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Why the fuck are fictionfags so butthurt about philosophy being discussed here? What's so repulsive about it?

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People are stupid

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why are people who dislike reading and discussing books so hellbent on having their discussions on the literature board?

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Most shitposts and low quality bait threads come from non fiction, e.g., this fucking thread

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>non-fiction = philosophy

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One time a friend of mine mentioned he’s waiting before marriage to have sex. Another friend of mine, a whore, got triggered at this sentiment. She immediately went off about how sex is important to a relationship and how he was making a mistake. She also did it in a very condescending way, as if she was wiser than him.
Why did she do this? Because she was insecure. She fucked all the time, but for some reason, deep down, she felt it was wrong. So she projected onto him.

Same thing here. Fiction kitties know they should read philosophy, but they lack the intelligence and will power to actually carry through with it. And so they project onto us.

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When people discuss fiction they are discussing a specific author or book . When people discuss philosophy they are discussing 2 cent shower thoughts and pee pee bum bum do I exist? No books

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I was on board with your argument.

Then I thought - shit, what if he’s projecting?

So I decided to read philosophy.

Then I realised it was 5D chess.

Bravo anon, bravo

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>When people discuss fiction they are discussing a specific author or book
Because that's the furthest one can go to having a mentally stimulating conversation with a library of fiction, the book or author, not the contents and the ideas connections.

>When people discuss philosophy they are discussing 2 cent shower thoughts and pee pee bum bum do I exist?

That is a sub division, not the entirety. Not all philosophers engage in useless observations, old books are superior because people couldn't just type stuff up they had to laboriously write everything out, and often it was incredibly useful observations or thought formulas that I use everyday and will use everyday, should've started with the greeks and not nietzsche L0L.

There is more wisdom in one chapter of non fiction, than in an entire book of fiction.

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most 'philosophy' threads contain reference to not one chapter of non fiction

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You’re confusing philosophy with philosophy on this board. Philosophy on this board is so broadly defined that it’s a green card for shitposting. It has turned this place into a /r9k/ and /pol/ colony.

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The German Idealism threads are always fantastic. Start one with a targeted query rn and all the big brain anons show up to play

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There are good philosophy threads. But most them are like OP: shit

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because majority of philosophy is just simply retarded and pointless. Imagine unironically spending hundreds of years debating ontological proofs for god.

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Philosophy is gay, retarded and utterly soulless.

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