicals required the message to be dumbed down. Reason was removed from conservative arguments, and replaced with God. Most modern American conservative arguments boil down to a half-assed, thinly veiled reference to the bible.

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Not right wing. Conservative.
>Changes take time
>Cultures are immune systems
>The phenomenon of humanism deserves attention today primarily because it reminds us that human beings in high culture are constantly subjected simultaneously to two pressures, which we will here for simplicity's sake term the [constraining /inhibiting] and the [unconstraining /disinhibiting].
>Humans can theorize, but it shouldn't be use for political purposes
(Modern global world kinda disproves this one about theory, idk)
>Nietzsche is fine. So is Heidegger
>Heideggers clearing happens later than he thought, because our brain developes for 35 years
>Eugenics are kind fine, but we should thing more about this

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>thinking truth isn't determined by power
u didn't read nietzsche and foucault did u

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Buckley almost single-handedly created the whole shit show of modern conservatism by fusing traditional conservative social values with economic liberalism. The only reason anyone thinks he was smart is because of his weird transatlantic accent.

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>we should focus more on anthropotechnology/anthropotechnic
>we should abandon humanism

I did.
That why the "truth" was highlighted. I precisely meant the platonic truth (thing in itself, whether it is real or not), not the foucauldian one

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I'm on 4chan what do you think...(it's retardation)

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I wouldnt consider him that right-wing and for the most part his writing is basically apolitical and not really concerned very much with usual right-wing concerns like sovereignty or religion or morality and degeneracy or whatever else. Definiteley not anti-tech either since his solution to the problem of the constraints of finite resources on economic growth and production seems basically to hope that the technosphere can transform the biosphere so much that finite resources stop posing a problem which isnt something he seems to mind even if he raises some mild hopes about limiting our consumption before dismissing that idea as unrealistic. Any right-wing or conservative strains to his writings are pretty tepid even if they are kind of, sort of there.

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>Jordan Peterson
unmatched intellectual prowess

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First of all, “intellectualism” is a modernist, progressive plague and is displayed most obviously by those very individuals that Plato, and of course, any sane person, would have rightly outcasted from their Republic.

Second, you’ve seen 80 straight years of complete and total left hegemony across every single civic and social institution in the West, and really, the world. There is no such thing as a prominent right wing academic, because a right winger necessarily wouldn’t get into an academic position. See, institutions institutionalize and if someone slips through the cracks without holding the mainstream status quo opinions in this new hyper-liberal, hyper-progressive capitalist-socialist new world order, then the institutions hardly have any use for them. And even if there were? What would they say? Conservatism, genuine conservatism, lost. The 20th century was a complete disaster and there’s a reason why the writing of so many right wing thinkers after the world wars was basically along the lines of how to survive rather than how to win. There was, and still is, a sense that it doesn’t matter because no matter what you do, it’s going to end in disaster. This world has no place for these right wing intellectuals you dream about and any attempts at it are foolish at best.

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What's there to intellectualize about on the Right exactly, the entire political wing can be reduced to "Do whatever capitalists want" and this is also practically true of the Left.

If you vote Right you get capitalism without abortions and if you vote Left you get capitalism with trannies, whoop-de-fucking-do, such a huge difference.

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>Definiteley not anti-tech
Well, being a neoluddite is not really a conservative solution to the problems of globalization and global warming. That would be the most radical solution imaginable.
I have yet to see a conservative solution to global problems.

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>What happened to intellectualism in the right?

America happened. American conservatism became the template of conservative thought everywhere, which means that instead of being critical of liberalism and the enlightenment, "conservatism" became its most stringent defender. And when you defend the status quo, nothing too interesting comes out.

And you can see that with liberals too. Look at the current crop of liberal/leftist writers, it's all or mostly garbage, ass-tier race bait that no one is actually intellectually engaged by.

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Conservatives need to be active in art again. Art is the source of intellectualism, and since World War II art has entirely been the sphere of the left. There's a reason conservatives on this site are constantly posting art from before the 20 century.

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I'm not, but imagine I were a right wing intellectual.
My path in the academy would be truncated because of my views.
My employment, in whatever field that followed, would be in jeopardy as soon as I publicised my views.
My ability to earn based on my ideas, speeches, writings etc would be taken from me by deplatforming me up to the payment processor level.
This is, frankly, why we leftists have no competition in the intellectual field.

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It honestly depends on how reactionary your power level is. There's several people in academia that would be considered right-wing and even reactionary by some standards, who nonetheless enjoy some modicum of celebrity for their knowledge. People like Harold Bloom, or even someone like Francis Fukuyama.

