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I was reading through the CCRU wikipedia, yes I was inspired by the earlier post on here and I found something that I found extremely interesting:
>Plant left her academic post and affiliation with the CCRU in 1997, leading the collective to come under the influence and direction of Land. Under his leadership, the collective became increasingly experimental and unorthodox in its work, with its output including writing, performance events, music and collaborative art, and exploring post-structuralism, cybernetics, science fiction, rave culture, and occult studies.

>The CCRU's written output was largely self-published in zines such as Collapse and Abstract Culture, and many of these writings are maintained online on the website for CCRU.

>Land's antisocial behavior, reliance on amphetamines, and increasingly experimental writing at this time led academics and contemporaries to distance themselves from him. He eventually left his academic post following accusations that he was dealing drugs to students. As a consequence, the CCRU could no longer use space at, or claim affiliation with Warwick University. CCRU continued to operate from a flat in Leamington Spa up until its disestablishment in 2003.

>According to Mackay, by around 1998, "The CCRU became quasi-cultish, quasi-religious". Mackay mentions having "left before it descended into sheer madness", with Grant asserting that the later excesses drove several members into mental breakdown.

This strike anybody else as incredibly Ligotti-esque? It's like something straight out of a cybernetic Sect of the Idiot. No real point to this post, just wanted to share. Sometimes you wonder how much these writers (Ligotti, Pynchon, Land) really know about the world, maybe they're all telling the, slightly embellished, truth?

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