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Something’s wrong, I hold my head, Philip’s gone, our prince is dead.

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He read Guenon. That's not even a stupid meme. He actually was a fan of Guenon.

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Noooooooo, he was the most based royal.

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I think he would have really liked F. Gardner’s ‘Call of the Crocodile’
Gone too soon
Rest in peace, sweet Prince

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Wasn't that Charles?

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he died like, 8 years ago

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This is unexpected, I thought he had a few years left on him.

I liked his comments.

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Gonna miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe

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Which one is your favourite?

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sounds like he would have fit right

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Hahaha I was just thinking when I heard on the radio about this old fucks death, who gives a shit?

But now I've read this, I'm in mourning RIP

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funny old chap

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He and the Queen are the best of the lot by far. After she's gone I just don't care.

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Charles, but lol.

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Edmund Burke or something like that.

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What a lad, he'll be missed

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>Something’s wrong, I hold my head, Philip’s gone, our prince is dead.
I wet the bed, I told the thread. Philips inbred, so I said.

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19. Is the most based easily, followed by 22. and 21.

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How many affairs did they cover up for this dude?

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>Do you still throw spears at each other?
He spoke his mind whenever wherever, a rare quality.
He will be missed...

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Wtf why is he not cancelled yet??

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If you read around, many of the people he said it to weren’t offended and realised it was either a joke or taken out of context.


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Aboriginals do still throw spears at each other as a punishment in their customary law, it's called spearing. Also in rural areas when familial conflicts take place using spears isn't unheard of.

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What a beautiful culture, I'll never understand how someone could call these people "savages"

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I think Prince Charles read Guenon and the other perennialists, not him.

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Americans used to hang black people for fun

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he had a pretty expensive education so he was probably pretty well read as a young man. i bet he knew his classics far better than anyone who posts here

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no one unironically thinks the US is a place of culture either

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>Americans used to hang black people for fun
God Bless America

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Hey at least they spoke English

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Another one down, the Queen is next :)

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The president of the AA, Edmund King said high profile car crashes involving elderly drivers often spark calls for bans or restrictions on older drivers.

But he added: "If driving restrictions based on age and safety were introduced we would be more likely to restrict young drivers rather than older drivers.

"Young, predominantly male, drivers are much more likely to crash within six months of passing their test than older drivers within six months of hanging up their keys.

"Older drivers often self restrict their driving by not driving at night and only driving on familiar roads."

The duke famously drove the Obamas when the then-US president and first lady visited Windsor in 2016.

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Francis Fukuyama was literally right. Most people are responding to his death by making memes. History is over. Every historical figure is a commodity to be mocked and desecrated for their past moral impurities, nothing is preserved. The royal family will die with Elizabeth, and good riddance

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>Most people are responding to his death by making memes.
There's nobody in my house doing this, and at any rate most people never make memes at all.

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What are you willing to bet Charles will go before her?

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Everyone on social media is, everyone under the age of 30 is. The inheritors of the world who have nothing to live for except destroy the past and hide their despair through irony.

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>deffo not something to be proud of
Do you think these "people" would ever stand, fight and sacrifice for anything other than themselves in their entire pathetic lives.

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Evidently, the RAF didn’t kill enough German scum.

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Everyone under 30 is not on social media. Only losers are on social media and they only influence other losers. The other week I was discussing something with a relative of mine and I asked him to direct me to something I could read about the topic and he said he read about it on Facebook, then he got mad because I was laughing at him, and I still haven't found any actual studies or facts on what he was going on about although I've tried and I'm rather adept at finding information. My point is that it doesn't matter and you may safely ignore it.

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Those are trolls. Their opinions aren't necessarily genuine.

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RIP Big Phil

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The original American hedonists

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He was a true lad and a hero we didn't deserve.

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20 million people protested for BLM. Social media is our primary reality after this pandemic, especially for zoomers, sorry to break it to you but it’s very important and representative of modern life

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>sorry to break it to you but it’s very important and representative of modern life
What we supposed to do about it?

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Well, you just go have a think about what I'm trying to teach you ok. We can talk later.

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Laugh at some memes and try to be better than the dregs born and raised on social media, God knows we’re in for a shitshow when boomers die and the globalized generations inherit the world

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You're retarded.
Social media convinced tens of millions that the election was stolen, that Qanon was real, and countless other shit. Social media now has greater power than any other social force.

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who gives a fuck about some faggy prince. britain fucking sucks

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Adding my submission.

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He was based.

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I'm not saying that it doesn't exist or doesn't influence anybody. I'm saying that it is ignorable and that only fools would take it seriously. See BLM, anti-mask protests, Capitol Riots, etc. All foolishness.
>Social media now has greater power than any other social force.
None of that shit matters. Go read The Pied Piper.

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Based Baader-Meinhoff poster

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Top lad, RIP.

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This one is sort of bullshit, because it's literally a Chinese saying. They're proud of the crazy eating habits. SJW's just shitting on him for repeating someone else's joke.

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Memes aside he read books about UFOs

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forgot pic

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This is how it’s always been

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reddit has entered the chat

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They're literally the owners of Britain, you uneducated reddit swine

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Democracy was a mistake

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Thanks for the Reddit gold kind stranger!

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Old angloshits are creepy.

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go outside, m8

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and 7 billion didn’t

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But wait, there’s more.

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does this mean that hell is full of muslims?

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I don’t think she’s a Muslim anon

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the prince

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I don't care about respecting culture but my fucking god we Anglos are cancerous hypocrites - the same people who defend this childish crap as 'a bit of fun' are the same humourless, flag-toting proles who go on about MUH BRI'ISH CULTURE WILL BE PRESERVED. glad this old relic is dead, can't wait for the monarchy to fall into oblivion.

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He meant the Royal Air Force, not a bunch of oversocialised commies lmao

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go back

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Post hands so I can see skin color.

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finally, more oxygen for us

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Based. They should be enlisting to die for Israel

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The bourgeoisie actively fought the British monarchy wtf?

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Apparently one of the last books he read was a Napoleon biography

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Poor lad, he'll be missed

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It was my grandpa's funeral today and the vicar threw in a bit about "of course there is another death today" about him and it was pretty fucking awkward as my grandpa didn't even like him.

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