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They mostly hide on /lit/ contributing here and there. Even the best intentioned and most empathetic of us cannot dare speak out against the pop religion of the day without being unfairly labeled with boogey man labels.

Think that civil society requires personal responsibility and all members to obey the law and this want legal and controlled immigration? "Why do you want to murder brown people???"

There's just no point trying to speak out for the conservation of values and ideals at this point. The opposition will not rest until every shred of them is extinguished, and those of us who value them taken out as well.

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Conservatism has managed to conserve absolutely nothing in the last 100 years. For the world to get to how it is today, with the nearly complete elimination of tradition in favor of a globohomo world where diddling little children is becoming normalized, conservatives have had to lose every meaningful cultural war in the history of man. When someone declares themselves a conservative, they’re in fact stating that they are a loser, someone who is meant to take the fall when the left comes attacking.

Conservatives have lost on every battlefront: free speech, the military, the universities, marriage, nuclear family, child education, the media, the government, Boy Scouts, business, law and justice, Christianity, patriarchy, immigration, the welfare state, and capitalism. The right to bear arms is the only battle they’re not losing in a rout, but I’m confident they will lose that too within a decade’s time. Conservative institutions are being infiltrated and subverted, or have disappeared off the face of the earth, and there is no sign of them ever coming back.

Why do they keep losing? Because they desire to merely hold the line while their enemy rushes at them full speed. They don’t want to conquer new lands, kill their enemy, or inflict real harm. They want to maintain the status quo while the left froths at the mouth to win, energized with momentum and passion. The left is so dissatisfied at the state of the world because of their deep-seated inner dysfunction that they put their entire being into trying to make it better. They don’t know how to enjoy their lives so they have to attack the lives of others.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have no momentum or passion. They are just statists who want to be left alone nd never do anything to push or fight back, which makes them easy pickings for a collective that is hellbent on achieving their nightmare utopia. Meanwhile leftists and liberals always have inherent rebellious and revolutionary spirit in them, even if it's co-opted by the elites, therefore they will always be the ones to fight and subvert. In the end, conservatives are the Spartans in 300 who have trained their entire lives to lose the battle, even if they are pound-for-pound stronger than their enemy.

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It's not even how reactionary in itself, it's how autistically you screech. Even Kevin MacDonald wasn't fired despite being the guy who wrote Culture of Critique.

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You are welcome.

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if your example of right wing intellectual is william f buckly you should just fucking end yourself right now you neocon fuck boy. that isnt tradition, its what ended tradition

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In his case they most likely didn't want him to sue them for wrongful termination getting millions of dollars as a result, it's hard to get rid of someone with tenure for a reason.

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The conservatives are here on 4chan. i’m actually not sure what “intellectual“ means today. I’m not really convinced that listening to hipsters who just want to make money and get famous counts. In fact, there are serious structural problems with the Internet that produce anti-intellectual effects. To a great extent, people who are defining and searching for problems and solutions to the Internet have tried to test their theories on 4chan.

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>If you vote Right you get capitalism without abortions and if you vote Left you get capitalism with trannies, whoop-de-fucking-do, such a huge difference.
It is really sad that it has been 11 years since 2012 and people are still stuck in the voting mentality.

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how about Pat Buchanan?

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This too. It is kind of hard for 'right wing' or 'conservative' to mean anything when the #1 power championing these terms are a Democratic Republic and they have quietly redefined those terms to mean 'classical' liberalism.

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They are playing a giant russian roulette with the state.
The objective is not to blow your brains out, but to shoot the other dudes.
Behind the intellectual charade there is the primitive monkey brain.

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Voting is the primary way people change politics in a democracy you moron, anything else is fantasy and LARPing.

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So to avoid the thread circlejerking like it has 100 times over on this topic, I have a question for all the Conservatives on the thread:

Is aligning with China and pushing in the general direction of some form of NazBol the answer for the later 21st century? If yes, how would you keep the revolutionaries and the traditionalists in harmony? If no, what other options to you all think are viable?

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People don't change politics in a Democracy, money does. There is nothing to change at this point besides egging on the Democrats to accelerate and damage the state. If you think voting matters you are wasting decades of your life you could be spending on something more productive like a career out of the country or building a network of people you can rely on.

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If you think China is "based+trad", I have bad news for you.

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If you think there's something clever and intelligent about your pathetic cynicism about politics, it's not. This kind of cynicism has existed throughout history and every single time the people who think that nothing will ever change and the system is terminally broken are proven wrong.

