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Why did you make an early thread? The other one hasn't even reached the bump limit.

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this is my favorite scene in star trek

severest autism

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Because of the Animefags are going to make a new thread with anime. Someone has to start making them before he does, just do it before the bump limit

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I think I’m going to snap

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>me coming to this thread every night to read relatable sad anecdotes from young males

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Makes me feel less alone. But it shouldn't make us complacent either. We can do it bros. We may never be completely normal but we have incredible room for growth and the ability to recover if we put in the effort and get back up when we fall off the path for a moment

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Based, fuck the animetrannies

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I wish I could sleep better and longer. I've gotten every aspect of my self-care in order except for this. I know I need to stop napping for it to happen but sometimes the daytime fatigue gets so bad it actively HURTS to stay awake after I come home from work.

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This was a good album. Prefer their previous one though. Really like the Cthulhu/Lovecraft aesthetic they're going for.

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Jesus fuck, are you still crying over that shit? It was only three threads that had anime pic and only you were bitching about it.

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>he's going to have another fit

Uh oh. Better call your discord friend to back you up again.

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I think I've finally cracked the mystery of why the civilizations of the ancient near east made so many remarkable achievements while their modern incarnations remain mired in poverty and dysfunction. It's quite simple really. The achievements of these civilizations were the work of a tiny minority of high IQ elites. With the advent of steamships and the abolition of slavery, the descendents of these elites fled to the Western hemisphere in the 19th and early 20th century. Half a million Syrian Christians left the Ottoman empire before 1914. Today, the descendents of those migrants enjoy higher standards of living than almost all white ethnic groups in the US.

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am I going crazy are you that anon behind every webm of cute animals?

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Oh god, you’re that schizo. Seek help.

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I don't think so, I have probably posted some before but not enough that I'm a regular animalposter. There's another anon who posts elephants?

Burn in hell animefaggot.

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Do you call anyone who disagrees with you an animefaggot?

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Just this one

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A generation paralyzed, even while in motion. By what? The information of all, the exalting of none. The work done for you, by whose soul come undone. Kings of the island, divided. Ushering in the end. Feasting on the finish.

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You do know making a new thread before the bump limit is spamming right?

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all I have to say anon is dont give up. unless you literally have physical injury derailing you, just stay on the righteous path. its just not worth it to derail yourself through being black pilled

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>This was a good album. Prefer their previous one though. Really like the Cthulhu/Lovecraft aesthetic they're going for.

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The end is on my mind

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I hate the way I look

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I hate having a dick. I want to be a mean, green thinking and writing machine. I’m sick of having to masturbate maybe once or twice or more a day to google images or lesbian porn because I can’t even bare to see male dicks in porn any longer. The sight of penises are literally distressing; they’re all so ugly and revolting. Only the female form can be beautiful.

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I think I’m right at that border where I’m mentally ill but I’m functional enough that I come off as low end of normal. Honestly, my self esteem is at an all time low and I’m just constantly struggling with everything. I’m so tired, guys and I’m confused all the time. I really don’t like myself and I really don’t know if I can do this forever. Sorry I’m a buzzkill.

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xbox two

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god I hate my menial wagie job. Many people congratulate me and on paper it looks good: no debt, health insurance, a pension. I have a growing bank account and job security, all I have to do is drive around in circles delivering plastic chinese garbage and bank statements for twenty five more years. God I don't know if I can do it. I hate the drudgery, I hate the anxiety of being in the office, I hate driving those tin can pieces of shit in snowstorms and hurricanes, I hate customers, I hate their fucking dogs, and I'm so fucking bored.
Part of me says that it's not too late, I should just shoot my shot before it's too late, go back to school and try to learn something useful and launch myself into an educated profession like engineering, maybe even get out of this hellhole country. Then I start thinking about the debt I'd be taking on, putting up with university shitlib bullshit, the risk that it wouldn't pay off or that I'd give up before i finish or that I'd be just as unhappy doing that work as I am doing this work, that maybe the real cause of my unhappiness is just myself.
Another part of me wants just take a pay cut and do something else entirely like get a TOEFL cert and teach english overseas, just get the fuck out of this circular kafkatrap bureaucracy hellmaze. Idk what to do bros I'm such an indecisive little bitch, that's how I get here in the first place, by just taking the path of least of resistance and avoiding risk and I couldn't be unhappier.

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>I think I’m right at that border where I’m mentally ill but I’m functional enough that I come off as low end of normal.
Is the lower end of normal your low or your high? I've always felt like I balance between high and low functioning. Some times I can be a productive member of society and sometimes I can't. I always want to be better but no matter how much I wish the weight of the world comes crashing down on me, and it's too much to handle. It looks like sloth to an outside observer, but it's really fear^3.

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>think im over my ex
>been a month and half since we broke up
>in general and when taking in account everything thats happened since she left im strictly a better man, and happier

But without fail, if I see a number I don't have saved on my phone my heart skips a beat thinking its her. Ahh, better to have lost and loved then never to have loved at all they say.

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It's in the past now

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Going through a break up too man. That stage when you have to let them turn to bittersweet memories is hard. You start becoming optimistic for future love and then you also feel like a monster for ever letting them slip out of your heart. Its just always the little things that open their grave letting them haunt you again. I feel you man.

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My high I guess. I’ve like just barely managed to get by and hold it together you know so I never really got help or anything. I don’t even really know what it means to be a productive member of society. What does it mean to you?

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It is, that is where I need to leave her. I'm trying to
>That stage when you have to let them turn to bittersweet memories is hard. You start becoming optimistic for future love and then you also feel like a monster for ever letting them slip out of your heart. Its just always the little things that open their grave letting them haunt you again
Sorry anon, hopefully you're doing alright. really felt what you said, its a tough time.

you doing anything to help get your mind off it? I'm in talks with a guy to buy a really nicely restored bike and gonna get into cycling, also doing some sports and trying to meet new people, reading as well of course

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Cycling sounds a great way to keep your mind occupied. I've been reading, painting/drawing, writing poems and music to get my mind off of it.

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>Idk what to do bros I'm such an indecisive little bitch, that's how I get here in the first place, by just taking the path of least of resistance and avoiding risk and I couldn't be unhappier.
Something that has helped me lately is to think about how pissed you'll be in 1 year if things are still the same, thats 1 more year doing this thing you obviously despise with all your heart, and 1 more year closer towards your death.

The death one really puts things in perspective for me, the stoics got one thing right. Sooner or later you will die. Better to take a chance then never having tried at all id say. You seem like a tough guy, seems like you could get through things no matter how bad they get. Can anything be worse then it is now? godspeed anon

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post a poem anon if you feel comfortable anon, id love to read it

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I’m so fucking immature and moody. Why am I such a piece of shit?! I’m going to be 30 in a few years ffs.

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Christ, are you me? You took the words right out of my mouth even though we work very different jobs and I have zero school aspirations. I want to write, dude. I hate myself and that’s the only thing that makes me feel better. It’s the only reason I keep rolling the dice every morning.

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I posted this in a poetry thread 3 days ago but its about the night of the breakup. So its the most fitting one I've wrote recently. Its very melodramatic.

I can feel it
Stalking, staring
across the stygian land
Poised to strike and spill my blood
across the sand

The mirror hath
broken, The reflection left
to soon, winds bellow your final words
Frozen, in my hollow head forming
an echoed croon

There be a forgotten fire on this lonesome beach
Breathing its final heated breath upon the horrid breeze
Abandoned by its cruel God in a coffin for none to see
That is except the watchful stars and woeful me
But alas!
Why do they seem so out of reach?

The service has started
I take my solemn seat
Dreadful emotions, in they creep
And when my future is, but painful memories
I cry out:
“Oh why! Oh why!
Why must it be!”

Primal calls are thrown towards heavens on high
Across our dismal distant sky
and beyond
But only the oceans steady ebb and flow
will ever respond
I know those stars won’t, for the dead never crow

The last weep is wept and the body ignites
Ascend boy! Join the chorus of burning spectres in the night
Hark! Behold us!
We be coy corpses of light!
But do hold back thy pity on thy tongue!
for we passed oh so ever long ago
in the either of everlast darkness
Together, forever, alone

There be a dead fire on this beach,
And we are all killers Beuniparte and sharks included
Especially me

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Same. Sometimes I wish I was worse so I could qualify for help, but it feels like I'm just healthy enough to make it all my fault. Being a productive member of society? Paying taxes I suppose, but it goes beyond that. I don't feel like a citizen. I feel like a stranger at a party, and an imposter. It's shit, and I wish I could drop it, but still, after all these years, I catch my breath after passing people on the street. Constant dread, constant anxiety, periods of derealization, it never stops.

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It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It’s just overflowing with emotion.

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thanks for your kind words and insight
I think we both need to take our risks before we spend our lives cursing ourselves for cowardice and wondering 'what if?'.

