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What are your thoughts on Bubbles and the others in the Spheres Trilogy?
I am reading it and it is very interesting so far.

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On a side not, however, I like Peter Sloterdijk quite a lot, but I don't know how he hasn't been cancelled into oblivion with some of the based things that he says!

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Wow. So interesting.

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How about you tell us what you like about it? "very interesting" is plebbit tier

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He got himself into positions of power and profits from lecturing outside of any mayor german urban center. It would look quite bad for our elite if they dared to cancel Sloterdijk, so he's a tolerated dissident voice to create the illusion of a pluralistic discourse.

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Only read vol 1 but found it disappointing. Read more like some fantastical art history treatise rather than a rigorous ontology.

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What made you expect to find a rigorous ontology with Sloterdijk?

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Hmmmm so is he the only person in Germany who can get away with this?
>named the Rothschilds and how much power they have
>made fun of feminism
>says the refugees should not be allowed into the country
>hates liberal democracy
>talks about how Jewish psychology has replaced Greek philosophy of the mind in modern academia
>supports eugenics

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It is really very quite interesting and fun to read.
I think, however, that ultimately what his ontology boils down to is Neoplatonism. This is what I sense from his analogy of God and Adam, for instance.

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I hadn't read him before going in, I just heard it billed as "Being and Space" so my expectations were set accordingly.

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Yes, he's the only one.

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>>talks about how Jewish psychology has replaced Greek philosophy of the mind in modern academia
Holy based I might read him just for this

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Where does he talk about Jewish psychology? I want to read it.

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Is that the book where he says everybody wishes to be back in the comfort of the womb?

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He has that Faelid cro-magnon appearance. Very Corded Ware.

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no desu

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How is "You Must Change Your Life?" I'm looking for a book that deals with living in our godless, tech driven society, does it have actual praxis?

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I have not read that book, but this might help you with your problem.

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and this

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He's Zizek's best friend on the right

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Do they agree on anything? It seems they would be completely opposed to each other on everything.

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They agree on some things, but I said they were friends, not that they agree

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Yeah I know what you said they're friends but I'm just wondering what they agree on. What do they agree on? Pls tell me.

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piss and shit, maybe cum

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Zizek is not a philosopher

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pls tell me

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they agree with Zizek that the reproduction of reality made by the culture industry is actually a good thing in driving more ontological discussions forward. They both wrote about Blade Runner 2049 too.

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His concept of sphere like how 20% of world population lives inside a safe sphere and rest of 80% is trying get in to it. This is causing the immigration crisis. Zizek mentioned this in a lecture and said that we(commies) should never ignore an intelligent conservative.

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>His concept of sphere like how 20% of world population lives inside a safe sphere and rest of 80% is trying get in to it.
Why don't we just not let them in? They just make it less comfy here.

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Because whiteness is the new original sin and we must atone by replacing ourselves

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No that sounds gay. I think that we should embrace our past and continue or noble tradition as conquerors and crusaders!

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Zizek makes use of Sloterdijk’s work on ‘cynical ideology’ pretty often. I wouldn’t say they agree about anything as far as issues go, and I also think people are incorrect about them being ‘friends’. I’ve never seen anything to indicate that they’ve even met in person.

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there's a video somewhere in youtube where Zizek quotes "[his] right wing friend, Peter Sloterdijk", or something along those lines. He seems to call everyone his "friend", so they probably just talked once or twice.

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Why does Zizek say that Aleksandr Dugin is some crazy radical who is best not to engage with?

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The former is a more useful kind of text than the latter, though, so this complaint is void.

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>fantastical art history treatise
Sounds extremely based

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but he does say that somewhere. someone told me of that.

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>Sloterdijk - Spheres
Extremely based and probably my favourite philosophical work.
The the way SL constructs this rather simple idea of spheres from bubbles to foams throughout the 3 books is very engaging and I very much enjoyed all the historical interjections about art, architecture and culture. After reading a SL book you always get the feeling that you learned something even if you don't accept the philosophy.

>Is that the book where he says everybody wishes to be back in the comfort of the womb?
Yes. It's either 1 or 2 where he makes the direct statement of that.

>does it have actual praxis?
I would say so yes. He mentions several examples of people in todays world who apply the the principle of Nietzsches ascetic star, which is pretty much the basis of that book.

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Is this worth a read?

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That's in the second volume, Globes, in the section that deals with (our) first best friend and food source, Nature's teddy bear, the placenta

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Yeah, a good one to begin with as well, then read Cynical Reason before hitting the trilogy

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Thanks anon

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Can I start with spheres 2 or is that retarded?
I really jsut want to read what he says about the desire to be in the state of being back in the womb again.

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The world is retarded anon. Go for it.

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Yeah, I think you can. In a way it's beginning in medias res

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I jsut checked the wikipedia entry on the trilogy and it says that subject is in book 1.

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>Nature's teddy bear, the placenta
Wait a minute, is Peter Sloterdijk a Varg fan?

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i stopped reading when i got to that placenta bit, realized i was reading schizo dogshit

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He looks Baltic. Is this common in Germany?

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a lot of germans were driven from the prussian parts into todays germany. (huge wehrmacht efforts to evacuate all of east prussia form the russians)
So there it would not be unreasonable to assume one of his parents is somehow from the baltic region.

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Germans look like blond, blue eyed version of East Asians. It is interesting

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My mistake, then. Makes sense that it would be (now that I think about it) because the spheres become less physically personal as he advances toward contemporary atomization, irony of ironies; I read him six, seven years ago. Again, my bad.

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Nothing prepared me for that; I sat perplexed for the remainder of the evening after reading that too long, weirdly 'joyful' chapter. But I continued on and though 'the bit' comes to me from time to time like a bad dream, I literally haven't 'thought' about it since. What I remember were strong feelings of disagreement mixed up with amused feelings of 'you got to be kidding me'! I had read the Cynical Reason (which is very good, even helpful) and You Must Change Your Life, which too is helpful but somewhat repulsive given its complete acceptance of the Kurzweilian future, before, as well as the two shorter tracts on Nietzsche and Philosophical Temperaments, so NOTHING I had read by him previous suggested that this was coming. It's bothersome.

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The Scythians were Germanic. Academia does not want you to know this.

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It's in 1. Stop larping and read it.

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No, it was in the movie, retard.

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The Spheres trilogy are my favorite works by any author living or dead.

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There's an essay on him in the latest Plutonics journal.

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