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Accelerating leftism to its logical conclusion - singularity, primitivism, societal and economic collapse - is the only solution. After that, civilization must be rebuilt, order and hierarchy restored. The regime of popular sovereignty must then be rejected and the order of traditional absolutism embraced. There is no other way, in the meantime there is nothing left for us to do but surf the kali yuga and wait for the cathedral to devour its own roots.

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This. In the case of the UK just look at Scruton. He thought that the biggest threat to the west was the thought of Sayid Qutb.

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Things are changing though, for example the current generation of Americans is poorer than the last. America is throwing its White Population under the bus because they have served their purpose. You have outsourced your industry and are transiting to a tourist based economy.

I don't think voters overall want any of this, but no matter who they vote for all of this will keep trending in that direction. And the entire time people like you will tell them to keep voting.

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>traditional absolutism
I can understand the rest of this but are you sure about this point? Historically speaking, it was the rise of Absolutism that undermined the nobility, allowing the rise of the middle class, which ultimately led to the end of European Monarchy.

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>Our greatest ever writers had Conservative leanings

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>but no matter who they vote for all of this will keep trending in that direction.

But this is just factually wrong. It does matter who they vote for, it's just that voting for specifically Democrats or Republicans changes nothing.

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>Just vote for third party
Ah you're retarded, I'm sorry for wasting both of our time then.

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Well it's true though. If a majority voted third party there would be a realignment. The history of the United States is full of examples of precisely that, the Whigs literally collapsed and gave rise to the Democrat-Republican Party, which in turn split and so on and so forth.

The fact that you deny that this is even possible is simply a sign of your cultural malaise and has nothing to do with reality.

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Well, I'm inclined to agree with that and in that line of thinking there are also the ideas of Hoppe's covenants and Moldbug's neocameralist sovcorps but I have a hard time believing that they will be strong enough to ground power and restore order. That's why I think absolutism has the highest potential of actually succeeding in the post-Enl*ghtenment world

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>Our greatest ever writers had Conservative leanings.
They weren't conservative in their day. Most of them were left of the establishment that existed in their time.
Just holding the average bourgeois views of the society around you in a particular time doesn't make you a traditionalist or conservative.

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basado aristocrat

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As an ESL isn't an intellectual more of a journalist-talking head sort of person on the left than a proper academic in common understanding? The word "academic" is what the latter group are called to my knowledge.

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>embrace tradition
>>pop philosophers from 50 years ago

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>the shitty vaporwave I made in ten minutes a year ago and posted on reddit is getting posted on /his/


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>calling Buckley and Kristol pop philosophers, or even philosophers at all



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Economic liberalism was needed in his time. Any sensible person should be able to see that that shouldn't translate to our current situation where we cuck out to China.

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Damn bros,I expected this thread to be shit but it's actually pretty comfy

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The worst post I've seen on /lit/ so far

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Beattie is an unironic CCP worshipper, a textbook defeatist. Fuck him. Once this country achieves a national rejuvenation, I hope the Feds pay him a visit Freddy Hampton-style.

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God I wish I could write like that

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Couldn't have said it better

>> No.17968581

Wouldn't be Peterson if he wasn't saying what could be said in five sentences with thirty pages of material

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I made pic related about a year ago. The answer is simple: the Gramscian March consisted of liberals purging institutions of any conservatives whenever possible, which led to a dramatic decline in conservative influence. As well, corporations have realized that identity politics and other forms of virtue-signaling will distract people from their centralization of national industry and betrayal of middle America to the Chinese. That's how you get LuLuLemon hosting seminars on "how to resist capitalism."

There are multiple groups seeking a restoration of conservatism: The Claremont Review is one I'd recommend.


Eventually, after doing some thinking, I came to the conclusion that the only way *out* of conservatism's current decadent state, and therefore America's current decadent state, is the adoption of a certain thesis that has worked well in the past. Neoconservatism. Here's some reading:





Check out the subreddit when you're ready for America's political future (yes le plebbit sucks, but most of the sub's users use it and no other part of reddit, and it's the best spot for under-the-radar political organizing online).

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I bet the guy who made this posts on here. I've seen the same weird hatred boner for Nabokov posted around here

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Absolutism is for retards who have unrealistic and naive expectations for what a governing body can control. You will be defeated purely by practical necessity.

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is douglas murray that good? I haven't seen any of his interviews or debates but I read some pages of "the strange death of europe" and thought his arguments about mass immigration were rather laughable, even though I'm critical of it too.
what's his deal? I get more confused the more I know about this dude. I think he described himself as "left-heideggerian" at some point. But he's clearly not very popular among leftists. He also used to be a marxist I believe.
Besides that, he seems to talk so much and say ultimately nothing.

