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When did you realize that most philosophy books are full of worthless knowledge and were made for the sole purpose of making the author some money?

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You have got shit for brains if you think most philosophers seeks money. Most philosophers die poor.

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OP is a low brain faggot that thinks engineering is the epitome of jobs and doesn't acknoweldge that without philosophy he wouldn't be able to post on 4chan today.

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Ahh yes all those filthy rich philosophers we know of who studied their lifetimes to earn uncountable sums of money.
Please just fucking kill yourself OP.
Not philosophy and you know it you baiting faggot.

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the make enough to get buy on their book sales
their intention was to make a bunch of money

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i never said they wrote books to get rich. i said they wrote books to make money

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Nietzsche made so much money bro

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yeah he did. how do you think he survived? he made a living writing philosophy books

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So making a living makes you rich ? You make a living flipping burgers at McDonalds

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>So making a living makes you rich ?

you said that or assumed that. i never said that

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Just now I guess! Thanks Anon!

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Then what do you argue for ? That the primary reason for philosophers to write is to make money, even if very little ? Lmao.

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most philosophers especially after the enlightenment era wrote books just to make a living. they didn't want to be laborers

immanuel kant, hagel and all these dudes wrote nothing but intellectual drivel that no one can decipher

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sickness unto death is full of pseudo intellectual nonsense

kiekegaarde wrote it for an income

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Is that Kenzie Reeves in the background? I actually hope I'm wrong, cause if i recognize her from that angle, I probably have a problem and need to stop cooming for at least a week.

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i don't believe anyone here has read the phenomenology of spirit of the spirit and if they did they didn't comprehend a thing because it's drivel

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Which philosopher filtered you?

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if you want to be disillusioned read immanuel kant or hagel, not books about them but books by them. you will realize philosophy was a hussle used by educated academic types to make money, so they didn't have to do manual labor. they would write nonsense written in poetic prose or intellectual dry prose and pass it off as philosophy

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if i were a college professor today and i wrote a philosophy book i could sell millions of books by just writing nonsense and seeming intellectual

jordan peterson does it

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The publishing industry didn't even exist at the time most philosophers worth reading were alive. Your iq must be in the double digits.

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imagine kissing her legs

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there are other benefits
being seen as a wise man is a benefit because it means you can manipulate people

in ancient greece i think you had to pay a fee to belong to a philosophical school if i not mistaken. i remember reading that somewhere in a book, so philosophers had an incentive to make up their own philosophy

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>I remember reading that somewhere in a book
Why must you speak about matters you are ignorant about? It would be better not to speak at all, at least you wouldn't be making a fool out of yourself.

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I mean Jordan Peterson is not even a philosopher. His books are under the header: practical psychology

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everyone is ignorant to some extent. by using your logic mostly all people wouldn't be able to have an opinion about anything

philosophers comment on things they know nothing about all the time. they just speculate. that is what i am doing

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he's considered a philosopher by the people who follow him.
jordan peterson is not followed because of his psychological observations(most of them fall into philosophy because they are speculative and can't be proven)

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>everyone is ignorant to some extent. by using your logic mostly all people wouldn't be able to have an opinion about anything
Yes, this is correct.

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>he's considered a philosopher by the people who follow him

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>Socrates died because of his philosophy
>Diogenes was a beggar
>one time Saint Thomas Aquinas refused a large sum of money

I don't know what philosophers you are talking about, OP.

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cute binnie but stop posting kpop on /lit/

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philosophy doesn't mean speculation you fucking retards

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>immanuel kant, hagel and all these dudes wrote nothing but intellectual drivel that no one can decipher
Letting peasants like you be allowed to learn writing was a mistake. Literally BVILT for toiling in the fields.

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Kant and Hegel earned very little from their books. Hell, the Phenomenology of Spirit was printed in 1000 copies, Hegel would get 4% and they sold out in 1830 (one year before his death).
These people's earning came for either patrons (as in the case of Nietzsche for example) or from their lectures (as it was the case for Kant and Hegel).
Today thr situation is even more dire. You'll usually get less than 3% on a book sale, and the average philosophy book sell less thsn 150 copies (a philosophy book with 1000 sold copies is considered a best seller).

So, no, philosophers don't even make a living with their books, let alonr be rich. In fsct once you consider thr amount of working hours spent on it, it immediatly becomes clear that writing books is a financial net negative for philosophers.

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