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Your favorite novel has been adapted into a videogame. Describe it.

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>take plot of any novel
>make visual novel

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That would be tough for novels that aren't first person.

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youre an idiot

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Farming Simulator 1k877

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For IJ, it would be a Yakuza-style game with two playable characters, namely Don Gately and Hal Incandenza. It would be similar to the part in Yakuza 5 where you can switch between Haruka and Akiyama. Gately would level up by beating up random thugs on the streets of Boston as well as scripted boss fights against people like Randy Lenz. Hal's main gameplay loop would be tennis instead of combat, and as the game progresses the opponents get harder and Hal gets more and more in a drug-induced haze so the controls fuck up and stuff like that. Each would have substories and various minigames.

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No it wouldn't, have you never played a VN? Plenty of them have third person pov mixed in.

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>Super Karamazov Brothers
>The wicked Fyodor has kidnapped Princess Grushenka. It's up to the Karamazov Brothers to save the day!
>Choose between three characters!
>Dmitri: STR 16 INT 12 WIS 3 CHA 15 Special Power Rogue Not Scoundrel
>Ivan: STR 9 INT 18 WIS 3 CHA 9 Special Power All Things Are Lawful
>Alyosha: STR 8 INT 11 WIS 21 CHA 18 Special Power Love of Christ
>And the secret unlockable character:
>Smerdyakov: STR 10 INT 99 WIS 0 CHA -12 Special Power Fake Epilepsy

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My own Story, "My name is Jazz" .

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Siddhartha, a moody point-and-click adventure for MS DOS, from LucasArts

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Dating simulator with mini games to prevent having a seizure

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moby dick would have to be a "beat the boss, lose in a cutscene" deal.

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the idiot?

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Yes. "Dating simulator" being used pretty loosely. But managing relationships (romantic, otherwise, or somewhere in between) would be the main aspect of the game

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hatchet would make a comfy sandbox survival game

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It would be interesting to see a classic novel turned into a VN. I'm surprised there isn't any nerds releasing them on Steam. I guess not worth the investment in terms of demand.

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>playing Ulysses for the Playstation 5
>at the bar level with Bloom
>fail the QTE right at the end and have to repeat the entire Irish Nationalism section again
For fucks sake

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there is already an AOE2 custom scenario about the Iliad, but it looked better in my head tbqh

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Was better as an age of mythology map.

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>My name is Atticus Finch, and this trial will determine the future of racism in America
>OBJECTION! Your honor, the evidence is clearly faulty!
>Gilmer: Ohoho, not so fast, Mr. Finch. That can be explained with this further piece of evidence I was illegally withholding from the court!
>Finch: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! *holds head in despair*
>shot of Jean in the side area
>"Don't give up, now Finch! Remember, a lawyer can only cry when the trial is over!"

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Ryan North has written a CYOA for Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet; wouldn't be too hard to imagine a visual novel for those plays.

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Not my favorite novel but the one I'm reading right now, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. A survival game set in a gulag could be a pretty cool game. Latter stages of the game could be you escaping and trying to survive and find your way back to civilization

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I think it would be cool as a fighting game, since the 1-on-1 fights are the core of the action. Maybe play as a Trojan fighter and work your way up the tiers of famous Achaeans until you fight Achilles. And of course everyone would have special abilities, unique armor and be Baki-tier ripped.

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Lol the novel I'm writing is the reverse a videogame adapted to a novel its sure to be horrible.

The Great Gatsby
Basically a mafia/gta clone with the events of the story playing out except your decisions have an effect and you can actually have him survive.

Its sure to include Gatsby: WW1 Flashback, Liquor Runs, Sabatoge of competition, Shootouts, fights with various gangs, Police bribes and fucking Daisy and George final boss.

Nick stealth missions to let him be a source of intel having him sneak onto random locations including Gatsbys and Tom's a suuuuper boring bond sales sidequest and drunk fights at parties and fights Tom starts with random niggers.

Mini games: Golf with Tennis and Drunk Daisy Vehicular Homocide.

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i didn't read that because a redditor wrote it

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>Your favorite novel has been adapted into a videogame. Describe it.

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>his favorite novel is fucking TKAM

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I would play that game. You should abandon your shitty novel though.

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Oh, he's just so above it all!

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I just wanted to make a Phoenix Wright joke.

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I can't think of a single videogame genre that would fit Stoner

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Would the story of Infinite Jest actually warrant it being rated E for Everyone?

t. never read it

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fucking based

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lol not at all. theres drug abuse, animal abuse and murder, rape, incest, murders, terrorism, sex, and tennis

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oh my fucking god

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psychological horror imo, his wife was fucking terrifying

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That wouldn't make sense considering that civilization would just send you back.

