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I'm going to read Philip Hardie's "Cosmos and Imperium" and I was wondering if there are any other good texts on Virgil I should know about

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sauce on the qt

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Why are women so sexy?

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Aelius Donatus' Life of Virgil

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god only knows but fuck do I hate them for it

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>that thigh compression
yeah imma coom

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edited to shit but I'm still bouta jack it

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Is that a man

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yes besides the obvious waist editing her right-arm tricep is another dead giveaway.
This looks shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time.

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for me it was Bumblebee in the bottom right. He's actually very large and would probably not fit inside of that room , let alone the corner of a mirror selfie.

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There's some interesting online resources. This one for example:


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god daaaaaaammmmmmmm i just wanna coooommmmm coom coom coom coom coooommmmm

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(The Alternative Trinity by Nuttall, Further Voices in Vergil's Aeneid by Lyne, Multiple-Correspondence Similes in the Aeneid by West.)

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thanks boys

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Oh, good point. I didn't notice him because I'm not gay.

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I haven't ejaculated for 48 hours.

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She'd be repulsed by my ghastly incel appearance and make a scene

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That's one of the hottest things I've ever seen

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sauce already

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she is megadoll on twitter but account deactivated

but reddit is down

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what film is this lol?

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That Malicious Age

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>Napoleone (Castelnuovo) is an artist bored of his married life and applies to work as a gardener at a summer mansion. On his way to Elba, he meets an attractive teenage girl (Guida) who attempts to seduce him and when he gets to the mansion, he learns that she is Paola, his employers' daughter living with her mother (Anita Sanders) and stepfather (Silvio Amadio). The mother is soon attracted to Napoleone but he has a growing affection for Paola, fuelled by her flirtatious behavior and his passion eventually turns into violence against a mentally disturbed fisherman (Mimmo Palmara) courting Paola.

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i hate you. i try to be virtuous, but temptation surrounds me. why bring this upon your fellow man?

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