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>mfw unironically writing the most important philosophical manifesto of the 21st century
how do I make sure it gets published even if I die by accident?

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Post it ITT coward

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Tell your mum to publish it, or tell your mum to bring it to someone you can trust.

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Are you like from twenties?

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You bomb the electricty grid of the united states of america and demand that the nyt print it in its entirty or you will blow up their offices.

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Can we get a quote?

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an excerpt from Part II / Chapter 4:
>It is therefore clear that masochism and its associated psychological corollaries (self-loathing, submissiveness) are in fact evolutionary advantageous traits in the female gender. As I have demonstrated, the very act of inter-personal penetration is an intensely and necessarily humiliating act for the penetratee, In order to encourage reproduction and thus the survival and indeed proliferation of the Will, the human female is thus genetically inflicted with the self-loathing mechanism which compels her to act in a submissive and self-destructive manner, if only for the sake of finding the notion of being penetrated by a man (or, indeed, by several man simultaneously) not only necessary but desirable."
This is from a rather political section which explains why the degree of socio-political power possessed by women is equal to the rate at which a society declines into degeneracy and weakness.

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You could always an hero in an extremely shocking and public manner. People would read your work out of curiosity

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>t. ghost of john kennedy toole

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>remnant of communist occupation in east European countries is that women have a higher representation in sciences and leadership roles
>this is praised by western societies as a good thing
>meanwhile nobody mentions the economic and scientific inequality between west and east europe which directly stems from west not having as many women involved in matters of import
Please publish soon even if it's just a .pdf on a filehost.

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Holy based

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Too dangerous to be kept alive

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Gib suggestions

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no ted pls

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Incredibly based schizochad

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Your life and career are in danger.

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Take your meds

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Damn he's back bros. Part I I will be epix.

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I want it

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Be funnier.

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Clone yourself in case you get killed for this

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which publisher house are you going to released it?

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Is the schizoposter back?

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Lithium is primarily used as a maintenance drug in the treatment of bipolar disorder to stabilize mood and prevent manic episodes, but it may also be helpful in the acute treatment of manic episodes.[12] Lithium carbonate treatment was previously considered to be unsuitable for children; however, more recent studies show its effectiveness for treatment of early-onset bipolar disorder in children as young as eight. The required dosage is slightly less than the toxic level (representing a low therapeutic index), requiring close monitoring of blood levels of lithium carbonate during treatment.[13] A limited amount of evidence suggests lithium carbonate may contribute to treatment of substance use disorders for some people with bipolar disorder.[14][15][16]

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The 2020s yes kek

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Don't you think nature covered this by making it pleasurable? Surely if it was just submisive it would not feel good, that is, you say it is desirable because they are submissive but not because it is in fact pleasurable.

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Absolutely based
Will buy

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>nature covered this
In societies, we have to act against our natures to make it florish.

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Why is this sophomoric shit getting so much praise, any man who isn’t stupid already knows this without having to use a page of jargon to explain it

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You dropped this, king

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>several man
Get an editor, or at least use a grammar AI.
>any man who isn't stupid already knows this without having to use a page of jargon to explain it
That's practically all of philosophy

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You can't be writing the most important philosophical manifesto of the 21st century, because I am the one doing that, anon.

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I hate all of you so god damn much.

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/lit/ would love this but that’s not a good sign

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>why the degree of socio-political power possessed by women is equal to the rate at which a society declines into degeneracy and weakness
This is true, but your explanation is absolute pseud nonsense

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Make sure normies can read it easily (short and simple), they are the ones reproducing, intellectuals are often remaining celibate.

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Because people here and many young men do not think about the hidden layers of sex - I was semi-unconscious of this hidden layer to penetration

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Although this is based it'll be a career ending move.

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Sex is clearly the exception to that rule as it is the main driving force for almost every facet of society.

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:) you are not that smart man

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Leave copies lying over state.

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Stop enabling this schizo you faggots

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Everyone here is a schizo, of course they're eating this shit up.

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schizoposters are the bastion of /lit/

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"Sex" is by definition only penis-in-vagina without contraception. Everything else is unnatural, elaborate masturbation.

So no, modern society is almost completely sexless; sex remains on the very fringes of society among those who are asocial or purposefully turn their back on modernity.

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>unnatural, elaborate masturbation.

What makes it unatural? Your definitions are arbritary.

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> biology is arbitrary
No, sweety, it isn't.

