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>expected whiny pessimistic doomerism and proto-fascism
>Actually got a very broad and thorough philosophy of history
Before reading i still somewhat believed in end-of-history philosophies (though i couldn't formulate what the end would really be like), but Decline seriously made me doubt that history could ever end.

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I only read books thats affirm what I already believe

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This book turned me into a conservative

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My beliefs are perfect and cannot be challenged

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Hitler's Revolution made me realize that conservatives are an even greater enemy than socialists

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based mr tickle poster

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Mr. Tickle is always watching, Mr. Tickle is a natural force of chaos. Sometimes something goes wrong, sometimes you feel something in the tip of your pp, sometimes you feel the urge to have sex and beat women, all of that is caused by Mr. Tickle. Mr. Tickle is a causal expression of nature, you can't modify him as human has no power in the natural word because human has only created social world and the social world is the only thing under human's jurisdiction. Fear Mr. Tickle but praise him because some day that chaotic force could be your salvation.

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Tell me about this woman.
Why does she wear the white box?

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unironically prevented me from becoming a commie when I read it at 15.

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Antifragile - Taleb (not a fanboy)
Why We Sleep - Matt Walker
The True Believer - Hoffer
Industrial Society and It's Future - Uncle Ted
The Demon In Democracy - Legutko, Ryszard
Can Life Prevail - Linkola
Life at the bottom - Dalrymple
Black Rednecks and White Liberals - Sowell
Debt The First 5000 years - Graeber
The Book of Pook

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>The Book of Pook
based, women are truly disgusting

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Why else would I read? I just want to hone my arguments.

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Based, biggest redpill there is

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going from a naive vaguely aristotelian scientific worldview to Kant's trancedental horizon for the first time was insanely challenging and i dont neccesarily agree with Kant anymore but any philosopher worth their salt has to have an answer to Kant.

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Except aliens aren't invading and your outgroup are just people who want to live a good life. Cunt.

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Cringe, you're a mental child, stop thinking so highly of yourself

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Yes it changed my life

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Books have only influenced my thinking negatively. Like how a few beers alter my perception, usually for the worse, for a short period of time. I'll read something and be dazzled by its eloquence and begin to think ________________. But then a little later on, I'll realize my original instictive viewpoint that had been repudiated was actual correct all along, the very second my newly adopted viewpoint comes into contact with reality.

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He's just one of a select few faggots here who are constantly trying to discredit this book. I got the same response the last time I brought it up.

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But evola is actually cringe tho

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non linear dynamics and chaos by strogatz

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Thanks for letting us know you were filtered

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1984 desu
Unironically made me consider Catholicism

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I thought Orwell was against religion

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Very Based

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Gravity and Grace

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Only one person comes across as a little boo-hoo baby in this exchange, and it's not him

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There are none, because my beliefs can't be challenged. I exist independently and am not susceptible to the influence of other wills to power. The only thing that could reasonably challenge my beliefs is someone torturing me or putting a gun to my head.

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“His father shifted his weight on the chair. He looked at his thick, callused fingers, into the cracks of which soil had penetrated so deeply that it could not be washed away. He laced his fingers together and held them up from the table, almost in an attitude of prayer.

"I never had no schooling to speak of," he said, looking at his hands. "I started working a farm when I finished sixth grade. Never held with schooling when I was a young 'un. But now I don't know. Seems like the land gets drier and harder to work every year; it ain't rich like it was when I was a boy. County agent says they got new ideas, ways of doing things they teach you at the University. Maybe he's right. Sometimes when I'm working the field I get to thinking." He paused. His fingers tightened upon themselves, and his clasped hands dropped to the table. "I get to thinking--" He scowled at his hands and shook his head. "You go on to the University come fall. Your ma and me will manage."

It was the longest speech he had ever heard his father make. That fall he went to Columbia and enrolled in the University as a freshman in the College of Agriculture.”

