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Be nice and reply.

>What are you currently reading? How are you finding it? Would you recommond?
>Recently finished? How'd you rate them?
>What's next on your plate?

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>>What are you currently reading? How are you finding it? Would you recommond?
Currenting listening to
>The Horrors of Fox Hollow Farm, Richard Estep, Robert Graves
Kinda boring, will giving it another 30' at x2.3;
>Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
The best propaganda (although I'm only at 65%), dunno what the final message will be, be it's still great. Some flawed argumentation on the author's account, but hey, it's a good enough concept for me to gloss oer it.

>>Recently finished? How'd you rate them?
Past 3d:
>The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business, Stephen R. Soukup
Real good- goes into historical detail and explains how the US and much of Western Europe got into middle of this shitsandwich.
>Maniac: The Bath School Disaster and the Birth of the Modern Mass Killer}{\emph{, Harold Schechter
Good historical background, last 1/3, 1/4 is moralistic garbage and rehashing of already mentioned shit, regardless it's a good (enough) true crime text.
>The Rational Male, Rollo Tomassi
3 books; did like 1/4 of the first and and just heard a few sentences of each each chapter after that and jsut the titles of the second. All shit; all shit that's predictable to the letter, mostly known stuff along w/ tryhard garbage, annoying too- not as much as roosh's trash, has some false info as well. Of no use to me.
>Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop
some selvehelp abook I found; gave it a go. 1/5 in, it was all trash. Again, predictable. No new info.
>The Caller of the Black, Brian Lumley
Collection of short stories, not too bad, but I have better things to get invested in, so just skipped it.
>The Art of Invisibility, Kevin Mitnick
Mostly known shit. Prolly already date, given the 5y. Still good intro if you've never heard it, otherwise rehashing.
>Fortunately the Milk, Neil Gaiman
Read half. It's supposed to be funny I guess, but I find it forced. I'll finish it later when I'm not so angry.
>Labyrinth of Ice The Triumphant and Tragic Greely Polar Expedition, Buddy Levy
got to about 40%; it's like Simmons' "The Teerror" sans thiller aspect (inb4 it gets good at the end). Liked the detail, but nothing too thrilling happens, kinda meh, but at least sth happens.
>In the Shadow of Gold, Michael Kenneth Smith
1/10; boring
>Out of Mesopotamia, Salar Abdoh
eastern novel, not too bad; finished in a breath.
>Secrets in the Cellar, John Glatt
Other than the repetitions of testimony over the latter half, great account of a true crime case that's a great read/listen. Not enough detail gore for my taste, but I can understand why the victims wouldn't want to.. Real nice depravity tho

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Is this all it's cracked up to be? Or is it just 600 pages of poop jokes like Gulliver's Travels

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Also, what'd be your thoughts on starting a communial bookclub, wherein books'd be periodically randomly chosen from a pool of members' suggestions for discussion until the next, say, week.
What you be willing to read other anons' shitty suggestions and then beat them over the head with why their taste is bad?

I saw it thusly descriped and thought I wanted to take a gander, in the near future.
Also, whatcha reading?

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It's poop jokes but with obscure scholastic references.

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>What are you currently reading?

Call of the Arcade

>How are you finding it?

Much better than I thought.

>Would you recommond?

I guess. I'm only a little over halfway in.

>Recently finished? How'd you rate them?

The Grapes of Wrath. I read it because it's considered a classic. It was kinda boring.

>What's next on your plate?

I don't know. I'll try anything.

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>Also, whatcha reading?
Popol Vuh, the Mayan epic. It's esoteric nonsense like all creation stories.

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Subjectively, do you like it? There's good and bad non-sense, in a way.
Do you think it's objectively good?
I'm read a bit of norse mythology, and can't understand fucking anything. The meanings of things have drifted far since that time, and I'm no scandinavian to feel them.

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>>What are you currently reading? How are you finding it? Would you recommend?
The rational male by Rollow Tomassi. 90% of its ideas aren't new concepts to me, if anything it's helped to put the things I know in to a structure. It's an excellent book, but hardcore redpill guys and feminists will probably give you the wrong idea about it.
>>Recently finished? How'd you rate them?
God emperor of Dune - worth the slog through book 3.I rate it 8/10.
>>What's next on your plate?
I've got a couple of books on meditation that I want to read, I'm not sure if meditation is for me, but it's something I want to explore.

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>worth the slog
I have the six lined up, abooks and texts side-by-side for max concentration. I thought they were supposed to be scifi masterpieces. You've opened doubt's lid.
Most books I've come across that could be classified self-help, that have to do with 'redpilling' are too tryhard, but I know there are a few old pillars of the mgtow movements- I'm subed to one, bc. he weaves together a lot of ideas, statsistics, history and is just well-read and well-informed - colttaine (yt, possibly bitchute andothers); the others like startdusk annoyed me thru repetitiveness and predictability or shallowness of thought. Hope that helps, if any.
Thanks for sharing.

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>You've opened doubt's lid
To elaborate, I would still recommend Dune overall. Some quick thoughts on what I've read so far.
First half is very slow, Herbert references things first and explains them a chapter later, which can be somewhat annoying and confusing. Once you reach the midpoint, the stage has been set and you're in for action and the pay off from the setup. It's a classic heroes' journey, but subverts it in some ways by having a unique setting and the way that characters manage their power.
Aftermath of book 1. If Dune is a heroes journey, Messiah is a tragedy. Melancholic and shows the negatives of larger than life heroes, humanises a lot of characters.
>Children of Dune
Pure setup for God Emperor. The worst Dune book I have read so far, in my opinion. It's necessary to understand what is going on in God emperor. The plot in this one kind of drags a bit. Still an average book at least. Has a lot of interesting takes on state and religion.
>God Emperor
Every book prior has been setup for this. It simply can not exist without all of the concepts and ideas covered in the others. It gets better and better as you piece together what the fuck is going on and see where everything is going. I'm sorry this is vague, but I don't want to spoil anything for you. God emperor is where everything gets fucking weird. It's more philosophical than the other books combined.

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Tolstoys "Life's Path“. I actually liked the ideas despite his moralism but knowing that it was his last written book then its acceptable. Old people.
>currently reading
The Vocation of Man by Fichte. I only read the preface by translator.

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