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Is she right friens? What do you think about how female characters are written in general, and why do you find so little of them in most great /lit/erature

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>I try to complain about this stuff to the people in my life but they either don't care or don't understand
damn that's crazy cause I don't care either

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If someone can't write women, it isn't reflective on the rest of their writing as a whole, same as if someone couldn't write men, or people for that matter. What she's complaining about is entirely a modern problem relating only to culture and nothing else, and due to this is also entirely subjective.

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Who could she even be talking about?
>90% of fantasy
Not literature

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believe it or not, but to find this opinion in that reddit thread you'd need to sort by controversial

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>What do you think about how female characters are written in general
Good writers have always written the opposite sex well. This person is just a retard who reads fantasy, no shit it’s gonna be bad, it’s fantasy.

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I guess I would ask this redditor what she felt constituted a good female character, since I think there's some cultural disagreement on that front. In the meantime, I guess I would suggest reading women writers.

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>writes women like human beings
What the fuck does this even mean

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Three-dimensionally, with desires and dreams beyond the self insert's—I mean protagonist's—chosen cock.

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>beyond the self insert'
maybe the issue is expecting to have your own self insert who isn't the main character, in this case a male.

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>Massive fantasy fan
Oh, noes. Bad writers can't write!
Why are modern women so fucking retarded?

Anna Karenina and Emma Bovary are amazing female characters written by men desu

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>it’s weird that all these reviews level the same exact complaint against the same type of person so consistently
>since it’s leveled against men by women, the complaint must be more true
Nothing more complex than that happening here. Not even taking a side, but the facts don’t imply her conclusion on their own: she could’ve just as easily assumed male fantasy authors are misjudged unfairly, that fantasy as a genre doesn’t yield good female characters, or that reviewers are largely petty and uninformed. Obviously she picks “blame the author” because she is probably just petty herself

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This is gonna sound very resentful, but I’ve had the thought that most women don’t have much self-awareness, so when they read books, which naturally cause self-reflection, they never like how they feel portrayed. And it’s any writer that isn’t a mediocre woman author who writes about women owning people and being a victim and having her fantasies confirmed. They complain about writers like Orwell and Fitzgerald and in this post fantasy writers, because that’s the male writers theyre exposed to, but if they read more they’d realize almost no great writers depict women how they want themselves to be depicted, cause they’re not able to accept what they really are.

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>Never read a genuinely good male character written by a woman

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Read Alice Munro

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Sorry but no.
I don't read anything written after 1950

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Except for retards on an image board obviously

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Depends, most writers can't even write people, let alone women.
And to me a good female character is one who doesn't spend 90% of the time rejecting her gender, which could be what this raving lunatic is talking about. In the end it's not that hard, women are caretakers and their words don't coincide with their intent. I enjoy writing women, they're a lot more arbitrary than men, which makes them interesting. It's a great driver for character development.
I think people in general are awful at self-reflection, even people who do it actively. That's just the human brain at work.

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Self inserts in fiction almost always lead to bad fiction.

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At least in this one case, you're missing out.

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>can’t write good women
This is just a disengenuous ploy by a vaglet.
1.) books do not need to present accurate/admirable representations of women to be quality
2.) at no point is a single character, just as with individual people, ever supposed in principle to represent/inspire anyone
3.) never trust a persons ability to self-diagnose; why the hell does this poster know what an accurate woman is, and what makes one in a work of fiction with narrative perspective?
This is just a projection and cope. People who say this kind of shit just reveal their opinions to be sourced from their own anus.

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Why yes, I do only write books about straight white men because I have no experience being anything else, how could you tell?

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