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I sympathize with what you’re saying a lot. I just want to run away or disappear a lot dude. I’m like tired, I’m barely holding it together, and I’m so disappointed with well, all of this. I’m sure you feel kinda similarly. I don’t know. Tell me if I’m wrong. One of the places I still come here is because it’s the only place I feel like people understand, ya know? It never gets you unstuck though. People offer advice but it doesn’t really help because they’re not you and you’re not them and in the end, there’s always this sense of “it was always futile”. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but I feel stuck. I want out.

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I agree. I don’t really know what to do next though. I mean, I thought about quitting and just kind of writing. I could live with family but I want to do other stuff too. So I’m not sure.

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melodramatic is okay anon, in the grand scheme of things I think love is the most important out of everything, so perhaps its perfectly dramatic

im not a huge poetry guy, but i like it, thank you for posting

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>see pretty girl streaming on Tiktok
>tell her that she'd be great for Blacked.com
>she responds that's not the first time she was told that

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What are you trying to read? His tragedies are generally harder than his comedies. So if you're struggling, I'd recommend starting with something relatively easy like The Merchant of Venice.

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What do you think of this music?

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Every time I want to do something, I first have to defeat myself. I have to argue and win against the thousands of (metaphorical) voices in my head telling me it's no use, and that what I want is above my station. After that, I have to fight the world to get my wish, and the world is no easier than me. Things rarely go my way, and my defeats pile up on me, amplifying the signal.

Piece of advice though, and it fucking sucks: Running away doesn't help. I've isolated myself from time to time, and it doesn't make me more capable of taking on the world. I don't regain my energy from taking a break. I'm a quite asocial guy, so I don't really have a direct emotional need to talk to people, but when I isolate myself, it gets worse. Like right now, I even dread turning on the computer in the morning. Order is decreasing, chaos is amounting, and the walls are closing in.

Yes. I feel like running away. A cabin in the woods or boat at sea, something or some place where I make the rules, but it's very far away, and to get there I would have to win at the game I'm currently playing anyway, so where do I go? Idk man. Diet, exercise and sleep is my main focus right now. Wont solve my problems, but may enable me to do some work when I get better.

Disappointment btw? Not in my frame of mind at the moment, just fear, but it's clearly fucked up across the board. Everything. The world is a rat race, and it's global.

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>People offer advice but it doesn’t really help because they’re not you and you’re not them
And oh, hahah, accidentally offered you advice anyway. Yeah I get this a lot. "When I'm sad I just think of this funny joke" or "I also used to have trouble sleeping, but a glass of warm milk always made me sleepy, try that anon". Entry level shit, things I've tried on something like day 2 of this 10 year misadventure. Yeah, we have to solve this ourselves.

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I haven't been able to fall asleep before 4am at the very earliest for over a week. I only get about 4 hours of sleep and wake up panicked at 8am and start the day on a tremendously shitty note. I fear the moment when I will pass into unconsciousness each time I try to sleep. Not because of a fear that I will not wake up, that doesn't bother me in the slightest. But merely because it is certain to come upon me and I will not realize when it is happening. My consciousness will shut off while my brain configures background and essential tasks as it is biologically programmed to do, as it does for everyone and has for millions upon millions of years. It will happen as it is happened for me my entire life. It's happened over 9000 times in my life, but yet for some reason I suddenly fear it. I fear it because it is immutable and will always occur, but just as I have no control over it happening nor can I ever know it. Nor can I see it coming as it is happening, It will subsume me as it happens and has always happened and I will suddenly wake hours later, panicked and in a pool of my own sweat, horrified at the existential implication of where I have been and what had taken me over for the past few hours.

I absolutely hate it. I resent it. I resent sleeping and falling asleep. I resent it for reasons I can't understand. I resent it for its unknowability. I'm reminded of Cormac McCarthy "anything that exists without my knowledge exists without my consent". This is not at all what he was talking about when he wrote that line, but it is a phrase that turns over in my mind when I think about sleep. It exists without my consent.

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We should ban porn

>> No.18067936

My friends, I have another question about commas. Should I have a comma here:

...Indian-registered actively managed emerging market bond mutual funds...

i.e., something like this:

...Indian-registered, actively managed emerging market bond mutual funds...

Thanks you.

>> No.18067990

yes. You should separate these because they are both modifying the same object equally. The comma is there so that the reader knows the first adjectival phrase is not modifying the next adjectival phrase. Go with the comma

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We should ban/bar religious threads.

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I find myself no longer caring that my life is changing around me. I just hope that I can hasten the forgetting of how my life used to be. And yet I still sleep in the same bedroom that I did as a child.

>> No.18068231

Those of you who write erotica, where do you publish? What kind do you write? What's your current project?

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I cannot enjoy my own sexual nature any more. I have no partner; masturbation is just a mechanical task. I cannot remember the last time I watched porn, not that I miss it. I do not get erections nor do I feel much impulse to look over women I see in public. When I dream of women, I dream mild, childish, nearly innocent scenarios or desires. Though somehow, I've began having wet dreams again, but only when I'm sick and running a fever and they make me anxious and revolted. What is wrong with me? It must be mental, right? My sex drive began to drop once I started having epididymitis in my right testicle, and reoccurring instances just seem to be accelerating this.

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same situation you're in except it was only half a month ago.

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>stop liking what I don't like!

>> No.18068364

someones butthurt lmao

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Posting this from another thread because it went unnoticed:
Hello friends, have you ever had any compulsions towards Christian faith after reading specific works? The Sickness Unto Death and Confessions have left me feeling like this recently. I'm letting it wear off to make sure it's not a pointless urge. What do?

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Try praying. Try talking to God. Ask God to come into your life. Invite Him in. See what happens.

>> No.18068502

Thank you anon. I will.

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My night dream had a couple episodes. First one was about seeing Buckingham pallace being destroyed by controlled demolition (its strange because im not a uk resident or i ever seen it in the first place) then i started walking in the street until i reached poorly lit, dangerous neighbor hood and realized that it was 11 pm already. I was so surprised that i went into a bar, sit next to some girl and explained hows its possible not to ever notice that 15 hours has passed by just walking on a street. The third episode was about me baking bread, giving a brother to taste it and then mailing it to someone. I have no idea what it all means, maybe im too dumb when it comes to dream interpretation.

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i figure the need for religion is because all humans cant enrich themselves in autistic philosophical morals - but infact religion is the most unbeatable way to enrich the masses, and because i think no intelligent man can be greater than the masses, then religion too is unbeatable for even the most intelligent man

>> No.18069308

I once had a dream that I was sucking Rocco Botte's socked feet. It wasn't wet, but I woke up with a boner. Probably my favorite dream ever.

>> No.18069310

Very good. Thank you.

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I hate the thought of Indians like me as being victims of racism as some of my Indian subgroups online claim. We have more blessings than any immigrant group can hope to have in foreign nations, and I cringe at Indians who co-opt movements meant for those who have legitimate social grievances against the state. With tiny exceptions there's very little genuine hatred towards us. It's more like mockery. If a black man says something controversial on race, people might attack him but it's in part due to what he says - not just the fact a black man is speaking. If an Indian says something even harmless, it's often dismissed simply because we're Indians... like we're a meme people. At least there are large segments of society that promote and uplift the plight of blacks. It may be excessive but that's besides the point. I guess being seen as a joke is better than being hated, but it's demoralizing in its own way. It's been hard for me to read about Indian history and Hindu philosophy lately the more I notice this.

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I can't understand why people, specially young ones """suffer"" from anxiety/panic attacks.

It does suck, I personally went through it alone without one single mother fucking friend to talk to; now everyone else "has anxiety" but have lots of freinds and materials.

I'm a fucking poorfag and overcame that shit.

When I hear some teen say shit like that, I'm like fuck off. It's about how you view things, like the mere stoic school.

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Part of it is that "depression" is trendy among spoilt zoomers so they enjoy posting about it with dark humor as if they're proud. Young people these days are more neurotic though, even if they're privileged. Given the world they're growing up in it can you blame them? Seems like you started from the bottom so you never got coddled by the bluepilled outlook on life, but those who did and became blackpilled can't cope so they use memes to embrace clown world. It's more of a neurosis from growing up in the modern world combined with depression as being the "new normal" so it's just considered a joke.

>> No.18069674

Fucking agreed. Also fucking check em.

That's what I don't get, where their "proudness" comes from. That's ridiculous. They haven't even deen diagnosed with it; being sad/nervous for a moment doesn't mean they have acquired such mental health states, which are mental illnesses.

But hey, in the end, this is a zionist world.

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The solipsist is no human.

>> No.18069772

Women are not human?