There is only one kind of "sex" in biological nature, and it's exactly the one you spend your whole life avoiding like it's some sort of plague.

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>masturbation does not exist in other species
are you pretending to be retarded?

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Just when I thought you left the board for good, guess we're back to schizo thread spam

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If you are this level of retard, this is obviously not the most impçortant philosophical bullshit whatever.
Make the license open source. And publish it everywhere.

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I tend to agree with you. I broke up with a good women a couple years ago. Because she didn't want kids, or "later".
The one i have now is not as good. But at least she wants kids.

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Masturbation isn't sex, you horsefucker pinhead.

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No shit faggot, but it's still biological, you can't call it unnatural.

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People say this shit all the time, why are you (and the fawning retards who replied to you) acting like this is something revolutionary? Talk to any evopsych guy and you will hear dozens of variations on this idea

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Dolphins fuck eachother in their blowholes. Sheep have gay anal sex.

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You could always pull a Ted Kaczynski and start bombing places to force someone to publish your works, but that would require you to actually have some intellect.
So maybe just set yourself on fire in the middle of the street, leaving the manifesto in a metal container next to your charred corpse. Thats sure to draw some attention

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thats sad to hear anon. but its worth it to have a lineage

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>sending mail requires intellect
Ted was a retard

>> No.18260538

No it surely doesnt...
But creating small explosives with elaborate yet reliable trigger mechanisms does. Keeping your tracks covered at all time requires intellect.

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if you were smart enough to write the most important philosophical manifesto of the 21st century, why can you're think of a way to answer this question by yourself?

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hello based department? yeah I found your guy

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>As I have demonstrated
fucking nerd. learn to write.

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Reads like pseud themed incelposting. What's the novelty compared to Schopenhauer or Weininger? Replacing christianity with shoddy evopsych? As for exposure, going full ER would do.

tl;dr: KYS

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Unironically the correct answer

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im phoning mossad right now i hope the jidf finds you

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you sound like you're 18 and discovering what uncut cocaine feels like

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Op, give copies of your work to your close friends

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also, stop watching porn

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Unironically true, but not revolutionary

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speculative incel pseudo-intellectualism. also unoriginal given that I've seen variations of this a bunch of times on here

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Christ this is cringe. Truisms about women isn't philosophy

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>This is from a rather political section which explains why the degree of socio-political power possessed by women is equal to the rate at which a society declines into degeneracy and weakness.
Absolute bullshit. Queen Victoria had the largest empire in history.

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One monarch is of far less influence than an army of administrators and teachers.

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Book title OP?

>> No.18265299

interesting theory but I'm gonna need more evidence to support this

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bumping for interest in finished product

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Nice,i would buy it.
The british empire fell into degeneracy and weakness during her reign and during the industrial revolution.

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>getting assfucked is pathetic and women are naturally pathetic
Riveting stuff here op. Truly will define the century

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Yep, the review committe has found this based.

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You know complex prose is employed properly when it is trying to explain something very specific with airtright implications, not to just disguise an extremely vague and banal point right?

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>(or, indeed, by several man simultaneously)

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Based where can i buy

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You two are talking about different things. You mean nature in the sense of: Trees, monkeys, clouds. The other anon means nature in the sense of: that which creates life. In this second, more original sense of the word, ass-fucking monkeys are unnatural because the act is non-creative.

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Dolphins are fucking degenerates, we won't forget them on the Day of the Fishnet.

>> No.18266314

Then you're just using the word in an arbitrary way, which is why I called you a retard in the first place

>> No.18266373

Words represent a shared meaning that is defined by other people.
You are angry that the word means something different to everyone else. And you are wrong.

Sex in its common uses refers to when two or more people sexually pleasure one another beyond giving head.
Seethe more virgin.

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Share something

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Isn't this common knowledge?

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This is literally half of [r9k] threads but with slightly bigger words.
Why are newfags gushing over it?

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What I have just explained to you is in no way arbitrary. The term "nature" has changed into what we now understand "nature" and "natural" to mean only in the recent past (around the seventeenth/eighteenth century). Until then, the term had a completely different meaning. Wikipedia tells us: the word "nature" comes from the Latin "natura", meaning birth. And natura in turn leads back to the Greek word "physis", which originally related to the intrinsic characteristics that plants, animals, and other features of the world develop of their own accord.

