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Looking for a good biography but this can also be a place where we discuss good philosophical and literary reactions to napoleon (e.g. Crime and Punishment).

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What does Crime and Punishment have to do with Napoleon? Do you mean War and Peace?

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Raskolnikov models himself off of Napoleon because Napoleon killed a lot of people and didn't care (that is the extent of his philosophy).

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I finished Andrew Roberts' Napoleon: A Life just earlier today. A fantastic read, though don't expect a particularly deep analysis of the individual battles. There's other, more detailed literature for that.

I love Napoleon

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I own this but I haven't read it yet

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any podcast or lectures you'd reccomend on him?

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I also recently read this, lot’s of quirky moments in N’s life, almost converting to Islam to follow in the footsteps of Alexander, Josephine’s black nubs of teeth from all the sugercane in Haiti

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