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I think I'm going to lose her. I hope I don't, but it feels like the sun has hit the shades in such a way that I can't sleep any longer. We've been apart for too long. Physical proximity is necessary for a quality, soul-nourishing relationship like ours to survive. And our love is too young. Maybe it's always too young to truly survive distance. So often couples become numb after extended periods apart. I can feel it. I felt it the very first week apart. A numb dead. I fed it some. Nourished it with poems and meditations on death. It was the only way to press on. But God do I miss her. If I could just rest my head on her breast...

>> No.18069855

Seems like social media has turned them into histrionic over-socialized forever children. They always fit the same "I have depression/anxiety/OCD/ADD/etc" types. In fairness 4chan has these types too. But the difference is zoomers want to broadcast it to the world to attract attention, self-pity, be seen as "brave" or "different," etc. Public shaming used to be a way to keep this shit in check but now people are proud about their issues and make it their public persona without fear of being seen as outcasts. It devalues actual mental illness. When everyone's mentally ill then nobody is, ya know?

>But hey, in the end, this is a zionist world.
Yeah pretty much. Imagine someone giving a person brain damage and then calling that person a retard. I feel bad for them.

>> No.18069880

Not that anon but why is the current society in this kind of state? Is it natural course?

>> No.18069941

There can only be one.

>> No.18070322

It's a genuine and mostly well intentioned over-correction which is encouraged and exacerbated by those sectors of society that profit from it.

As much as the stoic, repress your emotions masculine mentality is fetishised by some on 4chan, a society which does not allow men for some sort of honest discussion of emotion is bad. Farmers killing themselves because they are depressed their crops keep failing but are too ashamed to actually discuss it is bad no matter how you spin it. In cases like those, men should be encouraged to talk and look for support - from professionals if need be. However, that message has been taken to mean that ANY self regulation of emotion is a bad thing and that EVERYTHING needs to be shared and then that morphs into because I feel bad it MUST be pathological anxiety, depression etc. and that MUST be a fixed part of my being and not possibly either a) a product of my circumstances or b) a fleeting part of my personality that can and will change over time.

It's beneficial to the psychiatry and of course pharmaceutical industry to promote the latter kind of mindset and so it has spiralled out of control. Plus teenagers are dumb and latch onto subcultures. Teenagers have always romanticised the tortured artist. But now the tortured artist has 'clinical depression', OCD and anxiety and also doesn't produce any art.

>> No.18070332

Trailer for sale or rent
Rooms to let, 50 cents
No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but two hours of pushing broom
Buys a eight by 12 four-bit room
I'm a man of means, by no means
King of the road
Third boxcar, midnight train
Destination: Bangor, Maine
Old worn out suit and shoes
I don't pay no union dues
I smoke, old stogies I have found
Short, but not too big around
I'm a man of means, by no means
King of the road
I know every engineer on every train
All of the children and all of their names
Every handout in every town
Every lock that ain't locked when no one's around
I sing, trailers for sale or rent
Rooms to let, 50 cents
No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but two hours of pushing broom
Buys an eight by 12 four-bit room
I'm a man of means, by no means
King of the road
Trailer for sale or rent
Rooms to let, 50 cents
No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but, two hours of pushing broom
Buys an eight by 12 four-bit room

>> No.18070385

How come anon?
I've been feeling like it too. Just quit my job and lay in bed for months

>> No.18070438

Just ground down by this shitty unpurposeful routine.

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I'm close to failing 4 of the 5 classes I took this semester. If I work my ass off I can probably pass three of them, but one of them I just can't recover from not keeping up with coursework. I feel like a fucking idiot for failing a class. I don’t know how my mom will react when she learns this, she'll probably kick me out. I don't even know what I'm doing with my life

>> No.18070750

I've been noticing how gullible people around here are. So long as you make a multi-post "effortpost" with a couple 10-dollar words people will think you're a genius even if you're just repeating decades or centuries old memes that were never fresh to begin with. Why are people so dazzled by mere verbal pyrotechnics and unsubstantiated self-confidence?

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same desu, but I'm sure she's gonna cry because she did last time

>> No.18070810

Beats me point dexter, why don't you tell me?

>> No.18070839

the world betrayed me

>> No.18070859

There is huge irony in Nationalidts and Traditionalists calling people bugmen- when their whole oint of view is "let go of your individualism and return to the hive"

>> No.18070938 [DELETED] 

lmao your gpa is going to be shit, good luck getting into a decent grad school

>> No.18070998

No, no. What I mean is the advice can be sound, even good but ultimately, it’s kind of useless because no matter what it’s empty generics from an anonymous person a world’s away. They can’t possibly be in your shoes, be in your brain, and so they can’t really understand your situation, how you feel, etc. even if it’s “good” advice it never ends up helping anything to no fault of yours or anyone who gives advice. That’s what I mean.

>> No.18071003

This was me but for 5 straight years

>> No.18071004
File: 62 KB, 976x850, 1618388434382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always skip the fiction section in the New Yorker.

>> No.18071021


>> No.18071049

I guess the bright side is that the professor said I can retake the class in the fall and the new grade will replace the fail

>> No.18071428

The New Yorker is garbage, but it's fun to read the restaurant review column out loud in a Patrick Bateman voice.

>> No.18071491

There's too much choice of media in the modern world. I can't decide what to watch or to play or to read. How do people just pick something? Even if I do pick something I feel dissatisfied with it, and soon I want to try something else.

>> No.18071501

Go back filth

>> No.18071539

I am tremendously insecure about the fact that I chose to stay behind in my tiny college town upon graduation. I have spent pretty much my entire adult life here. Should I be insecure? This feels like an enormous mistake.

>> No.18071542

I don't think it's good that there's an overwhelming amount of media to consoom if that wasn't obvious from my post.

>> No.18071550

you should be insecure because you have such frivolous worries

>> No.18071614

I’m just insecure about it dude. I want to live in a city where there’s more going on. I regret that I never did that. I feel so small and irrelevant. Like who does that? It took me 6 years just to graduate and then I just stuck around.

>> No.18071765

>start thinking about future
>no job
>4 year gap between now and uni graduation
>no savings
>no chance at getting apartment
>absolutely no idea what i might be good at or what i'd want to do without waking up every morning and dreaming about suicide
>still hope to read a book which would change my life or be inspired out of thin air
im so done for

>> No.18071825
File: 60 KB, 845x925, 1618224665274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are an adult!

>> No.18071842

But i dont feel like one despite getting 30 next year.

>> No.18071985

How do you spend your time?

>> No.18072043

Well, i'm a neet so i read books, take long walks and sit here on 4chin.

>> No.18072080
File: 182 KB, 1024x1024, 1476250645010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've come to a sort of conclusion as to why some people are more photogenic than others. Yes, looks do play a role in it but it's not the end all be all. You can still like a retard even if you're handsome.
It's simple. It's your posture. Your day to day posture determines how not only do you see yourself but also how others will see you. Having good posture adds to the likeability factor and in turn you can be more presentable at all times. Which leads to good pictures. To add on to it, good posture adds to more confidence and vice versa. It's like a self fulfilling prophecy. They work hand to hand. I've seen conventionally attractive girls look like shit in pics because they have the posture of a fucking golem and same way handsome men who look shabby because they their shoulders rolled.

>> No.18072423
File: 21 KB, 451x446, 1599536248107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im beginning to worry that my newfound faith in God is me subconsciously LARPing as my miracle build in dark souls

>> No.18072709 [DELETED] 

these ads for lame apple movies has made apple product launch events a total drag. just tell me about the m1 imacs, i don't give a shit about the these cringey ass movies.

>> No.18072738 [DELETED] 

>stand up with your shoulders back to look better and have more confidence
umm, problematic much? that's literally what well known literal fascist dr. jordan peterson recommends in his self-help books

>> No.18072909

Are most of your hometown and high school friends still in the area?

>> No.18073222

Melatonin mane.

I'm about to submit my last philosophy paper, in which I have made multiple references to The Holy Bible. If GOD doesn't finally bless me with divine marks then I will know forever that philosophy is the work of the devil.

>> No.18073233

It's quite shameful how politicians are commenting on the Chauvin case and stating that he was guilty. Regardless of the status of his guilt, it is deeply irresponsible for them to do so. Just shut your pompous mouth and let the law run its course.

>> No.18073379

There's no point in writing fantasy after Tolkien. Nothing ever written in the genre will match it, even supposing it is of a higher quality, due to the prestige of Tolkien's works. Its a shame. I would've liked to write fantasy.

>> No.18073396

I blame America for everything wrong with the west. Hopefully they die fast enough so Europe is at least salvageable.

>> No.18073405

Comparison is the death of joy. Tolkien walked so you could run. Just start walking yourself, then run.

>> No.18073471

thanks man

>> No.18073475

Became a financial analyst and I’m not even good with numbers. What a meme. I hate my parents and friends for ever encouraging me to study this bullshit.