Well, first of all, this made me cry. But what it also did was that it made me feel sorry for normies, instead of hating them. It didn't stick for long though.

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Why'd they have to take him out

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Subjectivity is habit

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Why did you block out her feet?

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can confirm

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The Outgroup is always against the ingroup, otherwise they too would be part of the ingroup.

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The Incerto - Taleb (am a fanboy)

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And that’s why you’ll always be retarded

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Emerson’s Essays
Ward No. 6
Digital Minimalism
Mein Kampf

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doesn't mean I'm a speud if I say nothing
or make my a supreme genius?

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Good book. Try "El Señor Presidente", by Miguel Ángel Asturias.

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Plato changed my life forever, homie

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The Golden Bough too.

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A Very Short Introduction to Literary Theory makes me feel I've wasted my life reading. Now I think it to be mostly useless. Not that he says so, but does mentions this view.

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thinking fast and slow

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Kierkegaard sickness unto death

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Bros, I fear death a bit too much...

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>Now I think it to be mostly useless

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>You guise, everyone just wants to live a good life! If you just drop your guard, we can all live together in harmony!

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>against my point of view?
>no, hahaha, I only read stuff that agrees with me

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They probably haven't even read it but only his wiki page

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Reading in general has made me more conservative

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Is this a good book to get summarized on different philosophies? I am reading the greeks at the moment so it will take a long time to reach more "modern" philosophies.

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I haven't seen cum genius in a few days I think, I wonder if he's still with us. I hope not.

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These are great as well.

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Against History, Against Leviathan

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Glowies are too sensitive

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not really, Spengler goes in pretty deep on some topics like mathematics, and its best to have a somewhat global overview of major world religions/cultures already.
it's also a philosophy of history moreso than an historical work, and some categorizations on his part are a bit weird (like calling Plato the philosopher of becoming, and Aristotle the philosopher of being)

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Got it, thanks. I will save it for another time then. At least I have the math part down for now :)

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Ultra chad

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Race diff. In intelligence - Lynn

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Industrial Society and Its Future by Ted K help turned me to the right. His section of leftists was spot-on. He made me realize that other leftists became less concerned about economic grievances and more concerned with being spiteful mutants. His description of "surrogate activities" and how technology gives us meaningless hobbies to spend time on cannot be denied either.
Overall, it was the first time I was exposed to the idea that both the mainstream left and right are united in advancing techno-capitalism.

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Are you suggesting that you're not cosmopolitan enough for free and open exchange with alien invaders?

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He hasn't read it:

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>turned me to the right
>Overall, it was the first time I was exposed to the idea that both the mainstream left and right are united in advancing techno-capitalism
Just curious what you mean by the right?

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When I say I was turned to the "right", I mean that brought me into contact with /pol/-related ideas,
When I say "mainstream right", I'm talking about mainstream conservative types who ultimately just stand for the status quo.

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Das kapital

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I understand how Ted would turn you to the right (non mainstream right), but I don't see how it would make you /pol/. His ideas were anti authoritarian and /pol/ isn't.

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I said "pol-RELATED ideas." I did not internalize literally all of Ted's views. That was just part of my journey into the non-mainstream right.

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Pol is not monolithic

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Absolutely and utterly basado, fuck spooks

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>they just want to live a heckin’ good life at your expense!

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Studying stem made me an atheist
t. 160 IQ

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Being and Time

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Your suppose to first believe, then doubt, then come to a skeptical understanding of the inevitability of God

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t. Enjoyer of a great many spooks

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his views on causality opened the way for me for pragmatism and many other positions I would vibrantly object to.

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how so?

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literally me

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I said his views on casuality but I really meant that and more importantly, his views on induction.
He defends the naturalistic approach throughout the book but shows how it relies on an unjustified assumption, namely the principle of uniformity of nature(PUN). He shows you how circular PUN gets if use induction for it, since induction relies on it. So then naturalism is basically a good custom for him, but he doesn't really make it clear why it would be. He doesn't give a framework in which this custom would be expected to give results before any implementation, that got me comfortable with a certain degree of uncertainty I took as room for incoherence before.