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I'm British, can't say I have heard of Pat Buchanan.

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Great minds think alike >>17965332.
Peterson is good, but I haven't read any of his books. Yet.

He is alright, not amazing but good. Its a bit dated but I would recommend reading 'The Strange Death of Europe' (if your from the UK/EU).

get fffucked

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Actually, this
Seeing someone with real resources and an elite education take on the mantle is inspiring
I wonder how he expects to actually accomplish it

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>What happened to intellectualism in the right?
They embraced capital because they were always greedy and degenerate. Most "non-discardable" "conservative or right" intellectuals are just romantic lunatics, and not intellectuals at all --they are no more than what Fidel Castro is for the left (se Evola, et all). Idealism has been always brainrot.

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>uses an actual landscape photo for the view outside the window

>> No.17968891

Who's the guy with the stick?

>> No.17968922

neocons: hey here's a revolutionary and esoteric idea, we don't hand strategic hegemony to a totalitarian genocidal dictatorship


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>Is aligning with China and pushing in the general direction of some form of NazBol the answer for the later 21st century?
>If no, what other options to you all think are viable?
The complete annihilation of the state of Israel, the U.S and China.
Memes aside, no, China doesn't hold Western values, and thus could never be "le based et redpilled". My three beliefs for the next years are either: natural collapse, the system falls by itself; outside collapse, i.e. the West gets invaded by foreign powers such as China; or get back on our feet in cultural, social and economical terms (and this one is quite improbable). I will, in my next post, show that we are fucked; give me a sec

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This is taken from Sir John Glubb's essay "The Fate of Empires"

As numerous points of interest have arisen
in the course of this essay, I close with a brief
summary, to refresh the reader’s mind.
(a) We do not learn from history because
our studies are brief and prejudiced.
(b) In a surprising manner, 250 years
emerges as the average length of national
(c) This average has not varied for 3,000
years. Does it represent ten generations?
(d) The stages of the rise and fall of great
nations seem to be:
The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
The Age of Conquests
The Age of Commerce
The Age of Affluence
The Age of Intellect
The Age of Decadence.
(e) Decadence is marked by:
An influx of foreigners
The Welfare State
A weakening of religion.
(f) Decadence is due to:
Too long a period of wealth and power
Love of money
The loss of a sense of duty.
(g) The life histories of great states are
amazingly similar, and are due to internal
(h) Their falls are diverse, because they are
largely the result of external causes.
(i) History should be taught as the history
of the human race, though of course with
emphasis on the history of the student’s own

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>The second is that particularly in America, you need to pander to groups to get elected. Many 'intellectual' conservatives decided to pander to American Evangelicals, who had at that point were members of a sect 4 times doubled down from the Authority in Christianity originally found in the Catholic Church. Over time, their mask became them and the anti-intellectual sentiments boiled over.

>implying you basic bitch liberal puts any more thought into politics than evangelicals

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Fuck off kike, Buckley sucked off tranny dong.

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>19th century liberalism, Ayn Rand moral objectivism, and Trotskyite fervor to push your values and system of “progress on the word (not even mentioning the Israeli stuff)
>he thinks this has anything to do with “Conservatism”

>> No.17969623

>it has been 11 years since 2012
Wait we are in 2023 aleady ? Where has the 2 last year went ? Has the covid 19 fade away or is everybody marked to a beast ?

>> No.17970007

This is pretty provocative, any more like this? I want high-level conservative theory in the form of good YouTube videos please

>> No.17970020

Unspeakably cringe picture

>> No.17970038

Reminder to the lefties. Everyone before the early 20th century is a right wing reactionary compared to you and would have found you abhorrent. Even your fellow travellers like Lenin would have put you under a firing squad.

>> No.17970039

Spengler wasn’t a reactionary

>> No.17970049

>Neocon action

>> No.17970060

I would rather China/Russia had hegemony than Amerika.

>> No.17970205

Lenin would consider modern left a perfect example of useful idiots

>> No.17970235

Useful idiots got the firing squad when they were not needed.

>> No.17970272

what do i read to even begin understanding what the hell you people are talking about?

>> No.17970293


>> No.17970338

^most of these

>> No.17970396

>Once this country achieves a national rejuvenation

>> No.17970441

Read Burnham for his sociology and Spengler for his philosophy of history. The rest are absolute dogshit, please stop reading this garbage.