>> No.18073486

If you like books so much have you considered, writing, editing, or reviewing books for your future?

>> No.18073601
File: 765 KB, 585x663, 1617602372506.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I reckon we won't be stopping climate change any time soon. I mean, there are loads of problems already that we haven't solved. War for example. How long has that been around? Fourty, fifty years? People are dying – doesn't stop us. We keep starting new wars. Why should climate change be any different?

>> No.18073610

I just don't see it happening, is all.

>> No.18073668

The United States was a non-starter so it can't be dead. It is what it is and was what it was. Western Europe however, is dead and has nobody to blame but itself

>> No.18073819

Mom made pancakes.

>> No.18073922

I just read anon and even then i doubt that i understand that much.
>writing, editing or reviewing
i wouldnt know what to write about or how to express my thought in an original way.

>> No.18073965

>war has been around for only 50 years
anon, i...

>> No.18074068

>50 years
lol wtf

>> No.18074279
File: 90 KB, 423x285, 4758-1324356437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit I've FOUND it. I've found the alternative to Pastebin. I've found a site that let's you write random shit and create a pastebin, and it doesn't have Pastebin's censorship or its finnicky bullshit. It's even BETTER than Pastebin because it lets you do very easy text markup.

Behold, Anons:


>> No.18074452


>> No.18074648

>you will never write a timeless, landmark, critically praised novel

Feels less than ideal my niggers

>> No.18074668


>> No.18074762

I have strange friends, but I think they are good.

>> No.18074804

Hate to get political, but I think the verdict is total bullshit. Though, at the same time, the police have contributed to the forced masking of America and will continue to enforce vaccinations at the behest of corporate America, so I secretly hope this leads to a devolution of the police state we live in. Of course the verdict is bullshit, but so is this Goddamn nation.

>> No.18075034

I don't think it's impossible to imagine we transition entirely away from fossil fuels and to renewables this century, if only because fossil fuels are literally a finite resource. However, whether we can control over population and over farming / over fishing etc. I am less optimistic. I think things will begin to break down under the stress of it all before any sort of structural resolution is able to work.

>> No.18075040

When the borders open up you gotta go so ESL teaching overseas or some shit. That's the only path for you.

>> No.18075128

what's the relationship between schizophrenia and autism?

>> No.18075175

All I know is people who appear autistic may actually just be schizophrenic, and the problems it causes in thinking and behaving are displayed in symptoms similar to autism

Also lots of people on the autism spectrum live very isolated lives. Lack of sensory input and interaction with others can contribute to negative mental health and possibly cause schizophrenia-lile symptoms, if not actual schizophrenia

I'm sure there's much more a psychiatrist who actually studies this stuff can tell you, but I do know there's some overlap and relationship between the two disorders

>> No.18075209
File: 50 KB, 502x502, decameron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aww shit new "books that matter" lectures from great courses released

>> No.18075267

I kept trying to talk to this cute girl at the bus stop, but she kept replying "stop, I'm going to call the police." What's wrong with people?

>> No.18075297

The only thing weirder than never growing out of anime is growing into anime. Yes, that’s me.

>> No.18075336

Do you really believe we have a nation at this point? We're an economic zone with tribute gathered at gunpoint. We've lost our right to be called a nation.

>> No.18075341

are those actually good?

>> No.18075348

What did you say to her? Be completely honest.

>> No.18075355
File: 277 KB, 580x575, tw3ry5whvcu61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like I am worseperson than I used to be, say, five years ago. Not on the moral grounds, considering that I am probably more or less the way I always was. I mean more bland or dull, as a person, less bright, creative, less intellectually sharp.... Maybe also more shallow. Was always apathetic and hopeless, but nowadays even hope of having any hopes is dim.

>> No.18075362

>Write What's On Your mind
What does that sentence say about the Mind?
It says that the mind can carry content (something can be on It).
It also says that the content of the Mind can etiher be converted into language or it IS language (the content can be written).
Now, you might think to yourself: "So far so good, but what is the aim of this investigation?". To that I might reply: Nothing, absolutely nothing!

>> No.18075409

I kept saying hey and hello. When she said what I asked how she was. She said she was fine, then I asked what does she like on her pizza. She ignored me, so I kept asking over and over what she likes on pizza, and I told her what I like, i.e. mushroom or plain cheese pizzas. After a couple minutes of asking her she angrily said to stop, but I didn't stop. Stop, stop, stop she said. I'll call the police she said, but I didn't stop about the pizza, that is until the bus came, and she rushed inside before I could ask her about pizza again. I wouldn't have had to keep asking if she just answered me in the first place because knowing what pizza you like is not difficult to answer, so there shouldn't have been any reason for her not to answer me.

>> No.18075430

Lame, unfunny bait. Get a life.

>> No.18075476

I'm assuming you know you have one but not the other?
If you know you have schizophrenia: There's a high co-morbidity for those with bipolar/schizophrenia to have autism, OCD, ADD, and so forth. Personally I think bipolar and schizophrenic patients are predisposed to naturally acting autistic and having ADD issues due to social habits and cognitive problems so probably correlation more than a coincidence.

If you know you have autism: schizophrenics make up less than 2% of the population and autism is a lot more broad. Look up schizoid personality disorder and schizotypal disorder, these are more common and not as hereditary so if you have autism you might exhibit traits like that. These two are more of a gray area, when it comes to schizophrenia you/a doctor can usually tell very very easily.

>> No.18075504

Should I move to Philadelphia, San Francisco, or Seattle?

>> No.18075520

I'm not against renewables but nuclear energy is so much more efficient and effective. Meanwhile France and Germany are shutting all of theirs down over the next decade or so. I can't for the life of me tell if there's an agenda behind the push against it or its simply incompetence/fear mongering after Chernobyl and Fukushima/Three Mile Island the latter two of which were mostly nothing burgers.

>> No.18075530

What are you looking to do and why do you want to move to a big city?

>> No.18075533

Philly is a shithole, Seattle is a lib shithole, and in San Fran they pay people 75k to pick shit up off the streets.

>> No.18075537

I'm diagnosed as high-functioning autistic and I take a medication for it that is used in higher doses to treat schizophrenia.

>> No.18075581

The story I shared with you is not bait, and in addition, indeed, it is unfunny because my intention for sharing my experience with the cute girl at the bus stop was not for amusing your senses but merely to answer the question you gave me about what I said to her, so, I repeat, this story as I relayed is an attempt to answer your question and not to befuddle your mind with bait or a humorous tall tale as you so think.

>> No.18075618

>shoulders back and reach for the sugar bowl
Attractive photos are not about being attractive in real life but there can be some cross over. Kate Moss looks beautiful in pictures, but in person she's breathtaking. Photography cannot do her justice. Most models, that is not the case, and they look better in photos than IRL
A lot of people will have the opposite effect. If you have red hair or brown skin, photography is not going to catch most of that well without special lighting and film. There's a reason why it took more than twenty years of Victoria Secret angels to get a red head angel when red heads in underwear is a massive fetish, and it's not because Victoria Secret is afraid of fetishism.
You're right about posture helping, and the greentext above is advice on how to align your posture to be pleasing in a photo. However, it's not just posture. If you photograph Lily Cole with a standard camera, her skin will be redder than it looked to you in person, or her hair will be browner or blonder, or both.

>> No.18075635

I have autism, like legit couldn't go to class with normies and am a retard autism. I'm not suspecting anything else, but it's an area that piqued my interest recently, will be going into therapy soon so I was imagining different scenarios where I have x or y.

>> No.18075644


>> No.18075768
File: 274 KB, 880x870, 1618336978712.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What's funny is that I did a Google search of it a while ago on a lark, and apparently tons of people who take it have terrible side effects. There have even been lawsuits. But I've never had any bad side effects from it whatsoever, the only effect it ever winds up happening on me is that it makes me fall asleep faster, which is why you're supposed to take it before you go to bed.

>> No.18075940

What's the meaning of life?

>> No.18075946


>> No.18075950

Never mind I figured it out.

>> No.18076041
File: 752 KB, 410x258, jordan peterson circa 2040.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

131 years ago, today, Adolf Hitler was born. He left the world in ruin and the pain he caused was so profound, it still reverberates in the rectums of moden men. I don't care if you were a backstabbing son of bitch, or the most evil man alive. All that suffering was a good source of inspiration to artists and edgelords out there. Let the world burn if it has to, so long as it inspires something greater from men.

>> No.18076045

No matter what I do I'm tired. Its not a debilitating tiredness, but my default setting is far from 'alert'. I'm generally fine if I'm active but my job just involves sitting at a computer most of the day and my body just wants to go to sleep, regardless of how much coffee I drink.

