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So you wrote the perfect book, but no one really noticed. Except 200 years from now, happy now?

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yes, ecstatic. I wrote it for people to read and appreciate, not to watch people read and appreciate it

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I'm dead right now right? Of course I am happy then. I don't even care for the book

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Who fucking cares? Would this enter into any other undertaking of yours? Swap "write the perfect book" for "climb Everest" or "achieve apotheosis", would your answer change?

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See it as a twisted Pascal Wager. You have to die knowing that you'll be recognized, you gain nothing by being realist here. If you are successful, good, if you're not then you're not there anymore. So better be unsufferable and happy, I know that I'm going to be studied at universities throughout the Eurasian Block, new Houellebecq by 2050.

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