>> No.17970466

Conservatism didn’t exist in any unified way before wwII

>> No.17970483

Not an argument. Rightoids are always inferior

>> No.17970493

Guy Debord
George Bataille
Jean Baudrillard

>> No.17970546

Buckley was the original cuckservative. In an attempt to appeal to moderates he backstabbed people like Buchanan. The result was the normalization of spineless conservatism. He deserves zero respect.

>> No.17970574 [DELETED] 

What terms specifically? If you read:
>Moldbug/other NRX
You’ll probably understand 90% of the rightoids here.

>> No.17970588 [DELETED] 

Actually that’s too much, only the smarter ones will read all that, most of them just get all their ideas from Stonetoss comics and Twitter ecelebs.

>> No.17970593

Conservatives don't want an educated public. They want a public that goes to work, starts a nuclear family and vote every 4 years. Anything else, the public shouldn't worry about.
Conservatives seem to more often just take anti intellectual stances like appealing to "common sense" or say "I'm one of you, I'm the little guy!", it's just what they do. Their voter base doesn't read nor care about theory, and that's why the left is failing to grasp those working class people, because they're too busy arguing about things that the average Joe doesn't get or care about.

>> No.17970604

>No george will

>> No.17970657

>Is aligning with China and pushing in the general direction of some form of NazBol the answer for the later 21st century?
I’m not a conservative but let me answer that for you, conservatives believe all the cia propaganda they’re fed so they have an intense hate boner for China. All that vitriol amounts to is them being instrumentalized in a narrative game they don’t understand. Quite sad

>> No.17970678

Cuckservatives are too brainwashed to ever consider anything other than muh free market and classical liberal political system so sadly no.

>> No.17970688
File: 203 KB, 697x653, ahgyxkolfz011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no idea why you would take a decadent oligarchy whose corrupt leader is on his deathbed and a genocidal totalitarian dictatorship over the world's largest and most prosperous democracy.

But it's your choice.

>> No.17970691

>People think their vote matters
Lol even teenage edgelords have figured out democracy is bullshit.

>> No.17970702

Yeah not like China bought masks from us and then sold us faulty ones

Or hollowed-out middle America with currency manipulation and other illegal trade practices

Or is literally committing multiple genocides and backing dictatorships like Myanmar.

>> No.17970707

This is a fantasy, it won’t happen

>> No.17970715

There will literally never be a third party voted into power.
1. The two party system has enough of a monopoly on media to get votes from the masses. Yes alt media exists but it’s not big enough and too disunited.
2. The two party system has a monopoly on political power and could easily rig or just shut down any competition.

>> No.17970724

Ayn Rand and Buckley/Kristol despised each other but whatevs

>> No.17970732

Socialist states recognized the power of intellectuals and how important their work actually is. That's why they always controlled academia.
Also leftism is not the default position for most people to inherit from their parents, it takes conversion, reading theory and questioning society. That's already something most intellectuals do, and most of them just know that we could do a lot better than we are now.
Unironically Marx has made the best critique of capitalism so far, considering how he is still relevant in today's politics. So much thought relies on his ideas, and most intellectuals are leftists (not neoliberals) because it's the rational position. It's not about feelings and knee jerk reactions to other people, it's critical analysis of society and how to improve it. Before any faggots reply negatively to this post, just know I'm going to bed and not gonna bother responding. Conservatism is anti intellectual in its core, peasants and the public shouldn't care about intellectual things under conservativism, and if you deny this you're a conservative puppet.

>> No.17970738

>world's largest and most prosperous democracy.
You have to go back

>> No.17970740

Conservatives need to read Marx. He’s only your “enemy” because liberals told you he was.

>> No.17970754

Yes all of the smarter ones have realized that Marx makes good points, we still aren’t gonna join your communist sect.

>> No.17970768

Thats pretty insightful

>> No.17970777


>> No.17970780

>muh democracy
holy shit, you're too dumb

>> No.17970798

Yh sure a broke, homeless Jew who's retarded take on economics that destroyed Europe is somehow not the enemy...

>> No.17970799

Stupid post, I’ll tell you what the near future will be like; exactly how it currently is but shittier

>> No.17970807
File: 233 KB, 620x634, 1604795846592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, I am personally a bigger fan of the structure of the HRE but am somewhat skeptical of its potential in the current state of affairs(or the complete chaos that will commence in a post-leftist world).

>> No.17970814

Censored and erased before their message reaches anywhere by the institutions Gramscianism created

>> No.17970818

>retarded take on economics that destroyed Europe
t. Has never read Marx

>> No.17970819

As long as people can vote, they can change the system. Trump is a good example of this, the entire edifice of economic power in the U.S with some notable exceptions, were against his presidency, and yet they couldn't stop his win in 2016.