>> No.18076081

Yep. I started getting way more pussy and female attention in general once I started going to the gym but NOT because I got particularly muscular, I think, but because lifting fixed my posture. You look better in clothes when your posture is good and you just appear less anxious and afraid of your surroundings. You come across to others as an adult, someone who he is comfortable in whatever situation they are in. This is INCREDIBLY attractive to women, who among many other things are largely attracted to the appearance of stability. If you look like you have your shit together, women will flock to you. Posture is a big part of that. Simply put, poor posture makes you look like a little boy and women aren't attracted to little boys.

>> No.18076110

I'd like to be desired again, or I'd like to have never been desired.

>> No.18076325

i wonder what youtube channels are followed by /lit/izens these days.
for me, the following channels offer some interesting content :

>> No.18076351

I saw some left-liberal school teachers on twitter the other day talking about how they have abolished the Socratic method, devil's advocate questions, trying to understand other positions, from their class rooms because evil should never be entertained. Something clicked and I could see this vision of the future, the ideal psychological profile that is being worked toward, one where people are completely estranged from their own faculty of reasoning because reason itself has eventually been classified as unscientific.

>> No.18076368

I'm in a similar situation only it's been six months and my thoughts on her range from being a peripheral friend who's mostly over the break-up to being nostalgic to being intensely sexually frustrated over her. I'm thinking that it really would have been better to have never loved at all. I didn't grow from this experience at all. If anything, it left me dead inside. That someone could love you one moment and only pretend to give a fuck about you the next truly messed me up

>> No.18076393

>make effort post in thread
>forget about it and check back later
>one of the only posts to not receive a (You)
>thread usually dies shortly after my post
Many such cases. Even on 4chan I manage to get people to distance themselves from me.

>> No.18076416

What was your thread

>> No.18076419

In these dark hours of the night, I think a lot about my performance at my corporate job, stressed and anxious I might be fired, stressed an anxious over the work I slack off on. It really takes a toll. But I’m comforted knowing the fact that plenty of people survive on less, and if anything were to happen it wouldn’t be the end. Perhaps that would even be good for me. All I see now is corporate bullshit, plagued by fake attitudes and lofty ideals, suspended by insatiable greed, and me taking advantage of it all. It’s often you don’t realize how good you’ve got it, until it’s lost.

>> No.18076443

iktf bro, sometimes you spend a half hour writing some shit that gets zero (You)s and sometimes you shitpost so hard it gets screencapped and reposted for years
the best posts i've ever made ironically have had some of the least thought put into them

>> No.18076489 [DELETED] 

woah, did you guys see the bodycam footage from that shooting in ohio? it looks like the cop shot someone who was running away, but if you watch in slow motion, she's about to sink a huge butcher knife into the woman standing in front of her. seriously chilling video.

>> No.18076493

Oh man, I wonder how the news media is going to spin this

>> No.18076659

Talking about my posts. I don't make threads and if I did they'd meet a similar fate. My sincere posts have the unique effect of cutting a thread's lifespan in half and sapping it of its energy. I should probably follow this >>18076443 anon's good advice and drunkenly shitpost till I someday find myself screencapped into 4chan immortality.

>> No.18076854

Being a NEET for years did shit to my brain. Now I can't even evaluate whether going for work or just starve to death when the money runs out is better. Logically I know I need to work for income but it all seems pointless. Not when everything is eventually obliterated by time.

>> No.18076862

That's true. That's why only a transcendent truth makes sense for living in this world.

>> No.18076879

Is that like some kind of anhedonia or avolition? Was feeling this way too. I started walkng and exercising to fight. I feel more motivated, but at the same I have this weird feeling inside of me. Like, I'm in this world as an intruder. I feel no attachment to it.

>> No.18076889

>esl teaching english other esl's

>> No.18076896

Unless you're writing a blogpost, the internet is a social in communication. And communication usually means there's a back and forth. Why do you think people love to troll or just say stupid shit, both here and everywhere else? To get some attention. The (you)s are often received when you say something outrageous, whether you believe it or not. It's why the stupid shit sticks more than the sincere ones. Not to say the sincere ones don't get attention but to have it do so you need to write in a way people will want to interact.

>> No.18076900

0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096...

>> No.18076944

You would think it's cool having really obscure hobbies, but it actually sucks
There's no one to talk about it with

>> No.18076998

I am agnostic now after seeing how believers from all sorts of religion act in real life. Background is catholic from third world muslim majority country. Can't get into existentialist frame of mind needed to create my own meaning.

Did the usual sleep better, exercise, eat clean, etc advice thrown around in 4chan. Still feeling like shit where nothing matters in the end. It never resolves the mental block where time renders everything meaningless.

>> No.18077034

I'm not trans, but if I could press a button to turn into a girl right now I would and I'd never look back.
At the same time there are aspects of being a girl that I know I would hate. I'm short fat and ugly, and while short isn't exactly an issue for girls like it is for guys, it's certainly far less acceptable to be ugly.
I'm sure there would be no shortage of guys who would settle for me, but I don't know if I'd even want that.
Maybe I'd be too afraid to press that button because I know I'd stay the same boring loner I am now. At least being a shut in loser as a woman wouldn't be a cultural punch line.

>> No.18077055

Is capitalism the root of most evil?

>> No.18077066

Haha fat loser reeee

>> No.18077189

so is leftism essentially anima and rightism animus? it's clear we need both, the left is nurturing, the right is conquering, the poor and oppressed seek security in the mother left, and the strong seek to do battle with others and father their owns nation's weak. the loss of either side would clearly cause the destruction of society. have i just willed myself into centrism?

>> No.18077198

the world as it is
a transient moment of emptiness
Which all forget

>> No.18077207


>> No.18077255

It is the heart of man which is the root of all evil, we like to believe we are mostly Good with flakes of evil, yet we are often mostly cold indifference, malice, jealousy, envy, endless hunger and so forth, and We count it as goodness when one loves their own friends and family, how is that good? It is as selfish as loving the self, it is no more good than providing a shirt for yourself.

Remove capitalism, humans will still be evil, go through any political change, any system of governance, any form of education or indoctrination, you shall not change the fact that goodness, if man is to be good, is a learned behavior and most often an act for the average person. Man hardly knows how to act as himself, he hardly even knows who he is, how much less does he know what is good? How much less does his heart feel compelled by the command of the Good?

Man, on his own, is a slave to melancholy, emptiness, boredom as the sight of infinite longing, of lack-of-meaning, ever seeking to fulfill itself but never upon the good, rather upon anything it can crush into its mouth, grab into its hand and squeeze.

It is the heart of man which is the root of all evil, only having your heart pierced and made pure by God can cause Some measure of goodness to come from you, for the goodness is not of you, but of God.

>> No.18077288

Why is the mainstream literature community so anti-intellectual? Has it always been this way?

>> No.18077299
File: 25 KB, 296x377, 1614448944512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not trans, but
>I'm not a furry, but
>I'm not gay, but
>I'm not racist, but

>> No.18077314
File: 22 KB, 112x112, 631110658364145666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feeling down under the weather like I'm about to be sick
>take a bath
>suddenly feel rejuvenated
What the fuck

>> No.18077419
File: 189 KB, 750x483, 4CD516A5-E316-41BA-B9A2-4C6A01B601D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Note the contents of this article

>> No.18077428


>> No.18077448

I've never seen this before, that's interesting. I saw a quote by Peter Kreeft, in a book about Aquinas (Practical Theology), which makes more sense now, who said this
>cure for sadness: a good glass of wine, a hot bath, and a good night’s sleep

>> No.18077452

in what way?

>> No.18077679

I think it's funny how many common sense truths about contemporary culture aren't allowed to be uttered just because they're rude. I don't mean politically incorrect, per se. I just mean rude. For example, it's patently clear that a lot of ugly women, being cripplingly insecure about their lack of good looks, over compensate by becoming proud, outspoken 'sluts'. You see these chicks around everywhere, particularly about colleges. They parade their supposed 'sex positivity' and frame themselves as defiers of gender norms yet its embarrassingly clear to everybody else how desperate and insecure they are. They are no different to the incel, except that they've realised that being a woman means they can always get sex. But the sex doesn't satisfy because they know they'll never be pretty or skinny or naturally desirable, and that guys only are attracted to them because they give up sex easy. Even though they have sex they still have the incel mindset. It's kind of cruel to point these things out, but I think we all know it when we see it.

>> No.18077755

hope i die soon

>> No.18077773

So what do you suggest these "ugly women" do?

>> No.18077846

Idgaf what they do desu, they can keep doing what they're doing if they want. It's just transparently desperate, which I find funny. They could probably still get laid without all the pretense.

>> No.18078126
File: 34 KB, 525x584, 3880321E-9A90-4828-9F14-2F18B6259BC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can’t believe she fucking rain checked me again!

