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Any refutations?

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>I disagree

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Hi Curtis.
Need a tissue?

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There's a good review out there that points out some historical inaccuracies. IIRC you can find it on Amazon. I don't know of any outright refutations though, even Scott Alexander hasn't managed to come up with one.

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So THIS is the power of the . . . . .-pill

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>Scott Alexander
Literally who?
Post your shelf accfag

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>he doesn't know possibly the only modern other than CY who will still be read in 100 years

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Yes, reactionary politics is cringe

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I think he has reduced the levers of power to too few institutions with his cathedral. The press, academia, NGOs, and the civil service are iirc what he includes in the concept. These are obviously very powerful and it is helpful to talk about their power since they like to mask it, but what about billionaires who fund networks of NGOs and own media outlets? What about banks that manipulate currencies and extort entire nations, funneling trillions of dollars into different directions?

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Back to /pol/

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does he? you're right

>The press, academia, NGOs, and the civil service are iirc what he includes in the concept

is a front for this
>but what about billionaires who fund networks of NGOs and own media outlets? What about banks that manipulate currencies and extort entire nations, funneling trillions of dollars into different directions?

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>what about billionaires who fund networks of NGOs and own media outlets?

Money can only go so far, and that's not far at all if you cut against the grain of common consensus (elite opinion). How much money has been poured into Cato since the 70s? How much societal change have they actually affected? It's less than you'd think.

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He makes an IMO very valid point that the elites have for most of history held wealth in contempt. Even now, there are academics whoring themselves out just so they can survive until tenure and journalists working for mcdonalds-tier wages because they feel they're making a difference.

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Yeah, there's no such thing as an "open-minded progressive".

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journalists and professors are elites????

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I bet janny is going to delete this. They hate rightist threads/authors. Moldbug in particular is hated.

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He's a Chosen.

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Yeah I dunno why. Is there a way to bitch about this somewhere?

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I wonder what Guenon (PBUH) think of Moldbug.

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can you explain the thought process that led him and you to that conclusion?

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>Is there a way to bitch about this somewhere?
/qa/ is the meta board. But it'll be ignored and drowned in spam. It's similar to 8/pol/ back in the day where they had a meta board full of spam to drown out all the actual critiques of the way the incompetent board owner was handling things. I imagine there are some discords or IRC channels where jannies/mods can be found, but I haven't seen any yet.

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>but what about billionaires who fund networks of NGOs and own media outlets
He won't talk about this because he would have to reveal his own payroll

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They haven't banned you in 5 years of spamming this board accfag. Why would they start now?
Someone is unmentionable though and they say his name is an autoban

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Remember when accfag was a mod for a week? I caught two weeks for posting the acc bullying pasta.
They won't even remove a retarded ban from autist tranny mods

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I don't know, can you read the book in the OP?

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This especially neoreaction lmao

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Think of them as the clergy.

Professors are the high clergy who decide doctrine, journalists are the low clergy who preach to the masses.

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Well I don't agree, in fact, I disagree with Moldbug, on a lot. A whole lot. You couldn't imagine how much we disagree. It's a pretty big disagreement.

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Who's Accfag? I'm just a regular fag who noticed that threads about Hitler and Moldbug are deleted a lot.

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>Who's Accfag
lmao every time.

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Hitler threads are against the rules though, pretty sure posting low quality isn't allowed.

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>he admits hitler is a right winger
that's a start

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Then acc, land, moldbug, bap would be gone

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I mean the posters themselves would probably get deleted but the topics themselves wouldn't I'm saying the topic of Hitler itself is low quality.

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a technocratic pseud who larps as a rationalist with no epistemological foundation for rationalism. Also a scumbag behind mask recommendations.

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I mean I'm on the other side (yeah I hate directionposting too but I'm making a point) but I still think his stuff is worthwhile

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It's kind of an open secret that Scott agrees with Yarvin on a ton of things. A ton of the higher ups in SV privately agree and support Yarvin; Peter Thiel is just the only one with the balls to say it publicly.

