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I'll start:
>criticizing modernity from a sociological/psychological perspective

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>"Borges is my favorite writer"
>"McCarthy is my favorite writer"
>"Pynchon is my favorite writer"
>"DFW is my favorite writer"

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>is into "theory"
>says they love the greek and roman classics but hasnt read them in greek or latin
>really passionate about an issue on which theyve only read 1 book

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>needing to read every Greco-Roman classic in the original language
It's admirable, but not necessary.

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I said "signs of a pseud" not "signs of a midwit", you retards.

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>this is based

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>>"Borges is my favorite writer"
No. This is high IQ (because he is mine and I am high IQ)

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Borges is peak midwit
DFW is cool because hating on him is currently cool

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You have th IQ of a w*"man

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>living in their heads
The only sign of a pseud.

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What the fuck is “theory”

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>keeps track of how many books he's read
>only reads books regarded as good
>has a favorite author/book
>doesn't understand some people read for enjoyment instead of just learning
>intentionally overcomplicates sentences
>uses words but can't give synonyms

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>reading non-fiction

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>has a favorite author
I reject the meaning of 'favorite' as a category
when I am asked if I have a favorite movie, I cannot respond

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>Sneed isn't funny

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>Hates on anime.

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>liking rightist shit

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>>keeps track of how many books he's read
I do that and im dumb

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The only correct answer

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>keeps track of how many books he's read
>has a favorite author/book
Those are the only two I disagree with.

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keeping track of how many books you read is so you can compare yourself to others and enforces the idea quantity matters
authors vary greatly so to have one above all else is stupid same with books

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>Having a "favorite" writer who you feel defines you and your tastes

Stop turning books into a personal brand of identity politics. Liking Borge doesn't make you interesting or smart, it just shows that you still try and define yourself through the products you buy and media you consumer. You are just like everyone else, just with an inflated ego and a fetish for outward displays of traditional intellect.

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