>> No.18078141

It coincides with the narcissistic idolatry and self-worship of identity politics. One of the more egregious examples I can think of is fat pride, in which a medical problem is turned into a cause for celebration. Not only is this pathetic--nobody achieves being fat, and it is only achievements that merit pride-- it's deadly. It's a form of psychological rationalization that absolves the individual from taking responsibility and alchemize leaden vices into golden virtues.

>> No.18078155

I had a dream where I was attending historical politicians having a conference in my living room, including Winston Churchill. I neglected my duties to photograph an insect sat on a cup, but got too close and smashed the camera into it which split the lens in half and got tea on it. Then Churchill tried to help me repair it. He claimed to be handy with those things.

Why am I having these dreams about camera lenses?

>> No.18078207

Do you compare yourself with others?

>> No.18078358

She's just not that into you bro

>> No.18078373


>> No.18078380

To write a little ditty,
One must be quite witty,

>> No.18078398
File: 634 KB, 1800x2266, 6629ue2h7jo21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18078614

I'm on page 85 of planned 300 now. It's slow but I mainly write at work or my day off today but I'm so full of energy now but it's 8 AM but my body failed to sleep.
Major brain fog though so I'm not even sure this day off will be productive.
Current plan is try to sleep for an hour, check stock market at opening bell and buy a long term stable stock (likely trow or Clorox, leaning towards 10 of trow)
Take nap after thats sorted, sleep til 2pm or until family or life awakens me. Grab a potion of Dr Pepper and cooked animal flesh and do my life errands, then take another hour nap.
Then I shall awaken, turn on my laptop and back up my files on onedrive and write while watching YouTube til 2AM.
Then its time for another 40 hour workweek aww yeah.
Workaholic life.

>> No.18078667

I'm going to be going to University as a mature student this year. Haven't done any essay writing for years, so wondering if there are any good resources specifically for writing non-fiction, and also if writing fiction on the side could benefit/be benefited by the essay writing?

>> No.18078682

If there were a god, it would be hard to believe he is benevolent given that black people exist.

>> No.18078867

Rate my first paragraph

>To whom it may concern... well, was that how I should begin this letter? “May” implies a sort of uncertainty. Maybe. And “concern”? Now that implies something else, maybe something out of the ordinary. Extraordinary, even. No one is concerned anymore, you know. They’re only dumbfounded. That’s all, dumbfounded, that’s all.

>> No.18078905

It's up for discussion, but by instinct alone, the perineum; the highly erogenous area between the vagina and anus, is the second most important zone of the female anatomy. The first region being the perfectly formed adipose layer covering the lower abdominal region above the uterus. These features are so prominent that I believe they factor in not only to our enjoyment of fruit and nature, but specifically, that these areas alone can create a convincing appearance of sexuality even out of stone, mud, or ink. How am I supposed to live with, if not this fact, this sensational experiential knowledge without having an attraction to it? Hardly irrational when it's appearance is in as perfect harmony with its purpose as a shell is with the golden ratio. It's designed for sex, rearing, and growth. Beyond mere association, like breasts, cunt, pussy, ass - these areas, if described even simply, will draw out something remarkable, beyond sex. Pure kinship.

>> No.18078971

Are 'Creative Writing' courses worth the money? or are they just a waste of time?

I've not got a lot on at the moment, and there are some 10 week courses advertised for only £130.

>> No.18079055

Then your dream kinda makes sense.

>> No.18079089

Depends on who's giving. Any other info you can get because 130 is still a lot.

>> No.18079099

What you are really paying for is feedback on your work from some Z-list author. All the tips and tricks you can find online, in creative writing books.
Better to find local community for writers to get involved with if you can find one you mesh with, or at least can tolerate.

>> No.18079139

There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immune, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and universal structure of things today. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only Walmart, and Microsoft, and Apple, and Amazon, Bayer, Alphabet, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state, Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, mini-max solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, to see that perfect world in which there's no war or famine, oppression or brutality. One vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock. All necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.

>> No.18079565

I fart too much

>> No.18079883

Dunno what happened but my libido has skyrocketed. I’ve been thinking of fucking random women and practically craving sex with them despite having a girlfriend.
It’s really distracting and even if I wasn’t dating I wouldn’t be able to go on dates due to the pandemic.

>> No.18079940
File: 735 KB, 400x225, m.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the feeling of sore muscles.

>> No.18080006

Lads I've just been fucking sacked for being too quiet at work. Fucks sake

>> No.18080019

Fucking hell. Scheduling a medication order shouldn't be so infuriating. It wasn't until the third try/day that some guy managed to understand that I want my debit card to be charged, not my copay card that has run out of benefits. In the end, I'm the idiot for not calling again after my first call when I saw no notification for a withdrawal. JUST.

>> No.18080073

I let a girl put a finger up my ass and now I'm conflicted.

>> No.18080131


>> No.18080165

Erm ... so, this little fella
Lived in a tent by the sea.
And he wore a big, weird hat –
Kind of like the ones worn by people of riches,
Who meet below mountains,
Who no one might know,
Conspiring evil for the races of man.
He was also very fat,
Little, but fat,
With a big, weird hat.
The fella who lived in a tent by the sea.

>> No.18080234

Sounds like a made-up excuse

>> No.18080262

If you're being for real, isn't that illegal?

>> No.18080386

I'm getting very worried at how rampant extreme anti-China sentiment is getting literally everywhere online. In the mainstream media, every subreddit, every 4chan board, all but small pockets of Twitter. It's not just 'China bad', it's full of people calling for action against the country and I think a lot of people genuienly want a war with China. I feel like a conflict is imminent, I don't want to fucking die for Taiwan or the Uyghurs or whatever.

>> No.18080408
File: 9 KB, 300x168, ga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tired and a little sad. a little overwhelmed. life is too big for little ol me. wish I had butter in my fridge, these sandwiches are a little dry, could use the salt. no butter, no tears, just a little overwhelmed.

>> No.18080413

on some gut level it seems like the logical climax. I'm sure the world doesn't actually work that way, but it feels like it. nukes should make it impossible tho

>> No.18080418

Is /r/twoxchromosomes how women really think?

>> No.18080429

>reddit women
>representative of actual women


>> No.18080431

I always said the town cryer job wasn't right for you

>> No.18080438

You can be fired for no reason in the US

>> No.18080463

Don't know if it's illegal, but yeh I got pulled into an office about 20 minutes before I finished and got told to fuck off because they don't know if I'd be good in working with lots of people in a team in the future because of how quiet I'd been in the past. I don't really understand it either, none of the work I was doing required any discussion at all, and the two women who I was spending all day in a storage room with I maybe didn't have fuckin constant conversation with, but I was always polite to them and tried to help them out whenever I could and that.

Bit sad tho, the job itself was pretty decent and very easy, and since I've got no ambition career wise it was something I could propably have done for 50 fuckin years until retirement as the money was fine enough for me as well. Got a little miffed though because the lady who sacked me made a big deal of the fact she was still going to pay me for the whole day even tho I literally left 10 minutes earlier than I would have done anyways.

>> No.18080480

You should generally take anything online with a grain of salt. This place included.

>> No.18080491

I have some memories of interactions and attempts with women that I cringe a lot when I think about them, but I suspect in reality they are the most normal shit on earth. Like not knowing how to initiate a kiss and ending up with an awkward embrace. Or going for the kiss at the wrong time. basic stuff. I'm only writing this because I hope the cringe part of my brain will realize this is all normal if it sees it manifested outside itself

>> No.18080630

You got fired for not talking to the others - and you weren't called on it before? Sounds like your bosses are the ones with communication problems.

>> No.18080644
File: 35 KB, 415x739, 7F549417-85ED-4F89-8D21-29653B433202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think that I write garbage that barely anyone will rate over 7/10, even if they are my friends and might feel obliged to be nice about it.

>> No.18080780

7/10 is better than most

>> No.18080787

>have old friend
>we've been sometimes closer, sometimes more distant
>I just like hanging with him
>consider us pretty close but sometimes we're pretty out of sync- sometimes hanging is aces and sometimes a bit stiff
>I think he thinks I'm pretty distant though, and I probably am
>I'm not really good at being friends. I think it's a trust thing.
>he talks to me once about how it's different being friends because you are compatible and being friends because if you weren't you'd be lonely
>take it as a hint that he meant us
>been a while but I can't stop thinking about it
I think I make him sad, and I get that I would make him sad. as I said I'm not good at being friends, there's something off about me in that department. I can't tell if we're friends because we'd be lonely otherwise. I don't think so. he had a rough time growing up, I think it might have given him low self-esteem and that that's what it is.

>> No.18080994

Climate research is useless. The researchers should rather invent flying cities. Or cities that float on water. Mankind would benefit from such inventions. People with ugly faces have a very hard time. You can hide a fat belly under a jacket, but how do you hide an ugly face? You can't. In our culture, everyone has to show their face. I think this rule was invented by beaux to torment us ugly people. By the way, forget it if you think you can hide your ugly face under your hairstyle. You'll look like a hog in a tutu.

