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What is the absolute end game of Marxism? A technocratic society that uplifts man from the shackles of wagecuckery?

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You remember the animated film Wall-E? Remember the fat people on the space station who do nothing and are mantained by machines? That's the end game

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literally a film about capitalism run amok. A children’s cartoon no less. Real sophisticated opinion.

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You may not like it but that's what peak Marxism looks like

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>not 'really'
nigger detected

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A.I is in charge on all governance and attempts to create a utopia, but fails consistently.

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westerner says western bullshit. Name one socialist society that was even similar to this, name one that was even particularly socially progressive? The only progressivisms inherent in marxism are beliefs of racial and gender equality.

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If Marxists actually had an end game they would actually say it in plain English, instead all they do is obfuscate, indicating they are just after power.

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OP asked for the endgame, i.e. future, of marxism, not for any socialist societies in the past. Work on your reading comprehension.

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Engels: Consensual adult monogamy is the natural state of love and liberated voluntary sex-love will naturally trend towards monogamy

Reddit leftists: actually raping kids is only bad because of oppressive bourgeois norms

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In a society that is 100% white almost any "political theory" would work.

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What be tha absolute end game o Marxism? A technocratic society dat uplifts niggah from tha shackles o wagecuckery?

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>In a society that is 100% white
This won't exist by the end of the century

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For real mah nigga, I get tired of workinn at McDees anfd shiet. When my nigga Lenin hoppin outta dat pulmonary casket and liberating me and the homiies? I'on work anymore slip.

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so Jewish?

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Source of the information?

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dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nigga frfr

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To industrialize rural nations. It has never done anything else successfully, and often fails at this task (afghanistan, african states). No such thing as a modern marxist state, its literally like star trek, but even further removed from reality

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White don't exist. Ain't no niggahs be white niggahs you feel?

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Projections done by a specialized institute.

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The western hemisphere becoming all hispanic and all european countries getting invaded by refugees.

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>East Germany

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Define white.

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LMAO you fucking idiot Russia... LoL

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>The western hemisphere becoming all hispanic
As it should. Anglos go home.

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European without mongolian or moorish admixtures.

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That's not a sauce you retard. I want bechamel.

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reddit 'leftists' are radlibs

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>mainstream media

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Pew Research Center

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The world is my sauce. You will be reverse-colonized.

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Pretty sure the guy in the reddit cap above is not a liberal

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So Jews?

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>Pew Research Center
Pretty sure that's the Jew Research Center
I'm an individual and you can't reverse-colonize me.

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In practice he is

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>Pretty sure that's the Jew Research Center
Do you want the data from the Cope Center?

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Looks like I'm moving to East Germany.

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