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Eid Mubarak, fellow /lit/izens. Now that Ramadan is finished, I can finally return to this filthy website again. Just wanted to say that the Gospel of Matthew is the greatest Greek drama of all time. It has everything: conflict, tension, mystery, profound discourse, betrayal, tragedy, a climax that has you on the edge of your seat, and a beautiful, captivating ending that has you reeling from it eons after you've read it. "Matthew" (or whoever he was) was obviously knowledgeable of Greek plays because he used many of their tricks to captivate his koine audience.

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why cant you use 4chan on ramadan

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Places like 4chan should be avoided or I should say, become toxic to ones soul if done in excess. /lit/ however has some legitimate discussions from time to time, so its likley permissable to browse. Ramadan is a time for purification, so its benefical to engage in prayer, reading Quran and being around family instead of browsing imageboards.

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he cute, whats he smoking?

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Eid Mubarak friend.

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Eid Mubarak akhi,
what are your thoughts on the current situation in the Holy Land?

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There is no such thing as Arabic drama, because arabs do not have any culture.

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What makes it like a greek tragedy? Other than the guy dies at the end? Not disputing you, just wondering

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>arabs do not have any culture
says the snow nigger who has no culture and larps as a greco-roman

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The death of John the Baptist is one tragic element and the torture of possibly the greatest Hero of all time is another. I wouldn’t say it’s a tragedy for obvious reasons but it shares many of their elements like the usual fall from grace and abuse of the honorable protagonist. You can definitely see the similarities with other Greek epics like how at the beginning of the play, Jesus’s genealogy is presented to be that of honor and prestige along with the circumstances that lead to his birth, setting the stage for the new ultimate Hero of the Greeks.

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Good post. Atheist Buddhist here and this is a beautiful critique of an obviously pagan Greek text.

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Oh just great, the goatpillers are back with their desert strawman.

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I don't think you're using that word correctly but his argument is about as sound as the arguments retards on here make comparing the Qur'an to the Alexander Romance. I think both arguments are faulty and ultimately wrong but they're about as good as the each other.

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Eid mubarak akhy

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Their book is one giant strawman attack on Christian and Jewish theology.

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>says the snow nigger who has no culture and larps as a greco-roman

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My argument is sounder than most takes here. Read this description by Aristotle of what a tragedy is from Poetics

“Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in language embellished with each kind of artistic ornament, the several kinds being found in separate parts of the play; in the form of action, not of narrative; through pity and fear effecting the proper purgation of these emotions. By 'language embellished,' I mean language into which rhythm, 'harmony' and song enter. By 'the several kinds in separate parts,' I mean, that some parts are rendered through the medium of verse alone, others again with the aid of song.”

If you’ve read Matthew, you’d know that the coming tragedy is what moves the plot. All the episodes of Matthew are overshadowed by this tragedy. Aristotlean tragedy has all-encompassing unity and that is precisely what you see in Matthew’s narrative. The plot is developed through conflict and it is through this conflict that you see the characters develop in kind.

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Don't "their" me, I prefer being called a goatfucker to being grouped in with you lot. I'll respond later if this thread is still up.

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It's a retcon, pleb.

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My lot?

It's both, pleb.

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Why am I so drawn to Islam? I'm not religious, despite being raised in a Christian cult, and I don't believe there is a personal god. Don't know much about it either, but I did read a book about Muhammad.

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I am from an extremely religious Muslim community but I am very attracted to Christian mysticism.

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I was drawn to it too. It has very appealing aesthetics as well of a sense of unity and brotherhood. Those latter two are obviously lacking in an atomised Western society and steers people into spiritual journeys.

The reason I didn't convert is that I sought out something immutable and true, which Islam is not.

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I'm from a fairly liberal Muslim background and I'm fascinated by early Gnosticism and Jewish mysticism. I've thought about getting initiated into a Sufi order but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

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I grew up in a Muslim family but unfortunately the pakistani community (UK) drove me out. Worst culture ever and made me hate the religion

If I'd known people like OP i might have stayed

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its a toothbrush (miswak)

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They aren't interested in romance because they have the book of Allah which they are pleased with and will lead them to eternal salvation.