The idea that the United States can't change is a cynical cope.

>> No.17970820

You don’t have to read just lurk moar

>> No.17970821

AHHAHAHAHAHA go back to redd!t, you're so pathetic lmao

>> No.17970827

This entire board just recommends shit they saw on YouTube that they haven't read "yet". Doubly true for political recommendations.

>> No.17970835

I’m not a communist

>> No.17970841

I actually read it all. My dad is a fucking communist professor who used to be an ex hippie and my mom died from over dosing on psychedelics. I literally was forced into reading it, maybe that made me hate it even more but fucking hell do I hate it.

>> No.17970847

Because democracy is the problem.

>> No.17970850

Seriously, you should try to get a job at the cia, they love people like you

>> No.17970851

Again I already laid out why voting a third party will never work. Also what did Trump even do? To actually change anything big he would have had to totally tear the system down and rebuild it but he just became another puppet of the system instead.

>> No.17970853

you're a retard bro

>> No.17970866

Ok then how did it “destroy Europe”? Last time I checked Europe is capitalist.

>> No.17970894

Look, I'm not going to deny that things are set up in a way to deny large political changes to the United States political and economic system, but any cynical argument that a society and its political alignments can't change is by definition ahistorical.

>> No.17970925

I do hope we can change stuff through voting and if some America First type runs great, I’ll vote for him. Just saying don’t put all hope in voting, we need to build alternative institutions and not rely on the system first and foremost. Which is what I’m doing irl with associates and family.

>> No.17970950

>we need to build alternative institutions and not rely on the system first and foremost.

I don't disagree. I just feel the need to push back against the prevailing psychological malaise that is occurring in politics atm. Just because everything feels hopeless doesn't mean it is, things can suddenly change so fast you can't keep up, and this can in many ways be worse than things being static.

>> No.17971031

>over dosing on psychadelics
What, ketamine? You can't overdose on LSD, and for shrooms you'd throw up first from the mass of dry shitty shrooms in your stomach.

>> No.17971180

I'd guess Locke or Rousseau

>> No.17971277

>victim complex
>thinks of himself as an intellectual

>> No.17971354

Western universities purged all but the most lightly right-leaning elements after WW2.

Afterwards academia became a game of ideological circle-referencing until there was zero chance for anyone to spark dissent.

>> No.17971377

Bro, even conservatives today argue that capitalism is degenerate.
Literally all smart conservatives realize, that all the problems they have are the result of capitalism evolving. That's it.
This neocon shit of supporting capitalism is a new idea, like many other anons ITT said, it's a losing stalling position, slowly getting pushed further and further back. They have conserved nothing.
Reading Marx will make you understand thst capitalism can work under any form of government, and right now liberal democracy is cruising.

>> No.17971382

they crave death

>> No.17971386

There's also the fact that most universities are dependent on the state financially, therefore they can't allow themselves to be hotbeds for ideological dissent agaisnt the state.

Academia can't not be the handmaid of the state because if it stops being its handmaid it stops being able to exist due to a lack of funds. Unless it manages to latch on to a person or a group willing to finance it, which causes the same issues of not being able to dissent from what is considered orthodoxy at any given time, at any given place.

>> No.17971774

Very true. Most intellectuals may be lefties, but few of them are tankies. The ideological spectrum is too wide to be confined to a strict one-dimensional axis. Intellectuals tend towards liberal, and a lot of them are critical towards the status quo aligning them with Marx.

>> No.17971793

this has to be bait

>> No.17971827
File: 21 KB, 597x559, 1614826983391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You must be very fucking new.

>> No.17972029

>What happened to intellectualism in the right?

>Where are the conservatives of today?
Exiled to the fringes of the internet.

>> No.17972086


>> No.17972142

You’re just regurgitating Cold War propaganda lol. Think critically for a moment if you’re able, is Marx responsible for the world wars?, or was that the British goading conflict amongst the continent so they could pillage its ruined corpse?

>> No.17972166

So this is one of the fabled cancerous newfriends.

>> No.17972423

>the world's largest and most prosperous democracy.
>most prosperous
We are 27 trillions $ in debt and Russia is 257 billions $ in debt. We are not rich. The west is NOT rich. Maybe compare to shitholes but its credit card money.

Thats the big misconception about the whole thing. We faked our sucess and thus we fake our lifestyle nowadays.

