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>It's only rape if he forcefully holds you down and inserts his penis into you while you are screaming for him to stop, everything else is coercion.

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Prison for life + castration

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I recc the little prince

>the nazis were too humane and if they were more cruel they would have won

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>All philosophical inquire is utter vanity. What truth is or isn't or whatever it is or it isn't, the only way to speculate is through death.

(Limits of language fucks one in the ass whenever one try write things like this)

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>trannies actually aren't that bad and I don't really get the reee'ing about them

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I can see you sat behind your computer monitor just seething. ywnbaw.
Not a great definition. If she's screaming and you whack her on the head hard enough to knock her out is it then not rape? IDK to me it seems like it's rape if the woman is in an compromised state of consciousness that makes her compliant with sex when she otherwise would be screaming.

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so if someone holds you down and rubs his cock and balls on your face it's not rape, but coercion?

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If you aren't seeking to maximise your physical skill and power you aren't really a man

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Both scenarios use force so both are rape.

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>and inserts his penis into you
doesn't include this so its not rape

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Strawmanning is not cute.

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dumb, physical skill and power gives diminishing returns.
better to hit the soft cap then work on something else

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In order for America to be "great again" it must die. Only from its ashes can a phoenix rise again.

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>It's only rape if he forcefully holds you down and inserts his penis into you while you are screaming for him to stop, everything else is coercion.
so in order for it to be rape, you say that there must be penis insertion and there must be physical force, not just the threat of physical force.
I don't see how this is a strawman

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This is clearly not rape but sexual assault.

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So unironically, women cannot rape then? What if someone were to forcefully fist a victim? Or what about sex toys? All just sexual assault, but not rape? For the record, rape is a type of sexual assault.

What's the point of getting this specific about definitions and why do you draw the line where you do?

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here i'll make it more descriptive for you

>It's only rape if he uses force to get it, if you weren't physically restrained and could physically leave at anytime, it wasn't rape it was coercion.

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You think life is like a dnd game. Every cookie cutter office worker gets mogged by 16 year old wrestlers and boxers

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