Revisiting Dewey, I saw a better way to justify the approach. In a way he does what Hume did to causality to our perception of truth, just like how Hume showed it is nothing but conjugation and subsequent inference that is in a cause-effect relationship pragmabros show it is nothing but the stasis of assent that brings certainty. I always confused certainty with internal coherence fsr, it's probably a mathfag thing.

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This is physically impossible. Thinking otherwise means you are lying to yourself and just ignoring external influence, leaving you more susceptible to it. To bat aside the external you need to reformulate your beliefs constantly and with greater depth than externals could do.

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I know that believe isn't exclusive to pragmatism btw, the core tennant of utility I was already warm on but I would have had objections to this specific take on Truth. Hume nuked the basis of my objections.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahaha imagine saying shit like this with a straight face. you're a petty child pretending to be grownup.

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Interesting I always thought that part would be huge miss on lefties, weird to see it actually wololoos people.

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What was the problem you had with epistemic objections to "end of history" memes?

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Is the earth flat too huehuehuehue

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To aru majutsu no index.

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They're more concerned with social-climbing. Leftism is like inoculating yourself into a personally degenerating obsession with power/hierarchy and social conformism. They're so slimy and malicious because that's all they care about, all they reduce life to.

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>His ideas were anti authoritarian and /pol/ isn't.
not really. anything non-mainstream is anti-authoritarian. who else is getting censored in heavyhanded purges lol? only anything that is rightwing but not some inane shit about how great the economy and status quo is. also i think some communists too.

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A good portion of /pol/ believes in sovereignty over opinion and expression. They just want to be the ones doing the enforcing, not some "tranny jewish nigger faggots" as they would call it. They co opt anti-authority points when convenient, just like left did in "the movement" days.
That portion often also wishes to see far more power in the hands of the state or "nation", whether they are just edgeposter populists or actual fascists it is pretty common. There are many other ways in which /pol/ loves them boots but these two are the most general

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nice choices

Hume's Enquiry concerning human understanding gets a second from me, also Berkeley's Treatise on Principles of human knowledge and the Bhagavad Gita

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Tao Te Ching
Confessions - Augustine
Magick in Theory & Practice - Crowley
Industrial Society and It's Future - Ted K

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Berkeley annoys me he always has the most cucked take but in the end you just appreciate him for his insight. It really shouldn't be this hard to argue with schitzo ideas but he is that good. Hume also eased me into him I discarded most of his dunks on Locke before Hume.

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Haha, ironic since 1984 lead to me to becoming an atheist

>> No.18225091

I woudlnt say he challenged my beliefs necessarily but more that zizek helped me establish a framework of how I take in information from the world / how better to ask questions. Sure I read him during a formative time of my life (late teens early 20s), but yeah its stuck to me until this day. Not a commie at all.

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Unironically Slaughterhouse Five turned me into a determinist and caused me to see everyone as a victim of their environment.

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Are you serious?

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Every book I read.

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One of these is not like the others

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I started to get into Communism with things like The Jungle, but this book really set me straight.

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Farewell to Autumn engraved in me belief that form is everything and so objective and subjective can't exist. This one had as big influence on me as firt trying psychedelics, I don't know if it was ever translated but its remarkable

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People don't know what you posted lmao

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I showed Ted's bit on leftism to a girl once... she said: "This is... basically what I've been thinking lately, but I just couldn't put it into words."

She's not really a progressive lefty, but sorta leans that way.

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Why? Is it memed to be progressive or something

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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

>> No.18227150

The Storm of Steel

>> No.18227158

Why is the title so schitzo

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I too want to increase my wellbeing by taking all your shit. Pay up.