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Eventually yeah, but you could get creative and at least have a nice vacation away from the gulags. Most likely you would die in Siberia before you get anywhere though, and that's also probably a better fate than staying in the camp

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Nice, you should keep making more posts like this in here dude

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My favourite novel?
1984 would likely be some sort of stealth/psychological horror game, whereby you have to secretly and slowly gather evidence, bring either the proles or outer party to support revolution, and avoid the constant, constant threat of the thought police, and nosy neighbours. Extremely hard difficulty.
As for my book?
Considering it is pretty much a trashy adventure book set in a fantasy 1979 Australia where mercenaries gather to cross the desolate inside, both to ship goods to the other side of the continent in heavily armed semi-trucks, or to scour the ever-present ruins and
tunnels of a long-dead civilisation for valuable relics, all the while avoiding the monsters, warfare between the aforementioned trucks, a privatized air force of daredevils, the aborigines, and the dozens of different motorcycle gangs, and whatever the fuck is inside the giant dust-storm that never quite goes away.
As for inserting the thematic references to the pointlessness of war, disposability of young men to society, anarcho-primitivist messages, and overall theme of lonely, desolate fighting over the scraps of an old world in a vast, empty plane of dirt and dust, one which, if you drive in the wrong direction, might continue on forever in front of you, I don't know.

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Anna Karenina is probably like one of those JRPG's where theres a ton of relationships and a bunch of characters. You'd play as Anna and Levin alternating on and off, and you'll have two romanceable characters, Vronsky and Kitty. Anna's romancing would probably be something like a game of stealth at first, trying to to be detected by her husband (this would go out the window later). Levin's romancing would come later, and there would be a large portion of his storyline concerning peasants and gathering information about Kitty, all the while acting as though he's over her, but also not doing a very good job of concealing his interest.

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Trying *not* to be detected by her husband

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excellent post

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I would abandon giving your opinions and thoughts and life.

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the night land. it's really fucking good. open world. 90% of the monster u have to avoid because they just kill you. lots of stealth. retrieving your girlfriend and bringing her home. a few cut scenes in the beginning showing the great pyramid and horrors and at the end when he gets her home. wish this was a real game..

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You always lose at the end, but in the best endings you're selected for experimental torture and reprogramming instead of just being shot and left in a ditch

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>Smerdyakov: INT 99
Spot on with this.

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the castle
>point and click adventure
>no clear objective
>infuriatingly slow walking speed
>a few puzzles to solve but solving does not advance the story at all
>the only ending is that you get bored and uninstall the game

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The best ending is one where you, against the odds, manage to collapse the unjust system of Airstrip One, leaving every citizen a free man, and the world seeming a bit brighter.
Hours later, you are all promptly murdered by the invading Eurasian army.

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> click on the castle to proceed
> "The Castle" does no recognise mouse input

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Had a good laugh, but why is Dmitri's INT higher than Alyosha's?

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Dead Souls by Gogol would be a banjesque collectathon where you travel around various parts of Russia, collecting the documents for corruption

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anabasis would be fun as hell

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Lolita: A Leisure Suite Larry game that would be an Asian exclusive

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Play as Slothrop as he tries to escape The Zone. Gameplay similar to MGS3. Eventually you can become Rocketman.

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It's a mod for red dead redemption 2 that lets you murder entire mexican towns and turn in their scalps to the local government for coin while listening to the narcissistic monologues of a towering pale manbaby

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Very based. I really enjoyed The Idiot.

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>Danganronpa knockoff set in 19th Century Russia
>You play as an autist living under your patron and you interact with a bunch of suspicious and retarded characters as the setting slowly implodes on itself.

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a psychological horror VN maybe

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Utopia, by Thomas More

I can only think of one of those boring walking simultors. How terrible.

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I keep dying on the escape sequence what do?

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or strategy/economy game where you have to organize the island

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Reverse concept: video game character bio into book

"Johnny Five Aces powered down the magnabike with a not quite unhearable hum and checked his chronometer. 'Damn.' he hissed threw his clinched teeth which were surrounded by the stubble of five days where in he had not shaven at all. It was almost chromodawn at Clashpoint. Alreddy the sun was sitting Walliston's Hill ah ablaze like so much molten meddle or a coin, gyreating in the air, tossed there by the uncaring hand of an imaginary god that doesn't exist, borne from the interior minds of the hobbled masses. The sky was the color of a television tuned to a dead channel that was orange. Damn, he, Johnny, thought. We thought we were beginning with our mad dreams of time travail but ironically the only time now is the time of which we're out of. It's almost humorous. Yeah, I could almost laugh, if I hadn't cried that part of me away when my parents were massacred by Dr. Malaprop and the government sanctioned murderers of 'CAPITAL'.

