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I certainly do.

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yeah, /lit/ posts though

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same, my bathroom is too small to read a real book. It constricts my mind.

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I'm shitting rn. Ate 4 oranges yesterday, and I can feel a big one coming on.

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Yes I carry the book I'm reading to the bathroom with me, always akward when i get caught doing it

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Yeah, my sisters bf was standing outside waiting to get in and I walked out the bathroom wielding The Complete Works of Michel de Montaigne. It was a very meaty shit indeed.

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How long are your shits? I take about 45 seconds to shit, don't see why I would try to read for a few seconds before wiping the old o-ring. Are you eating well?

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Not at all.

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This a ye old tradition. Boomers' pas used to read newspapers on the shitter. Much wisdom there. Take your time evacuating those bowels while exercising your brain. Efficiency.

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Yes, there's no time to waste.

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i usually take something to read but half the time i can only read like a couple sentences and it's more trouble than it's worth

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No, I shit my pants while I read.

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I do. I'm a quick shitter though, takes less then a page. If the book is good and there's no chapter break I sometimes stay a bit longer just to read.

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shitting your pants is the most alpha move. I shit myself at a party once... there was this one real hot babe that all the other fellas were eyeing, so I decided to come out strong with my natural pheromones and shat myself while we were in the living room. everyone cleared out and left the pack leader dwell in his den. was pretty based.

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Of course, how to shit without a book, I need paper to wipe my ass.
Now I mostly read from a tablet, so things got a little more complicated.

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I typically browse /lit/ while I shit, but if the urge takes me in the middle of a chapter, I’ll take it with me. I try not to though because I get distracted reading and my legs fall asleep

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How long are you guys on the toilet that you can read on it? It takes maybe one minute to shit, max.

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Yes, I read the Holy Bible on my phone for 2 reasons: 1) I cannot see my physical Holy Bible anymore without reading glasses and it has to be held at "just the right distance" so I can't just lay it in front of me and use my hands for wiping and flushing and 2) I don't think it's right to take my real Holy Bible into that environment and expose it to that kind of potential contamination. I used to though, back before there were phones. I figured God would forgive me for having John there in the john, and was probably just glad I was reading it no matter where, but I grew to view a wide variety of things rather differently over the decades.

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