>> No.18081003

Nobody will rate it over 3/10 more likely

>> No.18081034

If you have a lot of stuff in your room and it's a mess, maybe it's because your clothes are all over the damn place. Pick your dirty clothes up, and maybe the room will look much, much better.

>> No.18081077

Wondering if Portland and Seattle are actually shitty or decent places to live.

>> No.18081103

What’s the job?

>> No.18081114

Same here. Natural causes would be best but I would settle for natural disaster or a freak accident.

>> No.18081116
File: 25 KB, 495x619, CE2F9EE0-1FE1-479F-A8FD-AD9A67F10E87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this is 4chan but that isn’t true.

>> No.18081201

I doubt most well adjusted women spend all of their free time thinking about abortions, periods and that time they didn't 110% enjoy sex so they got raped

>> No.18081213

It was working in stores at this electrical engineering company and I was basically just counting little tiny bits and pieces all day and then sometimes putting them in a box with all sorts of other bits and pieces that make up an order. And I'd also be booking in everything that was delivered onto the fuckin computer system as well.

Yeh nah yeh, at least whenever I can manage to land a job again I'll now know to walk around and ask everyone about the fucking weather or some other worthless shite.

>> No.18081249

I'm almost convinced that BLM and the police abolitionist movement is a Chinese astroturfed plot to destroy America from within. They're doing quite well at it in other respects--hacking in particular.

>> No.18081275

The chinese themselves are facing several major social collapses right now. Housing, demographics, economy, labor market, etc.

>> No.18081289

That’s bullshit. People don’t like cops. People don’t want to be shot or put in prison. There’s no headway in it, though people are perfectly capable of protecting their own communities, the power’s that be don’t want the people organizing like that.
It’s not China, it’s us.

>> No.18081291

LMAOO this fucking animetard has severe autism even for a tranny

>> No.18081292

>Chinese astroturfed
it started during the 50s at the latest, I can't see China being behind it at that time, they were a shitshow and America was the hyperpower of the world. Whoever is really behind it, it's homegrown.

>> No.18081411

Yeah, (((the Chinese))) for sure anon

>> No.18081462

>there's a 70+ year conspiracy to destabilize society

>> No.18081478

Idiots, the shitshow started in the past decade. Everything before that was nothing out of ordinary

>> No.18081484

You're agreeing with me shithead

>> No.18081485

it's just the internet overtaking classic media and making public life a thousand times more toxicer

>> No.18081510

No it's not retard, it's an active effort. Go fuck yourself with your muh tech commie bullshit

>> No.18081540

the commies have been at it at the same level since forever, the internet is the amplifier and the disarmer

>> No.18081611

Last night I had a dream that Canelo Alvarez fought Irish author John McGahern. Canelo won by knockout. /lit/ BTFO

>> No.18081677

>come home from work at 5
>lie in bed shitposting until 12
>fall asleep

it's a living

>> No.18081679

I need to dress better

>> No.18081682

what tipped you off?

>> No.18081684

Try ASOS anon, sometimes there’s cheap shit that looks ok and it’s not Walmart tier

>> No.18081694

I have real trust issues. they got worse after I had a mental health crisis in my late teens. I think this may explain most of my social patterns. it certainly showed very clearly in my one real relationship (jealousy, needed to have sex a lot because the closeness was like a nurturing safety). I think I have decent chances of getting better, I have good people relatively close to me that have been patient so far thank God. It's gonna hurt as fuck though I think. My heart is a terified kitten, grown man as I am it really is. It's scared shitless of something and I'm gonna have to live with that fear I think. Then we'll see what happens, if I do manage it without therapy/at all.

>> No.18081698

My reflection

I’ve started buying clothes from these shops called Uniqlo and Everlane. I think they’re good. My biggest problem is my silhouette and my face and the fact that I would opt for a hoodie and joggers over anything else 99% of the time to be honest.

>> No.18081702

>like a nurturing safety
or another way to phrase it is it was a proof. it proved we were close, which I otherwise did not feel/trust

>> No.18081707

>my reflection
Say, are you white? Because I don’t have that problem because I got ROYALTY ROYALTY INSIDE MY DNA.

>> No.18081716

I am

>> No.18081826

I have no idea how I am going to get my book published. I have the utmost faith in its quality, however, there is next to no market for it. What's more, it is an academic scholarly text, and I have no terminal degrees or connections in the academic world. Further, even among academics this is highly niche field, there is only a handful of scholars working on it the world over. Not because it lacks importance, but because it is cutting edge and not many have caught on.

To self-publish would feel like throwing it away, but to sit and let it gather dust after all the work I've put into it is unacceptable. There must be a way.

>> No.18081847

first thing that comes to mind is that you record yourself reading it, put the videos on youtube and shill your videos hard. hope this creates a buzz, maybe upload as you go so as not to give it all away. What's it about anyway?

>> No.18081877

do you actually spend that much time on 4chan? lit is so slow you can just check 30 minutes per day

>> No.18081897

and reddit *tips*

>> No.18081963

If you want from Turkey a continuous flow of ni-co-ti-mo-w containing material, higher alloys, we need to come to an agreement on our deals. If you don't think that this is a potentially growing business, fine. We worked hard to get the permit to ship these kinds of materials to you, and the kind of business we can do depends on your collaboration.

you see this raised as an issue from not giving the terms from the beginning. in these kinds of material we have to put on a raised hand from the beginning, otherwise we won't get the upper hand. people raise prices and my only support is my customers, meaning you. I give a price to them depending on what you indicate. If it is a two day valid offer, it is your job to inform me. I think we should be clear about this in the future. because If we're not partners we are rivals, I don't see any potential growing there.

I believe there is a future in this kind of business, I'm sure of that, for us, and it will aid you, why not?

You will have to help me about what's going around, about how these materials are performing. Not even asking for

also wanted to tell you out of spite that the situation you put me through was enraging, as is the kind when market falls down, but I still have the urge that it is a possibility if we were in the same hotel I would crush your intestines and maybe slit your troath to end it.

>> No.18081979

I want to learn more about mushrooms! Everything about mushrooms I can hunt in my area.

>> No.18081993

They did it because of the mass shooting. It's begun. Discrimination against non normies has begun

>> No.18082204

Are you Aussie? If so it sounds like you should have recourse with fair work. A similar-ish thing happened to my uncle, who is a bit retarded but a sweet guy and a good worker and got fired for similarly inane bullshit just because his boss had some immature gripe. The thing is that you're meant to get like 2 warnings before they fire you. If you can prove that they didn't you might get some compensation and while you probably won't want that same job back they'll force your employer to write something admitting it was an unfair dismissal which you can refer to at your next job interview so that you don't get unfairly judged.

>> No.18082346

holy moly

>> No.18082504

I've been developing the habit of getting out of bed as soon as I wake up, rather than dozing for a while or hitting the snooze button. It really sucked at first and I really had to force myself to do it, but now it's habit and I feel much more refreshed as I go into my day. I recommend it to all you anons.

>> No.18082578

It will not be safe for another human being to have that mustache until 2045

>> No.18082672

>the two women who I was spending all day in a storage room with
>the lady who sacked me
>none of the work I was doing required any discussion at all
>Sounds like a made-up excuse
>fired for doing a good job
>absolutely no problems whatsoever
I think you see where I'm going with this

>> No.18082727

There's this cute (100% positively) virgin girl who actually wants to date me, but I'm too unconfident to go for it, the idea of me giving her a very bad first experience drives me nuts.
I haven't been working quite well with women before, if you catch my drift. Nerves always played a role, but I'm also questioning my sexuality. Giving her the worst first sex (while she's saved until 20 yo) and later coming out to her seems like the worst.
my package is small if you didn't figure

>> No.18082743

To become a woman in your next life would only be a punishment for great sins. You would strive to become less in the eyes of heaven? You would stare into the light that blinds only to choose idleness and trivial self indulgence?

>> No.18082761

When attractive girls shit their panties (non-accidentally it's a Freudian thing: it's at least in part about the psychological high that comes with the clash of prim and proper, but also elegantly sensual, lady-like behavior (not least of all the routine fetishization of their underwear by women themselves) and the extreme opposite of that which is of course the animal-like filth and stink of shitting themselves and showing the act, sitting on it, playing with it, befouling their costly prettified underwear: this latter being a concrete stand in or symbol for their sexual attractiveness as a whole. So that when they shit their panties, and more so when they do so exhibitionistically, they're mixing their own sensuality with the shit, literally and symbolically, they're putting both the shit and the panties on an equal footing as far as their sensuality and the pleasure they derive from it are concerned, and ultimately they're shortcircuiting the taboos which were ingrained in early childhood to break the natural, because so proximal, link between defecation and erogenous pleasure, owing to the extreme proximity of both orifices in the case of the female.