He lit a Nicosheen brand swaggerette and took a dip drag, sinking farther into his inferior horologue. He thought of Nina and her mellifluous buttocks that he used to love to bang. Even now his nano enhanced hearing could almost hear her vagina lips quivering with moisture and also pleasure, like a slice of synth-ham being tongued by one of Malaprop's slamhounds. When he got back to City5, he was going to do some sex, no doubt about that. 'That's right doll' he said to nobody and the wind. They were going to do it hard. He smiled, blowing smoke from his nostrils. They were going to do it cyber hard."

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Iirc, Alyosha was never good at his studies, while Mitya would frequently quote Schiller.

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>and tennis
Underrated post

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Best walking simulator hands down

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1950s New York City walking simulator

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>it's like Sleeping Dogs only it's set in San Francisco
>you're an undercover hippie who's not actually a hippie assigned to find pretty girls to look at
>instead of fighting civilians you can press buttons to watch them in cafes and disassociate in the middle of a store
>on one mission they ask you to meet at the Jefferson Airplane hangout and you almost blow your cover by failing the speech check
>why did I pick the Walt Whitman spec, they all told me to pick the Local Fisherman loadout for beginners
>suddenly you find out all the Triad's are conniving to dismantle the spirit of America and you have to find your way out of the system with a bowling hat and a carrot in the right pocket
>rated 18 because a hippie chick shows you the aspect of God through her pussy
>mfw they don't know I'm a space cop

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A Tenchu/MGS style stealth game where you have to get close to Lo to progress the story, but avoid getting spotted by her mom and other adults.

Good fun!

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The Magus, directed by Hideo Kojima.
I don't know whether it would be recieved worse by the public than the film was, but I'd like to see it anyway.
Would probably be an IWBTG-esque puzzle visual novel.

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>The Sound and The Fury
Game set in the entirety of Yoknapatawpha when

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>three german girls are fighting over a flute

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I always thought an Oregon Road style game where you play as the kid in that chapter in Blood Meridian where he’s trying to escape the judge as he chases him across the desert would be kino.
Which game?

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This could be pretty good. I liked the premise, as I had a similar idea for a book before I read it, but the narrator was an insufferable faggot.

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>Did you choose to save the cat from the pin in the bread? 99% of players chose "yes." 1% are Smerdyakov tier psychopaths.

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>Friend tells me we should start Dead Souls characters and level up to co-op together and do PvP.
>Pick up a copy.
>Game is hard as fuck, but I keep grinding souls and upgrading my gear.
>Hit him up to play.
>He meant Dark Souls, I got fucking pic related.
>He has heavy plate armor and a massive two handed sword for fighting giants
>All I have is a partially upgraded troika sled and the souls of 2,316 dead Russian peasants.

Fuck this, I hear the War and Peace jrpg is better than Dark Souls anyhow and has 700 hours of game play even before the 1814 expansion. Plus, Sonia looks like a top tier waifu. I hope the devs don't randomly completely forget about her and Nikolai 75% of the way through the story...

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It's a gritty cinematic third person shooter. Guess what my favorite novel is.

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Does this count?

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Calvino weeps.

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>the don juan milf hunter h-game

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>DLC: GOTY EDITION: Enchanter story pack
>Jeremy Irons
>R*pelay style gameplay?
I'm imagining a bit of a telltale game mixed with surreal rapelay type vibe

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You play as Big Brother in a civ management game a la Frostpunk in the early days of the dystopia, attempting to balance propaganda campaigns, war efforts and economy. You develop technologies to better surveil your citizens, having to choose which targets to silence.

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Final boss fight for Hal: Stice, possessed by the ghost of JOI. For Gately, a Demerol-induced dream sequence where he fights that assassin dude from the end of the novel. Then we play as both characters as they hunt for JOI’s skull, culminating in an unwinnable battle with the President of ONAN

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These puzzles are so obtuse, how was I supposed to know that I needed to submerge Siddharta’s merchant persona in the river to unlock his pilgrimage? Fuck it I’m using a walkthrough

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Blood Meridian becomes a game like Oregon Trail. Start in Chihuahua and try to make it to the Colorado river while collecting scalps and avoiding the law along the way. Watch out for the Judge!

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> they haven't read the book

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I want a Shadow of Mordor styled game that takes place in the Old Testament. For example, he first act takes place where you play as King David and when you sling a rock at Goliath his brains explode. You become king, communicate directly with God, build his temple, and slaughter Pagan invaders. Then you get to play as various characters during the House of Ahab when Israel has been desecrated. In another part, you play as King Jehu and launch a military coup. At the end you see Jezebel thrown from a window and have her corpse defiled by dogs, with you becoming King and launching a genocide against the Baal cultists and the remnants of Ahab's family.

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>not using first edition cover

Wheres the nigger?

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A walking simulator where you get cucked

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