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The fall of Trump and the replacement of genuine opposition to the system with shills like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson proves the thesis pic related makes in One-Dimensional Man, about how the US capitalist society is essentially totalitarian and only presents the veneer of choice to the plebs. What we witnessed is similar to how RINOs hijacked the TEA party.
How do we stop the Cucks from supporting the cucked opposition?

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The RINOs hijacking the TEA party is mirrored perfectly in the fraud squad progressives. The system only lets the sellouts in. There can be no political revolution, only a social revolution.

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>social revolution
For what ends? Does it matter? Why? Go deep enough and it’s all shit. Your ignorance deserves death.

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of course bourgeois reformism was never gonna work, but there is no avenue for america since it is the most psy-opped place in human history

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You seem to be from the “antinatalist” thread. Has it been taken down yet?

Somehow Seattle put Kshama Sawant in their city council. And though I oppose representative democracy in the long run, if we can mobilize enough people to take other city councils for the immediate short run, I’m for it.

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>social revolution
Why do you larpers always talk about revolution. What's wrong with being ordinary? Since when I need a fucking revolution to chop wood and sleep when tired

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>mmm propagating my goodness is good because...

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>Since when I need a fucking revolution to chop wood and sleep when tired
You try to avoid the state and squat on some bankers land, they will find you and tax you

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“RINOs” are the majority of the party desu.

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It’s a fake distinction. They’re corporatists. From AOC to Mitch McConnell

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Mister Repressive Tolerance is never right about anything, least of all the wished-for diagnosis of the ills of American society suggested by the other posters in this thread.

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Hence AnCap is the only Anarchism, and crypto is the only money.

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