>> No.18082862

Unceasing rage
My heart a furnace
its passion so blazed
Babylonians burned asunder

To be so wrought
With retrospective stupidity
Pasts of time wasted
Emergent eyes glaring deception

Pulled from fantasy into the night
A cascade of leeches drain my soul
growing fat for their primordial prerogative

I still love her.

My knuckles
white with clenched passion
surrounding an orifice so sensitive
The lung's power dampening

I hate her
I hate her
I hate her

I hate that I loved her

>> No.18082873

what’s on your mind
now what
what sort of a person writes what’s on your mind

>> No.18082880

why don’t you losers go to www.pickupguide.com?!?!

>> No.18082898

I agree with you 100%, climate change is inevitable anyway, so all funds directed to it should instead be funneled into research of new methods of plastic surgery so that people can change their appearance more easily.

>> No.18082950

or research of ways to get cocks hard

>> No.18083119

The research phase is accelerating with my political theory book.
I will be a successor to Leviathan in light of analogous improvements in the scientific dogma. I'm finding a lot of synchronicities with personal problems ive found with our political state of being, so it's very encouraging.
I attribute a portion of my success to my war against my disorganization proceeding according to schedule and with minimal casualties. My disorganization has retreated to my bedroom and my car. I start the assault on the bedroom tomorrow, to be continued throughout the weekend. The car will be dealt with on Saturday.
By Sunday I will have galvanized onto the next step of my improvement plan: living in the present instead of the past. At which point I will need to conduct reconnaissance into living in the future, with an assault to begin by June.

>> No.18083278

I still can't process all this. Honestly I'm just trying to get through each day now without having a breakdown. I still don't know if I'm crazy or if you're out there somewhere messing with my head or maybe someone else. It's all exhausting I wish I had my old life back

>> No.18083338

The small cock thing sucks but desu she won't have anything to compare it to. Just give her plenty of head, that will genuinely blow her world if she's never experienced it before. I reckon go for it dude. I think you'll regret more if you don't.

>> No.18083351

>you'll regret more if you don't.
Speaking from experience, this sentiment is correct about 90 percent of the time

>> No.18083436

Does our sense of aesthetics shape our sexual fetishes? Or do our fetishes shape our aesthetics? I feel like there's overlap between the two, but I can't figure out which is the primary driver.

>> No.18083495

i saw a thread yesterday. some anon was lamenting about having too many interests. i think a lot of people here would sympathize with that feeling, me included.

i think it's ok to be a dilettante, i wish i had time to write this to that anon, and explain why.

>> No.18083551

I wish I were back in college, which probably betrays some personal inadequacy. I felt like I had purpose as a student, but now I just wait on people all day. Maybe if I go back, maybe publish some more and get a chance to do some actual research, then I might stand a chance of having some impact in my field. But probably not.
Also I hate my body's impulses to be horny. I just mechanically masturbate once a day and hope passion or something pretending to be it doesn't trouble me for the rest of my waking hours.

>> No.18083567

College was the single most aimless chapter of my life. I floated from one major to another until I finally gave up and settled on one, more out of resignation than a desire to study. It took me a full 6 years to graduate either because I had lost so many credits or had just failed so many classes. I never once felt like I wasn’t wasting my time there.

>> No.18083575


>> No.18083609

I'm so pissed off today. I'm so fucking pissed off. I don't know why I just woke up pissed off and bad things keep happening to make me more and more pissed off. I even thought about taking the day of work I was so pissed off. But now I'm hear and I have to wait 6.5 more fucking hours into I can at least go to the gym and blow off some steam.

>> No.18083654

there's a whole lot of injustice in this world

>> No.18083683

You're almost on it. Poorfag anon with a single mother probably had to fend for himself at times, and therefore got the opportunity to fail at some shit and overcome it. Zoomers have probably never had to do shit that could possibly involve failure on a similar scale to their parents' teenaged "failures".
Kierkegaard talks about anxiety as freedom, desire, and most importantly for this case, destruction. We're anxious at the cliff edge because we are aware we could take the wrong step and go over. The anxiety is a result of the knowledge we are both free and potentially the agents of our own destruction. You can resolve the anxiety by going over the edge, by choosing destruction, but until you're off the cliff, the possibility of going over will fire your dread. You can see the edge, the point of no return.
Zoomers often live in a world where they cannot see the edge. They know their parents are terrified of the cliff edge, but it's not real to them. It's a myth, not a physical reality. They haven't seen the thing that make you go splat. But they're told about it constantly. They try to find the cliff, maybe it is this little hump or that, but soon everything with the slightest hint of an edge becomes a cliff. To someone who has never seen a two storey building, 18' is high.
Most zoomers won't have taken their bike out in the woods by themselves. Some will have never been without an adult chaperone. They have no personal life, and the idea of an unshared experience means nothing to them. Anxiety is a sort of received idea for them, which is why it's in scare quotes in so many of those posts. Just like if you grew up in an American southern evangelical church, you would know what "the spirit came upon them" looks like, zoomers know that anxiety consists of whatever version of the DSM they were taught. It's never what the ICD diagnostic manual says, unless they're specifically aiming at getting diagnosed in Europe and the DSM failed them. It never looks like shellshock, because that is a different idea in their book.
That doesn't mean shellshock-like symptoms of anxiety have gone away. It just means it's not something they could share, and it's as foreign to them as infant baptism would be to those who understand falling in the spirit.

>> No.18083697

A good post to finish off the thread

>> No.18083732

Think bump limit is 310 on this board

>> No.18083848

Prob shouldn't be drinking coffee at 5am

>> No.18083850
File: 5 KB, 250x248, 1609990273523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think one thing to keep in mind is that there are fetishes and there are fetishes. This is something I have encountered in my own journey in coming to terms with sexuality and what I find arousing.

There are some fetishes where it's pretty clear they're just ephemeral. They don't matter. You feel an erotic urge for them for just a moment, or a few hours, or a few days, and then they vanish. Perhaps they'll reappear at some point in the future, perhaps not. But they don't linger in your mind when you consider the opposite sex.

But then there are other fetishes that are different precisely because they DO linger. There are things that become a fundamental part of what you find attractive about members of the opposite sex. Things that are essentially disqualifying if the girl/boy does not possess them. Things you NEED to find another human arousing.

I think the latter probably have a relationship with our sense of aesthetics, and the former do not. The former seem like the product of boredom and novelty, more than anything else.

>> No.18083880

It's too late now anon. You'll have to stay up the whole day to fix your schedule

>> No.18083886

unironically learn mindfulness meditation. I had major anger issues a few years ago that practically ruined my life

>> No.18083892

retarded take, but I like to roll pages before bed...

>> No.18083900


>> No.18083967



>> No.18084020

I have a bad case of negro fatigue. I’m tired of seeing them. Tired of hearing about them. Tired of their mediocre stories shitting up my tv, podcasts and generally the little bit of media I allow myself to consume.

>> No.18084061
File: 24 KB, 300x233, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a tribal member and submitting a poem for a contest involving other tribal writers. It's written in hendecasyllabic meter an is part of a larger poem. Our tribe has little in the way of recorded legend or mythos, so I'd like someday to work on that.
Either way; here's my faggy poem about a Chief pushed West

Lament of Sicopas

>From the mountain to the sea, I have wandered.
>Both people seen and places been, love banished
>Fade in time like dye on linen in the sun
>My sons ached, my daughters trembled when death came
>The West is no longer home for forlorn chiefs.
>Where then shall we go? I ask God; only friend
>Do I become a whale beached, proud and rotting?
>I would sooner see my flesh flayed, bones broken,
>Teeth splintered in winter, blood boiled in summer.
>West is no longer home, but I will fight here
>Our homes are burnt, lands left barren by devils
>The tide washes from the East, we are but shoals.
>I go to Sulk'Twu, genesis of my line
>where my father's of the House Suswami were laid.
>Buffeted by salt water, until eroded.
>My house ended. Die I will, though die unmoved.

>> No.18084121

It gets a bit Yoda at the end, anon

>> No.18084130

New thread.

>> No.18084154

There's six more pages before this thread will die anon...

>> No.18084164

Ah, shit
You're right.

>> No.18084981

Just stop following current events. It is remarkably easy.

>> No.18085250

The people who make these threads aren't interested in /lit/ or even 4chan. They're also the ones complaining about the board going to shit lol. One of them's a schizo who thinks anime posters are following because he sees so much anime on this website. They're making off topic threads before their old off topic thread even hits the bump limit because they're zoomers who see (you)s as Facebook likes or whatever. It's the equivalent of a wine aunt posting her tits on Instagram "for liberation". Like no honey, you're hoping to find someone as desperate as you and you don't care who knows it the veil on that is so thin.

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