Gay sex is not unnatural because it does not occur in nature (in today's sense of the word), but because it does not take part in the process of creation, i.e. the ancient, original understanding of the word "nature".

>> No.18266549

Just google "What does ‘nature’ mean?".

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You'll want to kill yourself or shoot up a mosque.

These are the traditional methods.

>> No.18266662

How old are you?

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Put me in the screencap

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have you considered the Ted publishing method

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So these are the so called high iq /lit/ anons

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schopenhauer wannabe

>> No.18268220

moar pls

>> No.18268230

pop psychology tier

>> No.18268240

make sure to post your manifesto before you shoot up your school, like every good incel

>> No.18268241

Not bad

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Strongly consider suicide

>> No.18268632

Oh shit be careful bro

>> No.18268997

post more or all of it

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Sounds like the average sophomoric pseud take that you read on this place every day. Think of something more interesting or trash it.

>> No.18269098

Empires are evil, and they inherently lead to globalism and multiculturalism.

>> No.18269278

In the ongoing debate of nurture vs. nature, it would appear that OP would side with the evolutionary reasoning behind our drive for sexual relations with a particular person. However much we may want to believe that our decisions are guided by rational thought, this unfathomable intrinsic Will acts on our behalf in order to propagate our genetic material. The need for this deception as OP seems to argue, is because we wouldn’t acquiesce to reproduce if we hadn’t completely lost our minds. Unfortunately, OP does nonetheless adopt a hetero-normative perspective on his Proliferation of Will proposition and fails to include a homosexual narrative. Which is surprising since OP is a faggot.

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Oh shit, Dave Sim is on 4chan. Not a shocker.

Srsly though, as an evolutionary biologist we regularly laugh at takes like this.

>> No.18270258

This sounds really interesting, we should get OP and everyone else somewhere to discuss this draft further. Add me on Discord: Kenyes#7086

>> No.18270305

post more

>> No.18271245

holy shit anon i really want to read ur shit
do you have anything aside from this thread to follow it ?

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I think OP died

>> No.18272286

He will be back in a week.

>> No.18272772

Human body is filled with holes whether you're a man or a woman. Every time you breathe, eat, shit there's something going in and out of your holes. Something entering your body isn't derogatory, incel. Grow up

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Another Elliot Rogers in the making. FBI If you're reading this I do not agree with this position

>> No.18272985

Obvious take. Nothing new has been stated.

>> No.18273010

i know you are shitposting, but the fbi doesn't. have fun being on a watchlist
i disagree with you by the way

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Not the guy you were replying to, but do you think natural selection happens at all ?
If so, why would many different species of animal, in their completely natural environments all share the same behaviors ie. homosexuality and masturbation ?
surely if you're correct and those things are just degenerate behaviors devoid of greater purpose these species would be out competed.

>> No.18273127

>empire big therefore good and based
this is your brain on A*gloid "conservatism"

>> No.18273140 [DELETED] 

Nice try Anon, but I am unironically going to write the greatest fucking works on all sorts of issues, that are sure to be great boons for the human race. Better keep working hard lest I mog you into oblivion kid.

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Animals don't have "homosexuality", you absolute retard. Animals aren't capable of having sex for pleasure, and whatever animal behavior you attribute to "homosexuality" has nothing whatsoever to do with pleasure, love or "sex" in your debased understanding of the word.

>> No.18273151

Finally some good writing on lit. Where is pdf for download my friend?

>> No.18273155

>whatever animal behavior you attribute to "homosexuality" has nothing whatsoever to do with pleasure, love or "sex"
So why do they do it ?

>> No.18273167

It was already written and he got it published by sending mail bombs to people.

>> No.18273196

>do you think natural selection happens at all
I am not a biologist. As far as I can tell the scientific consensus seems to be strongly in favour of it.
>If so, why would many different species of animal, in their completely natural environments all share the same behaviors ie. homosexuality and masturbation?
I don't know, I can only speculate: maybe masturbation and gay sex gives them (whether consciously or unconsciously) a pleasant sensation.
>surely if you're correct and those things are just degenerate behaviors devoid of greater purpose
I'm not saying that at all. I just wanted to point out that the word "nature" has undergone a profound change. From the point of view of the church, however, an unnatural behaviour (in the old sense of the word) is certainly seen as an condemnable action – as far as I can tell.
>these species would be out competed.
I don't know. Maybe their other advantages outweigh the weaknesses of masturbation and gay sex - or maybe masturbation and gay sex are not weaknesses at all. But I think your argument misses the point: maybe evolutionary success does not contradict the unnaturalness (in the old sense of the word) of certain behaviours of these successful species. Or do I misunderstand you?