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he wrote 3 lines and you think you know him as a person???

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Well I'm going by the replies, but also you can infer a lot about a person without hem even opening their mouth

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>I've thought about getting initiated into a Sufi order but I have no idea how to go about doing that.
Same. From Malaysia and I know there are Sufi orders around but the rise in Salafism-esc zealotry kind of obscured them even though we're a Shafi'i country.
I'm trying to be friends with the imam of my mosque to ask him.

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They drove you out because you couldn't stop getting drunk and sleeping with women and voicing your alliance with atheism

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wasn't Luke the one who wrote the gospel for greek audience, while Matthew wrote for the jews?

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Weird post. It was everyone else was drinking and sleeping with underage girls. no one actually practised

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What the hell is this Eid Mubarak thing? Aid to President Mubarak?

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Well I don't take responsibility for them

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you've probably never met pakistani brits or pakis in general. some of the worst ppl you'll ever meet

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Muslim brits, if not poshos, are either druggie lowlifes or sanctimonious isis recruitors.

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Luke wrote for the Jews too. Jesus came "for the lost sheep of Israel" only Muhammad saw came for the rest of the world.

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Islam is a plague, fuck off.

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>Greek Gospel has stylistic similarities to Greek literature
What's next, are you gonna claim that the story of Noah is based on a Sumerian myth?

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Says the western tranny.

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Eid Mubarak
British Pakistani Mirpuris are the greatest ethnic group in the world

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says the inbred brownoid

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So-called intelligent Europe lost to inbreds throughout history, and will continue to do so now.

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in your dreams

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In my reality

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I see, but still, its usually said that Matthew wrote his gospel to appeal to jews, Luke to greeks, Marcus for romans, and John just did philosophy.

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happy eid muslim friends

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dreadful business. Hamas are going to get the palestinian people in israel killed, and they are most likely going to use this as an opportunity to completely take over Gaza.

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Eid Mubarak

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>says the snow nigger who has no culture and larps as a greco-roman
Literally just Norse culture that moved south. The language and the myths are all Indo-European and related to each other. Arabs and Hebrews on the other hand had to steal everything from the Babylonians and the Persians....

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Translation: all arabs have the minds of small children, cant appreciate the arts because their sexual instincts sap away all their creative energies, they hate plrheir betters, so they subvert all higher cultures and try to destroy them whenever they can.

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Happy eid white boy

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Europe opened its doors to you people. Otherwise, you’d be stuck in your huts fucking goats. No worries, though. You’ll soon go back to your regular schedule.

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I appreciate Merkels open door policy. Eid mubarak to her too.

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wtf is this a based muslim thread?

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You won’t thank her in the coming months

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Based Muslim. Jumbo Shrimp, Microsoft Works...

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Hear me out, okay?

European governments are currently doing the greatest 300 IQ move of all time. You see, since the World Wars and the ensuing collapse of the European world order, the "native" Europeans have become a decadent, self-hating group. They have no pride in themselves and their culture, and they have rejected religion. This leads to low birthrates, an unpatriotic society, and a host of other issues. The problem is that White Western Europeans are so consumed by this cycle of self-hatred that they cannot break free of it. If they remain the majority, European nations will sink into the dirt.

So, what can be done? What the European governments have decided to do is to import Arabs. This group has pride, it has a religion, it has above-replacement birthrates. Once they become a majority, they will make their new countries strong again. Look at it this way. Currently, Germany with a White majority has no ambitions of regaining Alsace or East Prussia. But with an Arab/Turk majority, the German nation would look to regain what was taken from them. They would become a powerful country once more. The same would play out in France, the Netherlands, etc. In this way, the various European nations will regain their pride and power.

I think this is inevitable. Whites are too weak and self-hating to stop it, and Arabs greatly desire it. My only hope is that religious minorities (Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc) are not persecuted in this future Europe.

