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Any good red pill literature? Advice on how to talk and act with women etc.. Most RP lit around is coombrain material

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Just read the most black pilled, pessimistic literature you can find to the point where you no longer care about anything. Works better than any self-help book

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How is red pill associated to talking with women?
Anyway, I think the ultimate red pill these days is reading Homer+Thukydides+Plato.

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based. this got me laid, but unfortunately, I didn't really care.

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>based. this got me laid, but unfortunately, I didn't really care.
why say "unfortunately" since you don't care?

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Not him, but it's a post-hoc "unfortunately" that looks back on his original intent (to get laid) and how the means in achieving that end (becoming blackpilled) had the unintentional effect of nullifying the satisfaction in the end itself. Like in The Sound of Waves when the boy finally gets the girl, but all he wants to do is get back to the ocean.

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Because I see pessimism as a truth I would rather ignore but I'm can't anymore. Its unfortunate for my younger self who used to enjoy things and see beauty. I realize living ignorant to truth is preferable.

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>how to talk and act with women

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>/lit/: why have sex when you can kys?

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