>> No.18273225

> So why do they do it ?
Depends on the animal. But keep in mind that 99% of what's reported as "homosexuality" in animals is just fake news in support of the (((LGBT))) lobby. It's vastly more rare in nature than you think.

>> No.18273238

Stop writing like an idiot

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I am an idiot though, atleast regarding philology, biology and theology.

>> No.18273261

So you are just some retard who follows reverse logic ie. human gays are bad = animals cant be therefore all accounts of such are lies.
And you are some pedantic linguist retard who wants to make discussion impossible by the old meaning of a word who's meaning has changed. That or just derailing

>> No.18273271

I had the feeling that the anons who were arguing were talking past each other on this very point: one was using the old meaning, the other the new one.

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um yeah, im thinking based

>> No.18273697

Schizos never die, someone is sure to pick up the mantle later on

>> No.18273712

Ok, now THIS is based. Good job anon, if you ever publish this I'll buy a copy.

>> No.18273734

based newfag bait

>> No.18273783

>heroes get remembered, but schizos never die
>follow your heart, kid, and never lose hope

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Incredibly based

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Today was a good day to be on /lit/

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Everyone ITT is a virgin

>> No.18274729

>"Sex" is by definition only penis-in-vagina without contraception. Everything else is unnatural, elaborate masturbation.
Read a book. About monkey ethology, maybe.

>> No.18274787

>But keep in mind that 99% of what's reported as "homosexuality" in animals is just fake news in support of the (((LGBT))) lobby
>M-my dog is not *actually* gay! He just let other dogs mount him because...reasons.
Read a book.
>It's vastly more rare in nature than you think.
Post proof.

>> No.18274868

This is the most samefag responding to a post I've ever seen

>> No.18275057

>62 replies to post
>111 posters in this thread

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Post it as a pdf manifesto on /pol/.

>> No.18276483

Based and Spinozapilled

>> No.18276547

Not who you were responding to but useless or rather “neutral” genes and even traits are carried around all the time. If they don’t harm your chances of survival in any way, pointless traits can piggyback and be carried on to the next generation along with the helpful traits. Natural selection only selects against harmful traits. Homo and wanking must not be terribly bad for the survival of animals. To be honest, it isn’t such a threat to human survival either. Feminism crashes birthrates below replacement levels, destroys families, destroys communities, unravels the social cohesion, and sets the newly hyperindividualized masses to war with each other. Feminism is a dangerous, pathological trait that will go extinct in time. A few humans in the tribe being homos or fapping won’t have such a dramatic effect on Darwinian survival as the political movement pushing for universal childless sterility for fully liberated women.

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How'd a nit wit like you get so tasteful.

>> No.18276600

Based, would order.

>> No.18276622

unfathomably based

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>> No.18277303


>> No.18277324

>as an evolutionary biologist

Opinion disregarded

>> No.18277337

You're just begging to be basedjacked buddy.

>> No.18277357

It's beautiful

>> No.18277529

the negative purview of the artificially constructed phallus

>> No.18279048

Even if the woman was the figurehead, the administrators and the people who held the real power were all men. It wasn't this diversity-hire/women voting bloc bullshit we have now.

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Goddammit OP, you are a literary genius. 10/10 would buy. kek.

>> No.18279214

is this thread some kind of joke or does /lit/ actually think OP's writing holds any philosophical value whatsoever (in which case i am worried about the iq of this board)

>> No.18279239


>> No.18279253

Lmao shut the fuck up pseud and go back

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this is pretty close to political lesbianism, sprinkled with some shitty Freudianism Julia Kristeva style
I hope you have better things to offer OP

>> No.18279338

Silence midwit

>> No.18279445

When you started talking about genes I thought you had something between your skull, but then you implied feminism was around when humanity were developing cavemen, and I knew you were a retard.
Homosexuality, on the other hand, is inherently biological and must have existed from our beginning just like it is inherent in other mammals.
If homosexuality had no positives at all it would be selected out, because it is BY DEFINITION the biggest negative to natural selection possible - it means you are far less likely to have children.

>> No.18280014


>> No.18281035

When is this schizo getting permabanned?

>> No.18281357

Oi m8 you got fuggn DISMANTLED

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