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Buddhists should be prosecuted. They're violent

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They are literally what comes to my mind if you said "name a pacifist religion". Outside of the religious violence in Myanmar (which I think was Buddhists fighting with the Muslim Rohingya), how are they violent

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What a cuck you are.

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>Outside of the religious violence in Myanmar (which I think was Buddhists fighting with the Muslim Rohingya), how are they violent

Look up the history of Buddhism in Tibet. Karma and re-incarnation can be a horrible thing to incorporate into society - literally allows caste systems to arise.

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Go suck some Persian dick to get some actual culture for yourself

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Arabic culture brought the golden age of Islam spanning from Bukharia to Cordoba. But I'm no cultural supremacist, except that Islam is supreme.

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>Literally just Norse culture that moved south.
That's an outdated nordicist myth, even nazi LARPer don't believe that nowadays.

>Arabs and Hebrews on the other hand had to steal everything from the Babylonians and the Persians....
Unlike the Indo-Europeans who never used derivatives of the Phenician alphabet, who didn't took agriculture from the Near East, who didn't learn art by imitating the Egyptians...
Also Arabs and especially Hebrew have connections with Semitic and Sumerian culture of the Babylonian and Akkadian regions that far predate the earliest days of the first Persian empire.

I believe the anon above is right, you are merely repeating 19th century propaganda to cover for a lack of historical knowledge. The Norse people are cultured since ancient times but you, I'm afraid, are almost entirely uncultured.

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>it's captivating
>therefore bad!
Based Islam, a heretical sect of Catholicism

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we in different realities

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why do Arabs make you people seethe so bad?

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>Atheist Buddhist

Nigga what

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Is this bait

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Buddhism isn’t necessarily theistic or religious.

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Dam. Greek, Latin, Norse, Celtic, Sanskrit, etc are all related in language and mythology. They are basically part of a single family.

Arabs where fucking around in the desert while Europe was building megaliths.

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You are niggers.

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Abu anon? Is that you?

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Still retarded to be an atheist and a buddhist at the same nigga. Be one or the other.

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Buddhism is just Reformed Hinduism.

Keeping the 'Reformed' while throwing out the 'Hinduism' is batshit retarded, like being a 'Calvinist Atheist'.

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No Hinduism in Japan or China my cuntbunt.

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Welcome back faggot, you haven't missed anything. Maybe that one might be worth reading: >>18186269


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You could've just let this thread die, faggot

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Thanks for the bump akhi!

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Arabs are literally niggers.

>writes romantic poetry about camel

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what a bluepilled take you might as well call yourself a Zionist

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Bluepilled how? Speak sense. Every time Palestinians act up the Jews find a way to benefit from it. What makes this time so different?

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Any tips on how to interact with them?I'm a muslim in the uk and most of Islam is just sheep-like behavior and peer pressure here.The furthest a theological discussion goes is if shaving is permissible or not.Unfortunately I really like the Brotherhood/Unity aspect of Islam whereas these people are unbearable.

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I’m a bit late to the party but eid mubarak, bros.

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I'(>>18233658)m not a muslim myself, just a disclaimer before you take my post to heart. I'm not even sure if my advice is apt here.
The best thing would be to avoid them altogether, especially the hardliners and criminals, though this may be hard to do if your geographics force you to coexist with them.

>Unfortunately I really like the Brotherhood/Unity aspect of Islam whereas these people are unbearable
Nothing wrong with acknowledging that, try to get in contact with an imam and ask him for guidance. Most religious communities have a strong cultural slant too. You can see it in my country when muslim blacks try to date muslim arabs. In theory the parents cannot protest on basis of race alone, but honour killings, though not islamic, are a common thing.

Try to find common ground with muslims from other cultures, is what I'd suggest, but I'm not muslim and generally have no interest in islam. That being said, all what I wrote here was genuine. God bless anon.

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Classic American, you know far less than you think you do

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