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Did he finally lose it? Is he finally in an asylum?

>> No.18174938

his anus couldn't take the sheer amount of POUNDING it took, so he went insane.

>> No.18174944

He escaped from his tard wrangler mom and fled to Cairo

>> No.18174959

rich poser who pretends he is as dysfunctional as us REAL losers here on lit.

>> No.18174971

Leave him alone hes doing his self-initation rite

>> No.18174975

The books got to him and he couldn't handle it anymore so he fled to Egypt where he will probably get nabbed by border patrol.

>> No.18175000

worthless man

>> No.18175004

Quentins a cool guy. Good for him that he's exploring the world, if it's true.

>> No.18175009

>two mentions of Egypt in one thread

hmm Q you're posting on this right now aren't you

>> No.18175037

initiation into what? homosexuality? lmfao

>> No.18175042

He literally made a video saying he was escaping to Cairo

>> No.18175047

>Hi, I'm Q! I'm a gay little buttboy who wrote a gay little book with my gay little friend! Tee-hee!

>> No.18175052

To escape what? The charges?

>> No.18175057

Remember this?

>> No.18175058


and sexual assault charges against the elderly

>> No.18175066

Cool. I'm going to buy some legal marijuana and eat chocolate and pepperoni sticks for the rest of the day.

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That song is good

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Not /lit/

>> No.18175082

He's a writer so it is /lit/ related

>> No.18175096

he is /lit/ but youtube

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