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Very well written, fucked up short stories with great prose. I've only read a few so far but I'm really liking them.

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Posted in the wrong thread, fuck

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It is Christian apologia

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having read this not long ago i'm curious to know how this changed your life anon

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Honestly? HPMOR. A fucking fanfiction, of all things. My first venture into Rationalism that, while not perfect, is definitely overlooked.

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if the book isnt at least a few hundred years old youre NGMI

>> No.18228250

Because Thoreau was a Chad. Here was a guy who rejected the materialism and industrialization of his time on the (accurate) grounds that it did not lead to fulfillment or happiness, lived in solitude for two years living in nature and working on a based bean farm, and then fucked off because he had learned everything he had wanted to by that point. His experiment is one of the most impassioned and persuasive cases for minimalism which affected my personal attitudes about wealth, possessions, and the search for wisdom in a dog shit and superficial society.

>> No.18228296

I agree with what you've said but he wasn't in solitude at all really. He speaks of the people he would see like the hunter and lumberjack iirc, the people who came to cut ice, travellers and poets etc. I even remember him writing at one point that although his cabin was 10x15 foot long it still didn't feel crowded with up to a dozen people in there (this has been on my mind recently as being inspired by this book I'm building a similar cabin in my garden atm).

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Very curious what views of yours this changed

>> No.18228307

But isn’t rationality mainly pursued in the direction of lore development?

>> No.18228313

Imagine reading a Harry Potter fanfic by a high school dropout who believes he will literally live for eternity and whose only claim to fame is getting Peter Thiel to give him millions on unfulfilled promises and having it "challenge your beliefs". This blogosphere shit is still useful in the sense that a person's opinion on it is almost a perfect signal of whether they've read any actual book on any of the topics Yud and his rats post about on twitter.

>> No.18228343

That means you didn't engage in any deep dialogue with the book. You just put it's statements in place of your own, with no subtlety or nuance at all.

>> No.18228427

Yeah I’ve heard that too, I think the point is that he was in solitude much more so than the average person though. For him, at that point, solitude was probably more important as of a state of mind (not being social if he could help it) than it was a physical isolation from others. But cheers on your cabin, sounds fucking awesome

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Did Yudkowsky fuck your mom anon? You seem upset

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Just found an edition published in 1892 in one of the open library telephone boxes in Vienna. Still old german script.

So, das werden wir uns jetzt einverleiben

>> No.18229270

This isn't the 90s, fag

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stiehl es wenn dann stirnerfag

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No, there's a pseudo-school of "rational thinking" that the book, and other rationalfaggot fiction pushes on you throughout the narrative. Basically, the hero and the villain are big dick badasses because fuck yeah science and because they "measure" the probability of their actions (literally just your regular gut feeling) and recognize that they're schizos and fucked up in the head (news flash: everyone is). Long story short Yud and everyone else at the rationalwiki love jerking themselves off and if you don't follow the hivemind you're irrational kek

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Reading biographies of utterly self-made men does nudge me to the right somewhat.

>> No.18230377


Is this honestly something worth reading? As in, is it intelligent, coherent, sets out an argument, and attempt to prove it?

It seems to make a lot of (((people))) seethe very hard, so I'm curious if what MacDonald has written makes theme seethe because it is a legitimate analysis.

>> No.18230387

>is it intelligent, coherent, sets out an argument, and attempt to prove it?
Yes. You can disagree with (some of) it but it's definitely all of the above.

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Thank you, I shall add it to my pile.

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Convinced me idealism was right.

>> No.18230411

Good stuff. It can be somewhat dry at times but I still learned a lot from reading it.

>> No.18230525


Definitely an interesting read even though I am extremely wary of such perspectives as the author's. If I was to put on my Tinfoil hat, it would seem to me that would be a sold text to "Illuminati/Mason/Kabal/etc Training 101".