Its always Russians whinning about Putin.
> huurr duurr Putin and his boys are taking all the money?
You think the jewish mafia is not doing the same here? We just have the illusion that things go well and better because we credit card everything.

Its the same thing but atleast your president (Putin) doesn't tries to replace its people and destroy its forefathers religion and tolerate gay propaganda being shown to children. Atleast in Russia there is still a tiny semblance of natural order in this hellhole of a kali yuga gay earth.

>> No.17972737
File: 25 KB, 323x499, 41p0YvhuSeL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is one of the few genuine American conservative books

>> No.17972753
File: 37 KB, 554x380, patbuchanan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

very based

>In half a lifetime, many Americans have seen their God dethroned, their heroes defiled, their culture polluted, their values assaulted, their country invaded, and themselves demonized as extremists and bigots for holding on to beliefs Americans have held for generations.

>This struggle to preserve the old creeds, cultures, and countries of the West is the new divide between Left and Right; this struggle will define what it means to be a conservative. This is the cause of the twenty-first century and the agenda of conservatism for the remainder of our lives.

>The hearts of many on the Right are in cutting marginal tax rates and eliminating the capital gains tax. Good causes to be sure. But what doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his country? Is whether the GDP rises at 2 or 3 or 4 percent as important as whether or not Western civilization endures and we remain one nation under God and one people? With the collapsing birthrate, open borders, and the triumph of an anti-Western multiculturalism, that is what is at issue today — the survival of America as a nation, separate and unique, and of Western civilization itself — and too many conservatives have gone AWOL in the last great fight of our lives.

>> No.17972785

most uncle Pat

>In science, technology, economics, industry, agriculture, armaments, and democratic rule, America, Europe, and Japan are generations ahead. But the Islamic world retains something the West has lost: a desire to have children and the will to carry on their civilization, cultures, families, and faith.

>The Bush Doctrine is democratic imperialism. This will bleed, bankrupt and isolate this republic. This overthrows the wisdom of the Founding Fathers about what America should be all about.

>Israeli and U.S. interests often run parallel, but they are not the same. Israel is concerned with a neighborhood. We are concerned with a world of 300 million Arabs and a billion Muslims. Our policies cannot be the same. If they are, we will end up with all of Israel’s enemies, who are legion, and only Israel’s friends, who are few.

>Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse. If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does this tell us about where racism really resides — in America?

>Like materialism, consumerism and socialism, transnationalism suffers from the same fatal flaw. It feeds the body and starves the soul. And eventually bored people hear the old calls again.

>What America has in Hillary Clinton is a potential president with the charisma but not the competence of Angela Merkel, and the ethics of Dilma Rousseff.

>> No.17972796

Buckley transformed Conservatism from a white ethnic political movement to a abstract individualist parlor game. In doing this he invented neoliberalism: no social values and adventurist forigen policy. This helped doom the West.

If you want intellectualism on the REAL right there's plenty to choose from. I can't paste a list of URLs here because 4chan doesn't like some of them.


>> No.17972806
File: 334 KB, 960x960, 8203028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought this image was mocking Antifa, as they effectively support US forigen policy now.

But you're serious. That's pathetic.

Unless you're jewish. Then you're just shilling for your own ethnic interests.

>> No.17972823

Buckley turned conservatism from "I want X" to "I don't want Y", which means that it has literally no conception of an attainable dream or reality, and anyone who hopes for a better future can't find a route to it through the right wing. That said, I don't think the left wing really has "intellectuals" either. There are a few who cling to specific subgroups of leftism like atheism or left-wing environmentalism, but they care more about those movements than a broadly coherent left wing ideological movement.

Eventually the right wing will invent an attainable dream for the future and mobilize a real force, but it will be pretty alien to how we conceive of conservatism now. The Whig Progressive fantasy has been coopted by social provocateurs on the left too strongly imo, so a conservative movement attempting to counterbalance it will have to excise Whigs entirely, which will lead to a very anti-democratic movement, probably justified (correctly) by "Democracy is rigged, we must impose the will of the American people and remove the saboteurs". If they manage to keep on to a handful of people who value democracy as a system, we may see it retained in a crude form (one family one vote perhaps), but otherwise it will probably go.

>> No.17972828


>> No.17972844

very good book rec. weaver doesnt get enough love on /lit/

>> No.17972892

>What happened to intellectualism in the right?
It never had any, at least not in America. Buckley came closest, but even he was a retard.

>> No.17972902

Ben Garrison has never heard of 4chan.

>> No.17972911

That's how you know America hasn't embraced socialism yet.