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>is just the only one
Enjoy your ban retard.

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And so does Moldbug lmao.

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He's literally a startup millionaire genius. I dunno what the fuck your standard are m8

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Has he actually said it though? I know Scott's shit got leaked recently and his articles increasingly flirted with NRx for a while. Thiel though has only sponsored Urbit, that's pretty much it.

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You ok? The hostility is unnecessary.

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He digresses too much

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>As Bagehot observed—along with Aristotle, Machiavelli, Schmitt, Burnham, and all the best people in between—constitutions drift. Formal and actual power diverge.

>This makes actual power harder to look at. Power doesn’t like to be looked at. Power can be quite happy with constitutional drift. But, from a distance, it seems sinister. Can we prevent constitutional drift entirely? Maybe we could write the constitution down—ideally on some kind of durable material, like parchment. Or even granite.

>America was not the first country to inscribe its basic law—whether in stone, or on Ethereum, makes little difference. Even if it is only memorized in the secret chants of the tribal elders, there is usually some ritually correct prescriptive constitution.

>When this constitution is obeyed, practical and official power match. Power can be looked at. Anyone who looks at it sees how things actually work. It’s a cool idea.

>But when the actual shape of real power cannot be derived from this ritual inscription, a regime actually has two constitutions: a prescriptive constitution, which is ritually valid; and a descriptive constitution, which is how power actually works. Nothing but human beings can force other human beings to obey stone—or Ethereum.

I want to write like him bros

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Thiel is pretty open about "democracy's incompatibility" regarding our current modes of living. And he does or at least did fund Yarvin at some point

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There's a 2014 post by Scott where he outright said he had become very neoreactionary. But he doesn't seem to have stayed that way. And the things he does believe, like race realism, he won't ever talk about publicly.

his startup has been a failure so far (though he may have gotten rich off crypto recently.)

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Damn Bezos must be our Shakespeare.

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That is basically what I was in like 2011, I actually came to 4chan and engaged in 'rational debates' with the racists and other wrongthinkers because I was utterly convinced I would win them, having been taught by the educational system that you should always consider every idea and defend your own beliefs. It is simply cruel to teach peasants to 'think for themselves' in a system which is this absurdly dishonest; my serf ancestry is calling out to me from centuries past, telling me I'm supposed to post BLM squares on instagram, but not only do I not have instagram, which deprivation is on its own a clear prelude to genocide the UN has somehow missed, instead i am reading 14th century legal doctrine I cannot hope to meaningfully contextualize in order to 'own' the immense quixotic mirage which I grasp as 'the libs'. Unnatural, deeply unnatural, I should be enslaved in a work camp to stamp out this uppity behavior which I have been forced to engage in by shadowy bureaucracies who replaced my plough and scythe with grafted-on Enlightenment debate habits, like a cow whose forelimbs have been deformed into giant fleshy lobster claws, a monstrous imitation of a function the cow does not even possess, that hobbles its natural movement and makes it unbelievably grotesque. In fact I feel I am basically owed reparations for this derangement of my peasant psyche; I was not constituted to perform anything other than toil and unthinking worship, and even Christianity is pushing it, a vulgar animism of river and forest deities is more appropriate to my caste; during the frequent psychotic breaks which afford me respite from my ideological transgression I gravitate instinctively towards tree worship, being essentially a kind of abused plant myself. But my gardeners have abandoned me to a cruel wilderness in which I am forced to huddle with the other weeds in a shrieking tangle of madness and insolent degeneration, bringing forth poisoned berries that rot before they bud: anon delenda est.

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Depends. I wouldn’t call some serious historian or biologist, etc. an “elite” but universities do have a lot of power and academics often set the agenda for discussion(they were talking about shit like “whiteness” decades before the mainstream picked it up, as one example).

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He had another one back when he was 19. Had to drop out of his PhD lmao.

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Is this pasta?

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The good ol boys podcast always have an interesting angle when they discuss Moldbug. The Cathedral/Vampire castle episode was good. He's been on as a guest as well.

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