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Made me care about nature more

>> No.18230997

you should be reaching philosophical conclusions on your own and then reading books that back you up, not the other way around

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Not only is it a good story, but when I read it as a teenager Tolstoy’s ideas of history as a continuous curve of determinant causes challenged the way I had thought about history, had been taught it in school, and our natural need to bullet point things into memory

I haven’t read Being and Time yet, but phenomenology changed my perspective on cognition and how we interact with the world. It opened my eyes to the “roles” we let ourselves play and how dumb the brain-in-a-vat-piloting-a-meat-mech model of humans is

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Hes right though.

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The world needs an angry lashing out

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>newly adopted
You're supposed to actually think, learn and develop. Not just adopt. Jesus.

>> No.18233461

I was already half on board but after this there was no turning back.

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Incredible, the millionth person acknowledging the commonly known phenomena of confirmation bias. It never gets old.

>> No.18235309

Sub 80 IQ, unironically

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>> No.18235345

Analysis paralysis

>> No.18235673

>unironically using (((people)))

Seems to be like you just want your bias confirmed.

>> No.18235948

Schöner Fund.

>> No.18235963
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The 'Critique of Cynical Reason' altered me.

>> No.18236045
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pol/ propaganda

>> No.18236519

No he isn't.

>> No.18236579

Thoreau would be a good read if he could get his point across without babbling about nonsense for 15 pages straight before saying something like "trees are cool."

>> No.18237160

Based crocodile poster

>> No.18237581

>open library telephone boxes
wie kann er es denn stehlen wenn's dort gratis ist, retard

>> No.18237630

>It's personal and I dont want to get into it.
>Trump unable to name one verse
Love it.

>> No.18237644

It says
I'm thinking the schizo bit is just three different books or whatever from the same guy

>> No.18237660

faggot bad taste

>> No.18238952
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Chinese philosophy seems to really click with me.

I have 6 translations of the Tao Te Ching, a copy of The Mengzi, and 4 translations of the The Analects of Confucius.

>> No.18239229

I'm currently reading Angel Tech by Antero Alli, this is what I'll be going for afterward.

>> No.18240007

Yes, I think so.
He manages to handle the most contentious subject in existence with grace. Unlike “A History of Central Banking” it never feels like he’s just writing out of anger. It’s pretty solid

>> No.18240015

Have you read Culture of Critique?

>> No.18240027

The only people who aren't retarded are those capable of realizing that there is no general truth, only perspectives. The people naive enough to think otherwise are always the subject of subtle powers influencing their allegedly "objective" intellect, to fulfill the aims not of "good", but of a particular will which desires a particular aim.

>> No.18240036

>The only people who aren't retarded are those capable of realizing that there is no general truth, only perspectives.
That's just your perspective, you can't generalize truth like that

>> No.18240041

What's the best Tao Te Ching translation? I've been meaning to read it but I'm unsure of where to start with translatons.

>> No.18240065

Indeed. Likewise, for some, there is objective truth. I can't and won't dispute those perspectives, I will only point out the psychological underpinnings of them, which generally rest in some pathology, which Nietzsche has already described almost to a T. Assertions of objectivity are the fallbacks of feeble beings.

>> No.18240078

>I can't and won't dispute those perspectives, I will only point out the psychological underpinnings of them, which generally rest in some pathology
>Assertions of objectivity are the fallbacks of feeble beings.
Did you just BTFO yourself?

>> No.18240171


>> No.18240183

>which generally rest in some pathology
>that there is no general truth, only perspectives

>> No.18240227

You don't understand philosophy.

>> No.18240285

You don't understand words

>> No.18240292

Quid est veritas?

>> No.18240300

That saying there is no general truth is positing a general truth, therefore you have said nothing at all.

>> No.18240348

>That saying there is no general truth is positing a general truth

>> No.18240395


>> No.18240453


>> No.18240457

You don't understand philosophy.

>> No.18240470

stoner was good but what beliefs did it change?

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