>> No.17972924

Even if I sided with his arguments, I'll still hate Ben for his awful style

>> No.17972927

Did you miss the wave of political correctness? Conservative intellectual traditions are being intentionally suppressed, to the detriment of everyone as a whole because what we get instead is a rabid and moronic echo-chamber of pozzed opinions.

>> No.17972950

whos the guy on the bottom right and top left

doesnt follow

>> No.17972967

And what did Trump do that a generic Republican president wouldn't have done? Got into fights on Twitter? Big fucking deal. Trump is a precursor to what would happen to a third-party candidate if they could get into power (which they can't): exercise impotent sloganeering and capitulate to the donor class.

>> No.17973223

>capitulate to the donor class.
Weird way to call out the semites, but ok you do you anon.

>> No.17973236


>> No.17973351

Imagine thinking conservative and liberal actually exist and not being a braindead boomer or a normie. Pathetic thread anon.

>> No.17973447

There's a ton of race/gender/etc. science out there that justifies most right-wing positions OP, perhaps you haven't read it

>> No.17973564

Join a mosque, climb your way into the civil service, help like minded people into positions of power and use whatever work-politic you can to derail the careers of lefties who will potentially oppose you.
It's a long con, but it's worked for every other group in history. The only hard part is hiding your powerlevel until you've managed to stack whatever institution you want to take over with your own people.
Whats important is to build a network. Identify people who agree with you, cultivate their intellectual development, and create a sense of mutual affinity which will pay off professionally later. Use milquetoast front groups (book clubs, chess clubs, activist societies, etc.) to identify potential recruits (a mixture of high functioning people who are loyal to the cause and low functioning people who will do anything their authority figure (you) tells them), then invite them into an inner layer secret society and private dinners and parties where you can consolidate efforts and plan.

>> No.17973972

what are you doing out of /sp/ alfonso?

>> No.17974082

>I will avoid circlejerking by being retarded

>> No.17974111

>3000 year history of descending into the welfare state

You anachronistic retard, you actually thought you did something here didn't you?
You've just projected your narrative around the present onto the past.

>> No.17974120

You aren't conservative if you need new books and writers. Reflections on the Revolution in France is the only book that you need.

>> No.17974257

The Bloomsbury highbrow, with his mechanical snigger, is as out-of-date as the cavalry colonel. A modern nation cannot afford either of them. Patriotism and intelligence will have to come together again.

>> No.17974681
File: 27 KB, 876x332, Screenshot_2021-04-08 Heating Up Culture Wars, France to Scour Universities for Ideas That ‘Corrupt Society’.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's also the fact that most universities are dependent on the state financially, therefore they can't allow themselves to be hotbeds for ideological dissent agaisnt the state.
not so sure about that

>> No.17974690
File: 63 KB, 790x611, Screenshot_2021-04-08 Heating Up Culture Wars, France to Scour Universities for Ideas That ‘Corrupt Society’(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17974717

Generative Principle of Constitutions by de Maistre too,

>> No.17974749

>James Burnham and Roger Scruton.
>Thomas Sowell
Ah yes, Uncle Tom
>George Orwell
Not a conservative

>> No.17974787

These anons are close to the truth.
The Conservative intellectuals of today have gone missing because the place people go to become an intellectual has been corrupted by commies and turned hostile against conservatism. They few conservatives that go into these institutions come out so brain washed and addled that they are effectively useless. Video related.


>> No.17974801
File: 46 KB, 700x641, Pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who unironically finds him funny...?

>> No.17974812
File: 21 KB, 346x350, Rene-guenon-1925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not contemplation and creativity
If only you knew how wrong you were (pbuh)

>> No.17974824

Ross Douthat

>> No.17976135

You and the old ladies in my family

>> No.17976299

You're either a literal CCP shill, or more likely, a bougie white kid whos taken on a tankie position for aesthetic reasons and are now forced to defend garbage governments like the CCP. Either way, not someone worth talking to.

>> No.17976729

why did you use a vehement anti-statist as an example of someone who defends actually existing socialism. IIRC the only left states Chomps actually digs were Cuba and Chile

>> No.17977931

Neocons love the cia tho wtf? That’s common knowledge, it’s part of neocon ideology

>> No.17978009

Is this contradictory?

>> No.17978064

>Absolutism is for retards who have unrealistic and naive expectations for what a governing body can control.
He said, in the current hypercontrolled digital dystopia

>> No.17978064,1 [INTERNAL] 

Why would I indulge on jewish owned propaganda trying pathetically to pass as entertainment, which is designed for midwits like you?

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