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Did anon read Camus 'the plague?
Seems appropriate now.

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Probably the next one I gonna read

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Have it on my book shelf rn. Plan to read it after Plato's Republic

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>Seems appropriate now.
how so

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will start now

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rona, retard

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>Seems appropriate now.

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bcuz nazi's are coming back (white males)

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Beautiful book, but i don't think it relates very much to our situation now.

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a crown of light? I don't follow.

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readed it when the corona stuff started -like two years ago.

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Now that you mention it, I guess you are right—they’re both fiction

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No, because I don't speak French.

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but it's been only a little over a year since the corona stuff started...

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I'm on Part III now (about halfway through). Its good, and topical, but the issue I have is that since everything in the book is reminiscent of our time, it feels like I'm reading stuff I already know? As in we've lived through a plague, so the worldbuilding is familiar rather than surprising or interesting at times. But its still good, nothing to be annoyed at having read, and its not too long even though I've been taking forever to finish it.

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Pretty good but didn't love it. I really liked the characters but found the prose kinda lacking in parts.

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Camus is boring

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>Seems appropriate now.

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he's talking about beer? idk

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it's shit, camus is "i'm 14 and this is deep" of literature. A journal of the plaque year, which this copied, is a much better book

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I liked "The stranger" a lot more

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I read it because it was forced by my English class. Shit was mad gay and retarded

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the plague was pretty; i'd read it a while before this pandemic, i liked the characters, and specific moments (panlou's last sermon, the mayor's son (?)) can stick with you. as for relevance to the current pandemic, i'd recommend randy shilts instead, which did a far better job of describing the real world since it was a nonfiction.

the stranger had a totally different feel, but i liked it as well. it was more of a direct exposition of camus' main philosophy than the plague was.

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It felt accurate to the point where it felt like he was just listing off things that happened in historical documents about plagues. That being said I liked the characters, especially the insight into how Cottard was happier during the plague and cant live without it as it made him feel wanted and when it ends and everyone is moving on he goes kinda insane. When Covid is done with I'd say an increase in suicide rates is a pretty solid prediction.

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The whole book feels like filler for a couple of aphorisms and character interactions.

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